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Cerebral palsy affects over 10,000 children annually, ranking as the most prevalent childhood physical disability in the U.S. While no cure exists, various treatments aim to enhance patients’ quality of life.

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    Types of Cerebral Palsy Cases We Deal With

    Cerebral palsy, a neurological condition, impacts body movement, motor skills, and muscle control. Children affected by it may face challenges controlling their bladder or bowels and performing everyday tasks like eating or standing still.


    KEEP IN MIND! Many cerebral palsy diagnoses stem from preventable birth injuries and medical malpractice. In case of your child struggling with the challenges of cerebral palsy, we are here for your legal compensation.

    Spastic cerebral palsy results from damage to the motor cortex of the brain, leading to muscle stiffness and movement difficulties in children. Our experienced cerebral palsy childbirth injury lawyers can provide compassionate support and legal guidance to families navigating these challenges.

    Athetoid cerebral palsy arises from basal ganglia damage, resulting in involuntary movements and impaired coordination skills in children. In cases of medical malpractice, our cerebral palsy lawyers at Mokaram Law Firm offer support to families seeking legal recourse.

    Damage to the cerebellum can result in ataxic cerebral palsy, causing coordination difficulties and impaired depth perception. Our experts are here to provide you with solid advocacy regarding such matters.

    Get the Best Compensation You Deserve

    Legal proceedings can indeed be costly, especially for parents already struggling with the challenges of caring for a child with cerebral palsy.

    However, consulting with our cerebral palsy lawyer can help big time. Caring for an injured child and managing new medical expenses can be financially burdensome, and seeking legal guidance can help alleviate some of these pressures.

    Cover your expenses related to medical treatment received and anticipated in the future, ensuring necessary care for the child’s well-being.

    Includes costs for devices like wheelchairs, braces, and communication aids essential for the child’s daily life.

    Our best cp attorneys can help you get compensation for indirect costs i.e., inability to work. Get back the lost wages and income due to the caregiver’s inability to work full-time while caring for the child.

    Cover the expenses associated with specialized education programs tailored to meet the child’s unique needs.

    Our attorneys cover the costs of modifying the home environment to accommodate the child’s mobility challenges or accessibility requirements.

    Cover the expenses for various therapies, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, crucial for the child’s development and well-being.

    Legal Avenues

    Navigating a birth injury i.e., cerebral palsy’s emotional and financial toll, can be overwhelming. If medical negligence caused your child’s injuries, legal compensation by our birth injury lawyers can help.

    Laws governing time limits differ by state. Contact us today for tailored guidance.

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    Proving that a healthcare provider’s error resulted in your child’s cerebral palsy can be intricate. That’s why you require an experienced legal team of attorneys by your side. If your child’s condition stems from medical negligence, reach out to Mokaram Law Firm for expert guidance and support.

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