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    Our team of experienced truck accident lawyers will fight tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve. With our ‘No Fee Until You Win Policy,’ you won’t have to worry about paying until we win your case. Let us ease the burden and help you get justice.

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      Winning Your Case: Expert Help from The
      Mokaram Law Firm

      If you’ve been in an 18-wheeler accident, don’t worry – we’re here to help. At the Mokaram Law Firm, we have a winning process that ensures your success. Here’s how it works:

      Free Consultation

      Talk to our team for free and get advice on the best approach for your case

      Strong Case Building

      We'll gather evidence and speak to witnesses to develop a strong case for you

      Maximum Compensation

      We'll work hard to get you the highest reimbursement possible, so you can get your life back on track

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      About our 18-Wheeler Accidents Practice Area

      If you’ve been in an accident involving an 18-wheeler Mokaram Law Firm has you covered. Our team of experienced attorneys specializes in providing comprehensive legal services for victims of these debilitating collisions.

      18-wheeler accidents are often devastating and can cause severe injury or even death. That’s why we’re here to help you navigate the legal process and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. From start to finish, our knowledgeable truck accident attorneys near you will be by your side as we fight for your rights and represent you in court.

      Our team understands the unique complexities of 18-wheeler accidents and has the necessary resources to handle even the most complex litigation matters. We will fight tirelessly on your behalf to ensure you receive fair and just compensation for your losses.

      At Mokaram Law Firm, we know that a truck accident can take a tremendous financial and emotional toll on victims and their families. That’s why we’re committed to fighting for the maximum compensation possible for our clients. Let us help you get the justice you deserve.

      18-Wheeler and Truck Accident Case Types

      Truck accidents can take various forms, and we are well-equipped to handle them. Our cases involve:

      Rear-end collisions

      When a truck hits the vehicle in front of it, resulting in significant damage and often injuries.

      Jackknife Accidents

      These happen when the truck trailer swings out to form a 90-degree angle with the cab, leading to multiple collisions.

      Rollover Accidents

      Due to speed, sharp turns, or poor road conditions, a truck might flip over onto its side or roof, leading to severe injuries.

      Underride Accidents

      Unpredictably, a smaller vehicle might slide under the rear or side of a truck, leading to injuries or deaths.

      Wide Turn Accidents

      To maneuver, large trucks require more space, and if they turn too wide, they can collide with other vehicles.

      If you’ve been in an accident involving an 18-wheeler or truck, our team of truck accidents lawyers is here to help.

      Injuries After a Truck Accident

      Truck crashes can lead to life-altering injuries due to the significantly larger size and weight of the vehicles involved. The following injuries are the most common in these accidents:

      Spinal cord injuries

      These injuries often result in paralysis or loss of function, significantly impacting the victim's day-to-day life.

      Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)

      The forceful impact of a truck collision can cause serious brain trauma, leading to cognitive impairments, memory loss, or even a coma.

      Broken bones

      Fractures are frequently seen in truck accidents, ranging from simple fractures to complex compound fractures that require extensive medical attention.

      car accident lawyer

      Internal injuries

      The impact from truck accidents can also cause internal injuries such as organ damage or internal bleeding, necessitating immediate medical intervention.

      car accident lawyer

      Emotional trauma

      Survivors of truck accidents may experience lasting emotional distress, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety.

      Common Causes of 18-Wheeler Accidents

      Understanding the most prevalent factors that cause 18-wheeler accidents is vital to determining liability and constructing a firm legal case. The following are common triggers:

      Driver fatigue

      Demanding schedules often leave truck drivers fatigued and drowsy, which inevitably impairs their reaction times and judgment.

      Distracted driving

      Attending to tasks like texting, phoning, or eating while driving takes the driver's attention off the road, increasing the probability of accidents.

      Impaired driving

      Operating an 18-wheeler while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is exceptionally hazardous, frequently leading to devastating accidents.

      Inadequate maintenance

      Poorly maintained trucks, including faulty brakes, worn-out tires, or malfunctioning lights, can play a role in accidents.

      Improper loading

      Overloaded or incorrectly loaded cargo can disrupt the truck's balance, causing it to be more prone to accidents, primarily when braking or turning.

      Establishing Negligence in an 18-Wheeler
      Truck Accident

      In the event of an 18-wheeler truck accident, proving negligence is key to holding the responsible parties accountable. There are various factors that contribute to establishing negligence, including violations of traffic laws, hours-of-service regulations, driver intoxication, negligent maintenance, and inadequate training. The truck driver’s disregard for traffic rules, such as speeding or running a red light, can bolster the case for negligence.

      Additionally, if the truck driver was operating their vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it can significantly strengthen the claim. Violations of federal regulations concerning driving hours and rest breaks also indicate negligence. Negligent maintenance of the truck or a lack of proper repairs can demonstrate negligence on the part of the trucking company.

      Furthermore, if the truck driver lacked the necessary skills or training to operate their vehicle safely, it can contribute to establishing negligence. It is essential to consider each of these factors to build a strong case for negligence and hold the responsible parties accountable.



      If you or a loved one have been involved in an 18-wheeler accident, it’s important to know your rights. You may be entitled to various forms of compensation, including:

      Medical expenses

      Coverage for current and future medical treatments, surgeries, rehabilitation, prescription medications, and assistive devices.

      Property damage

      Reimbursement for the repair or replacement of the damaged vehicle and any personal belongings inside.

      Lost wages

      Compensation for income lost during recovery and potential loss of earning capacity due to permanent disabilities.

      Wrongful death

      In cases where the accident resulted in the death of a loved one, surviving family members may seek compensation for funeral expenses, loss of companionship, and financial support.

      Pain and suffering

      Damages awarded for physical and emotional distress caused by the accident and resulting injuries.

      Don’t let an 18-wheeler accident take a toll on your life. Contact our truck accident law firm to learn how we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

      Steps to Take After a Truck Accident

      If you’ve been in a truck accident, here’s what you need to do:

      truck accident lawyer

      Prioritize your health

      Receive medical care, even if you don't feel hurt

      Document the scene

      Capture the accident scene in photos and collect witness information

      Report the accident

      Notify the necessary authorities and file an accident report

      Preserve all evidence

      Hold onto any evidence linked to the accident, including medical records and insurance correspondence

      Seek legal advice

      Contact our team of experienced 18-wheeler accident attorneys to learn about your legal options.

      Why Choose Mokaram Law Firm for Your 18-Wheeler Accident Case?

      If you’ve been in an 18-wheeler accident, the decision to hire the right law firm can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. At Mokaram Law Firm, we offer:


      With a proven track record of handling complex truck accident cases, we have secured substantial compensation for our clients.


      We possess intimate knowledge of the laws, regulations, and industry standards specific to 18-wheeler accidents, empowering us to build formidable cases.


      Our semi-truck accident attorneys are expert negotiators who work tirelessly to attain a fair settlement with the at-fault party and their insurance company.


      Should court proceedings become necessary, our truck wreck lawyers are prepared to provide aggressive representation to protect your rights and interests.


      We know that truck accidents inflict physical, emotional, and financial pain; therefore, we promise compassionate, personalized legal support throughout your journey.


      Mokaram Law Firm Secures a Multi-Million Dollar Settlement for the Family of a Hispanic Man Rear-Ended and Burned by a Speeding Vehicle

      In a heartbreaking turn of events, a Hispanic man who was building a new life in the United States to support his family still in Mexico was rear-ended by a speeding vehicle. The impact was so severe that his car caught fire, causing the man to suffer extensive burns. Despite receiving medical treatment, he tragically passed away 16 hours after the accident. Thanks to the Mokaram Law Firm, the wife and two minor children of the victim finally received justice through a multi-million-dollar settlement.


      Meet Our Expert Team of Top 18-Wheeler
      Truck Accident Lawyers

      If you’re looking for top-notch legal representation following an 18-wheeler accident look no further than our team of expert attorneys.

      Discover Why Our Clients Trust Us

      Explore firsthand testimonials from our satisfied clients and discover their experiences with our legal process

      Trevin Wayne

      I Would Very Much Recommend Rey w/Mokaram Law Firm She Was Very Attentive With My Case And She Was Their With Me Every Step Of The Way , She Also Helped Me When I Was Having Mental Breakdowns After A Wreck That Devastated Me . Mokaram Law Firm Is 10/10 Hands Down

      Eliseo Mayorga

      son muy amables y te explican todo de manera que lo entiendas y que no tengas dudas muchas gracias por ayudarme EXELENTE SERVICIO

      Swift Auto Title Service

      They helped me though the whole process from start to end. Would recommend them to anyone needing assistance on your accident. 10 out of 10. Thanks Mokaram!!!

      Jennifer Flores-Vallez

      Great service! April was very helpful & answered any questions & concerns we had!

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        Seeking Compensation for an 18-Wheeler Accident? Our truck accident attorneys Have You covered.

        Mokaram Law Firm is committed to securing proper compensation for our clients without any financial burden. Our ‘No Fee Until You Win Policy’ means that you won’t spend a cent until we secure your victory in your 18-wheeler accident case. Trust our team of expert truck accident attorneys to fight for you. Contact our team of highly-skilled 18-wheeler accident attorneys today!


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