Who Covers Costs for Stolen Vehicle Accidents in Houston, TX?

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Who Covers Costs for Stolen Vehicle Accidents in Houston, TX?

Accidents can be daunting and stressful. They can impact your physical and emotional being. Most people become numb as they don’t know what to do next right after the accident, due to the trauma. It is important to seek help from a professional doctor who can help you and guide you in this regard. Moreover, if your car gets stolen, it is a big trauma that can take the victim a long time to recover from.

Most people wonder Who Covers Costs for Stolen Vehicle Accidents in Houston, TX? Mostly, the cost of stolen vehicles is covered by the insurance companies, but if the at-fault party is found out by the legal attorney, they will be liable to cover the costs. A legal attorney will be of great help in this regard, because they have dealt with several similar cases, and they know which steps to take. If you are someone who doesn’t know much about the legal procedures after your vehicle has been stolen, you can take help and guidance from an experienced auto accident lawyer.

Who Covers Costs for Stolen Vehicle Accidents in Houston, TX?

In this blog we will discuss who covers the costs for stolen vehicles:

Comprehensive Auto Insurance:

Comprehensive auto insurance covers a variety of non-collision incidents. such incidents include theft, vandalism, natural disasters and accidents involving stolen vehicles. If a stolen car can cause an accident in Texas, Houston, then having comprehensive insurance gives the owner considerable financial protection.

Automobile insurance generally will reimburse the costs of repairing or replacing your vehicle if it is involved in an accident with a stolen car. This means that if the car you drive is damaged in a collision with a thief’s vehicle, your insurance company will have to pay claims for repair or replacement costs. You should carefully read through your insurance policy to understand the exact terms, caps limits, and deductibles of comprehensive coverage.

Another point is that comprehensive insurance offers an easy and direct way to make up for one’s losses. Once you report the accident to your insurance company and provide all relevant documentation, such as police reports and details of the mishap, after paying a claim fee (only 50 cents for each $10 in coverage), your insurer will pay compensation calculated based on severe injury standards.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage:

UM/UIM coverage is an important part of your auto policy, and it can be particularly relevant in accidents where the other driver’s car was stolen. UM/UIM coverage protects you when an accident occurs with a driver who does not have insurance (uninsured) or has insufficient insurance (under-insurance), and cannot pay for your injuries.

Concerning an accident with a stolen vehicle, perhaps the driver of that spoiled car has no insurance or inadequate coverage. If so, your UM/UIM coverage may get a workout helping with medical bills, lost wages, and other losses due to the accident.

UM/UIM coverage can give you peace of mind that if an accident occurs with a driver without insurance or underinsured, injured parties have another blood. Consult your insurance policy to see the limits and coverage terms for UM/UIM.

Who Covers Costs for Stolen Vehicle Accidents in Houston, TX?

Stolen Vehicle Owner’s Insurance:

The owner of the stolen vehicle may have insurance which would cover damages caused by the accident in some cases. Nonetheless, the owner’s insurance depends on their policy and how it was stolen.

In this scenario, if the owner of the stolen vehicle had complete insurance cover on their own car it may apply to damages caused by that other car during the accident. However the insurance company will examine whether there was theft of a bicycle or an accident, who should be responsible and what extent to which coverage may apply.

You should also remember that the owner’s insurance coverage is usually set up to cover its interests, without directly involving your damages. For you, the first option when seeking compensation is mainly through your own insurance policy i.e., comprehensive and UM/UIM coverage.

Civil Lawsuit:

When insurance is unavailable to cover your losses or cannot be paid for whatever reason (as under no-fault automobile accident policies), you may take legal action against responsible parties, including ideally criminals, if they are apprehended.

 In a civil suit, you can seek compensation directly from the at-fault parties to recoup damages for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering (including emotional stress), and property damage. But filing a civil suit is complicated, and the outcome can hinge on many variables, including the parties ‘ability to pay.

If you are thinking about a civil lawsuit, it’s essential to seek the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney.

Bottom Line:

A legal attorney is of utmost importance when filing a legal lawsuit. Without the help of a legal attorney, it isn’t easy to take the right steps and move in the right direction. A legal attorney can help you create the action plan to provide you with the compensation you deserve. Hire a legal attorney from Mokarram Law firm as they have years of experience. For free consultation, call us at  (281) 609-9224.


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