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6 Crucial Steps To Take After A Rideshare Accident

Ridesharing services have grown tremendously in recent years. It has drastically changed how many people get around town. 

Apps such as Uber and Lyft are now familiar to most, supplying easy and affordable transportation alternatives. 

At the same time, this surge in popularity has coincided with a worrying increase in ride-sharing accidents. Some wonder whether adequate safety measures are in place as these platforms have expanded. 

While ridesharing offers convenience, its rising role in transportation brings questions about protecting passengers and drivers alike.


Understanding the Ride-Sharing Boom


Ridesharing services offer tremendous convenience. People can now request a cab at their door with just their smartphone. 

While the ease of summoning a car has supported significant growth throughout the industry, some wonder if the prevalence of additional vehicles may lead to worsening traffic or environmental issues over time. Moreover, the rising number of ridesharing accidents is a significant problem that has increased the need for ridesharing accident lawyers

Still, the benefit of dependable transportation with just a touch remains compelling for many. 


What Are The Most Common Causes of Accidents Behind Ridesharing Apps?


The number of accidents caused by ridesharing apps has increased in recent years. You can’t deny the benefits of ridesharing apps, but at the same time, it’s important to know why these accidents are caused.


  • Driving While Being Distracted


6 Crucial Steps To Take After A Rideshare Accident


We live in a modern age in which gadgets always surround us. A large number of accidents are caused by drivers who are using smartphones while driving. 

Most ridesharing app drivers don’t have a proper stand to place their phones while driving. 

They mostly place the phone on the dashboard, and to accept the ride or follow the map, they have to pick up the phone repeatedly. 

This causes distraction while driving, which eventually leads to accidents. The ride-sharing apps should have a driver-friendly interface so the driver is not distracted.

  • The Drivers Like To Overspeed 

The ridesharing app drivers are under constant pressure to complete their rides and reach where they are going fast. Drivers’ income is linked to how many rides are completed in a day. 

Moreover, the passengers also want the drivers to go above the speed limit if they are in a hurry to reach their destination.

There are also some more underlying causes that drivers to overspend. One of the primary reasons why most drivers overspeed is because they can’t afford ride cancellation. 

  • The Drivers are Unfamiliar With New Routes

Most of the time, the ridesharing app drivers have to pick up rides from places they have never been before. When a driver visits a place that he is unfamiliar with, the chances of accidents increase.

When visiting an unfamiliar place, the driver must rely on the GPS screen most of the time. Due to this, their attention from the road is diverted. 

When a driver is juggling through a lot of things at the moment, their reaction time is decreased. They cannot press emergency brakes or steer rapidly, which increases the chances of accidents. 

  • Inadequate Screening of Drivers 

The ridesharing apps don’t have any hard and fast rules for screening inexperienced drivers. Anyone with a driving license can download the app and start earning. 

Companies should adopt strict policies to screen out drivers who are not experienced. A ridesharing app driver needs to be extra diligent because they must continuously drive for long hours.

Moreover, a ridesharing app driver must deal with multiple things simultaneously. If a driver doesn’t have the right experience and expertise, the chances of an accident increase.


What Do You Need To Do When You Experience an Accident While Ride-Sharing? 


6 Crucial Steps To Take After A Rideshare Accident


  • Ensure Personal Safety and The Safety of Others 

The first thing you need to do after a rideshare accident is to see if you are safe or not. If there are any injuries then you should call emergency services as soon as possible. 

This fact relates to several significant issues that need to be addressed right after a collision.

  • Move to a safe location

You should move your car to a safe location after the accident. Move your car away from the center of the road so other cars don’t collide with it. 

  • You Should Warn Other Drivers on the Road 

Place warning triangles, cones, or flares near the accident scene to warn drivers that danger is ahead. 

Placing warning signs on the road ensures that no further accidents occur due to collision. 

  • Call Emergency Helpline

Calling emergency services while using a ride-sharing app is a critical part of an on-road accident process.

  • Dial the Emergency Number

Generally, emergency number 911 is used in most countries, and it may vary depending on your location. 

Know in advance the local emergency phone number applicable near the accident. 

When you dial, you must stay on the line and share detailed but precise information about the problem at hand with the operator.

  • Report Injuries

If there are injuries, make every effort to report them to the emergency services as soon as possible. 

Explain the nature of injuries and their severity so that the respondents can decide on the response level. 

  • Document The Scene

Documenting the scene of the accident is an important step that could be the best way to file an insurance claim and seek legal advice from a ride-sharing accident lawyer if needed.

  • Document Injuries

In case there are obvious injuries to your own body or other persons involved, take photos as evidence. 

It is important to find medical supervision right away and to keep a written record of prescriptions.


  • Inform the Ride-Sharing App Concerning the Accident

A societal responsibility of the ride-sharing app is to report the accident to the app, look for medical attention, and consult legal counsel after the occurrence of a ride-sharing accident. 

All serve a vital role in performing the function of your security, health, and defense from the legal system.

  • Prompt Communication

Just after the accident, you should communicate with the app representing your ride-sharing app by dialing the company’s customer service phone number.

  • Document App Conversations

Keep in contact with the ride-sharing company throughout the entire process of the accident. Among many types of communication, we have e-mails, in-app messages, and any other form of customer contact.

  • Prioritize Health and Safety

This is the time that you should pay attention to your wellness before anything, and not to say that because of the small injury or the fact that there is no injury at all, you will be in a better condition.

  • Visit a Medical Professional

Get care from the doctor so that you can go to the hospital emergency room, walk-in center, or doctor’s office.

Tell about the accident itself, which might be your incurred injuries, or just the discomfort you are feeling.

  • Consult experts with the legal department for any claim.

Liaising with a legal expert is necessary when receiving a court summons. You should get legal consultation when: 

  • Resulted injuries are severe. 
  • Liability disputes are involved. 
  • In such cases, getting fair compensation in money is not so easy.

A personal injury lawyer knowledgeable in settling ride-sharing accidents can counsel you about your rights and help you navigate smoothly through complicated legal procedures. 

  • Collect and Provide Documentation

Request the lawyer to go through all the accident papers.

This data provides the essential foundation from which we build up a legal case that is solid in the law and is aimed at seeking the maximum compensation possible.

  • Advocate for Your Rights

An accident lawyer for a ride-sharing platform will fight to assist you in getting what is fair that can be compensation for your damages, including medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. They will enable you to have negotiations with insurance companies and will give you a lawyer if the case goes to court.




If you know what steps you need to take after experiencing an accident, then you can ensure that situations do not worsen. By following some simple steps, you ensure the safety of other cars on the road and maximize your chances of getting fair compensation. 

If you were involved in an accident while using a ride-sharing service, then don’t worry. Contact Mokaram Law Firm at  (281) 609-9224 for a free consultation with our specialized ride-sharing accident lawyers.


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