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Avoiding Common Mistakes in 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Claims

An 18-wheeler truck is made up of a heavy body and huge size that is known for horrifying accidents. If you or someone you know has experienced this type of accident, you might be unsure of what to do next. 

In such cases, you don’t need to waste your time; you can proceed with your case in the right direction to get suitable claims. However, people without legal guidance may make some common mistakes in 18-wheeler truck accident claims.

Below are some of the common mistakes to avoid to get the compensation you truly deserve.


Not Reporting Accident to the Police Support


Within the recent year, the police have to be informed after any accident involving a big truck or other commercial vehicle because it is a serious crash. However, some victims do not even know the dangers of the accident that they are convinced by another party to leave the incident scene without being attended to by 911.


The police, who will arrive soon after, will then start gathering evidence for a written report for comparison with the SIM. The one who decided to institute a case against the trucking company and its insurer won’t overstep the line to obtain witnesses who can be the best eyewitnesses, determine how the crash occurred and who was at fault, and advise about the proper collection of evidence.


Avoiding Common Mistakes in 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Claims


The Vehicle’s License Plate & DOT Number


This is definitely your only window of opportunity to take images and collect proof from the site. Try to capture as many photos and videos as possible, even if they may sound meaningless at first. After that, your attorney may look over the evidence you have collected to decide what case you stand on and how he/she can defend you.


Neglecting Immediate Medical Attention


In fact, victims of truck accidents can be found in the hospital with different levels of injuries. Nevertheless, adrenaline stimulates a person, which prevents severe pain from manifesting immediately and post an accident. 


Even when you feel healthy, visit your doctor or go to a local trauma center for a medical examination because they will give you recommendations on what treatment you need. The problem here is that the medical condition that you have developed due to such an accident will not be properly documented, making it harder to cover the medical treatment costs in your claim for the injuries.


Medical records can help you prove that the injury occurred due to the commercial truck crash and that it was you who suffered losses [financial, for example] from the crash. 

The 18-wheeler truck accident lawyer in San Antonio can help you in many other ways, such as, for example, helping you obtain medical records and bills which are necessary topics in your claim.


Showing Responsibility While Being at the Accident Scene


You can drift towards guilt or overwhelm, but it will be inappropriate to admit fault. Bear in mind that you saw this incident from your own viewpoint. The other reason for the crash can also be imagined, which can be reflected in the passing on of liability to another party. Your honesty would probably be taken against you since you could be held accountable, as could the other people injured in the accident.


Notice the facts, and avoid complaints to your insurance company or the authority. Do not guess the cause of the accident as it is still under evaluation. The idea is to let instead your personal injury lawyer determine who is responsible for the accident while the case is built up.


Avoiding Common Mistakes in 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Claims


Not Gathering Adequate Evidence


The automobile conflict is one of the common causes of truck crashes on major roads. When all bodies are out of harm’s way, the first priority of the officials is to clear the road using their equipment. When they conclude working on the scene, it then becomes a bit more difficult to obtain the evidence that will connect the liability. Failure to collect enough supporting data may lead to a situation where you won’t be able to argue your case in the right manner and attain a fair compensation package.


If you have the ability, take pictures of the accident site and then include them with photos of the vehicles after the crash, skid marks, damage to guardrails or any other document which you think will help in the accident investigation. Get the names and contact information of the witness to submit to your lawyer, who will then get an opportunity to follow up on the witness for any related statements. Other documentation you may need to prove your claim includes:

  • Vehicle repair invoices
  • Bills for medical treatment
  • Receipts for prescription medication
  • A pay stub is an income statement, while the unemployment documents are proof of your lost wage.
  • In the written debriefs and police reports, records of the crash are maintained.


You can also record information about injuries and their effects on your daily life in a daily log. Journaling allows you to determine your pain and suffering in the relevant areas—physical, mental, and quality of life. An attorney from a truck law office can help manage the paperwork, like collecting and filing the required evidence.

Consulting With the Trucking Company’s Insurance Adjusters


The trucking company’s insurance carrier wants to have a lesser liability. They might provoke you to shift the blame to someone else or convince you to admit to telling the whole or part of the truth. From time to time, they could take up an unreasonably lowball offer in a settlement or even reject any responsibility.


You do not need to speak with your lawyer until you are represented by a trucking insurance agent. Whether you are in the process of giving a statement about your case or you are about to file a lawsuit, seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. They can guide you on your legal rights and also talk when you are about to reach to agreement.


Not Getting In Touch With Specialized Truck Accident Attorney


Financial difficulties are often what an individual is faced with (or suffers from) after a semi-truck accident has taken place. What may appear to you as an extravagant expenditure with whatever is left to you after paying for your living and medical expenses while you receive a lower salary is the hiring of a lawyer. To our good fortune, most semi-truck accident law firms would handle personal injury cases based on the basis of a ‘contingency fee.’ This way, the law firm does not charge flat outright fees for their legal services but instead takes part of your settlement amount when they win the case.


Despite the fact that you could represent yourself before a court, having a legal counsel who has an in-depth understanding and experience of road traffic accidents would be a good choice. To find a local attorney, go to a search engine and type “semi-truck accident lawyers near me” in the search field. 


Two types of companies are being mentioned: trucking companies and their insurance adjusters. Opponents also say that they are very tough. They will stop at nothing and try to force you to accept a smaller settlement figure. You should hire an attorney who specializes in truck accident cases to handle the negotiations so you can concentrate on your recovery.

Conclusive Remarks


After experiencing a truck accident, it is essential for the victim to seek medical attention and police support for the rescue. It not only saves a person from fatalities but ensures accurate records of your accident. Proceeding your case without making any critical mistakes makes the process seamless and results in appropriate compensation. Mokaram Law Firm makes sure to guide its clients for their personal injury claims thoroughly. To get legal help, feel free to call us today at (281) 609-9224.


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