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Can a Rideshare Passenger Sue The Rideshare Company in a Car Accident?

The ridesharing companies have integrated into our daily lives. Most people can’t imagine a day in their lives without the use of a ridesharing service. However, specific challenges and safety concerns in ridesharing services must be addressed. 

We press a button on our cell phone, then hand over our safety to the driver, who might be a stranger. 

We depend on the rideshare company’s services to take control of our safety and lives. 

The question arises: Is there any compensation source for a passenger involved in a collision? Can they sue the rideshare company sooner or later?

Mokaram Law understands that road accidents are very common. Rideshare accidents are devastating for the passenger, and they can also be left with no one to cover their medical bills and other damages. 

Our team of rideshare accident lawyers in the USA can help you cover all the losses and navigate you through all complex legal proceedings. 


Benefits of Rideshare Accident Laws for Passenger 


  • Insurance Coverage

The USA rideshare laws provide passenger insurance coverage. If an accident happens, passengers can get insurance from ridesharing companies.

The insurance covers medical bills for injuries and property damage costs.

The insurance coverage also ensures the ordinary passengers have enough funds. Life insurance adds to the feeling of safety when using rideshare services.

  • Simplified Claims Process

Rideshare laws help drivers and passengers with insurance claims.

After the crash, those hurt can ask for money from the insurance people of the app ride firm.

Passengers will file claims directly with the ridesharing business’s insurance company. This is the modern approach that is different from traditional methods of claiming insurance. 

This simplified claim is much easier for passengers. They can now claim what they deserve more conveniently.

Ridesharing accident laws streamline and reduce the system’s complexities. Passengers seeking compensation can enjoy a quicker, more pleasant claims process.

  • Access to Compensation

The laws concerning ridesharing accidents are critical to ensure that victims get fair compensation. 

Passengers involved in rideshare accidents may have to bear a lot of damages, like medical expenses, therapy costs, loss of income, and emotional distress. 

Compensating passengers is crucial to cover the costs of an accident.


Exploring Potential Grounds for Lawsuits



Ridesharing companies ensure safety and insurance, but sometimes, passengers need to sue them.


Negligent Hiring or Supervision


The ridesharing companies should screen and oversee the drivers carefully. Ridesharing companies must perform background checks for driver safety to avoid liability. Failure to do so can result in legal responsibility.

If an accident occurs and, after investigation, it is found that there were no effective monitoring strategies, then the rider can be sure of the ridesharing platform. 

 Riders hold the company responsible for these violations. They seek fairness and contribute to enhancing safety in private transportation.


Defective Vehicle Maintenance


The car must be safe and in good condition when offering rides to ensure passengers stay safe.

Legal action may follow if a rider is in an accident due to the operator’s negligence.

Such actions may involve driving unchecked vehicles or ignoring mechanical issues. Maintenance is often neglected.

Through court cases, passengers put forward the request of the ridesharing industry to commit to safety standards for the vehicles.


App Malfunctions


With the ridesharing apps acting as the main engine, drivers and passengers commute across the city.

In some cases, if a rider is involved in an accident due to the ridesharing app malfunction–say, dangerously leading the driver or giving out the wrong information–the rider might ask for compensation from the company.


How Ride Share Accident Lawyers Can Help? 


Can a Rideshare Passenger Sue The Rideshare Company in a Car Accident?


Ridesharing accident attorneys assist passengers who have been injured while using rideshare services.

  • Legal Expertise and Guidance

Rideshare accident lawyers know in-depth laws about passenger injuries and ridesharing. They have extensive knowledge of the legal subtleties in this area.

They can help with expertise. Passengers get guidance, info on their rights, suing the rideshare, and the steps to take.

  • Investigation and Evidence Gathering

Lawyers who focus on rideshare accidents investigate to gather evidence about what happened.

It involves gathering police reports and reviewing witness statements. Sometimes, CCTV footage is used.

You can’t make a strong argument without knowing what happened and why it did.

  • Determining Liability

Finding a party to blame is pivotal in any personal injury litigation. 

Accident attorneys specializing in rideshare accidents analyze the cause of the accident to pinpoint the at-fault party.

The lawyer can create a unique strategy after analyzing the ridesharing case thoroughly.

Whether it is the ridesharing company, the driver, or any third party, the lawyer can devise a suitable and unique strategy for the case. 

  • Engaging with Insurance Companies

Rideshare companies handle drivers’ insurance for accidents in most cases. They take care of insurance liabilities for vehicle accidents.

Rideshare accident lawyers can assist you with handling insurance paperwork and case-related matters. They know the process well and support passengers.

They and insurance reps seek compensation for passengers’ medical expenses and losses.

  • Filing Lawsuits and Legal Proceedings

If negotiations fail to produce a settlement, our lawyers will be ready to initiate lawsuits for the passengers involved. 

They are responsible for all legal documents, filing, and court proceedings. Thus, they are the ones who ensure the legal process is effective and well-managed.

For example, it involves trial preparations, court presentations, and the most favorable outcome for the passenger should they turn out necessary.




Rideshare passengers injured should know their rights. Understand avenues for compensation as well.

The specifics of each case can be complex and will depend on the laws in your jurisdiction.

For this reason, it is crucial to seek legal guidance.

If you or your loved one has been involved in a rideshare accident, consult with an experienced personal injury attorney, who will be familiar with the ins and outs of these cases. 

The team at Mokaram Law Firm has a proven track record with these cases and will have the requisite expertise to pursue a claim against the rideshare company, should that be warranted.

Protect your rights and seek the compensation you deserve. Call us at 281) 609-9224 to consult with our skilled team of experienced attorneys.


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