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    Workplace Burn: Securing a Multi-Million Dollar Verdict for Burn Victim

    In Clute, Texas, a young Hispanic man's life was turned upside down after a workplace chemical explosion caused severe burns and left him hospitalized for months. Thanks to the expertise of Mokaram Law Firm, justice was served with a Multi-Million Dollar Verdict in favor of the victim. With numerous surgeries and skin grafts required to heal his wounds, this verdict serves as a reminder of the importance of holding employers accountable for providing safe working environments.

    Legal Victory: $1 Million Settlement Secured for Amputee Victim of 18-Wheeler Accident

    A 58-year-old African American man's life was forever changed when his foot was run over by an 18-wheeler. The severity of his injuries required a below-the-knee amputation, leaving him dependent on a wheelchair or walker. Fortunately, the Mokaram Law Firm fought tirelessly on his behalf and secured a $1 million settlement. Our firm is dedicated to achieving justice for those who have suffered life-altering injuries due to someone else's negligence.

    Motorcycle Tragedy: Confidential Settlement Secured for Grieving Parents by Mokaram Law Firm

    Tragedy struck when a 17-year-old male student was thrown from his motorcycle by a truck driver who failed to yield right of way, resulting in instant death. The parents of the victim turned to the Mokaram Law Firm for assistance in obtaining fair compensation and they were successful in securing a confidential settlement. When you need a trusted legal advocate, Mokaram Law Firm has got your back.

    Workplace Accident in Georgia Results in $10 Million Jury Verdict

    An unfortunate incident occurred at a workplace in Georgia where a 53-year-old Hispanic male was changing parts on a machine. Sadly, an operator didn't realize he was inside and pressed the button to start the machine, ultimately crushing him inside. The Mokaram Law Firm was able to secure a significant $10 million jury verdict for the victim.

    Multimillion Dollar Jury Verdict Settlement Secured for Injured Hispanic Immigrant's Family.

    A tragic vehicle accident occurred when a Hispanic male was rear-ended by another speeding vehicle, resulting in his car catching fire and the victim experiencing severe burns. The man had been residing in the United States, working to provide a better life for his family still in Mexico. Despite his valiant efforts to survive, he passed away just 16 hours after the accident. Thankfully, Mokaram Law Firm stepped in to secure justice on behalf of the victim's wife and two minor children, resulting in a substantial multimillion dollar jury verdict settlement.

    Firestone Products Liability Case: Injured Driver Receives Confidential Settlement

    When a faulty Firestone tire caused a rollover accident for a 32-year-old Hispanic male and his two male passengers while on vacation in the United States, the driver suffered incapacitating injuries. Fortunately, the Mokaram Law Firm secured a confidential settlement for both the driver and his wife with a successful jury verdict. Don't let defective products ruin your life - trust in experienced legal representation for justice and compensation.


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