Can I Change My Car Accident Lawyer? 5 Things to Consider

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Can I Change My Car Accident Lawyer?

After being involved in an accident, the first thing you should do is hire a personal injury lawyer. Sometimes, your current lawyer doesn’t match your case or perspective. You might be unhappy with your current lawyer and wonder, Can I Change My Car Accident Lawyer? In most cases, you can change your lawyer. You have all the right to change your lawyer for your case.  

After working with lawyers, many people realize they are not connected with a suitable lawyer. If you are the one who is unhappy with the lawyer, you need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Austin for complete guidance and support. You deserve someone who can work hard for you to secure your best interest.  

Here are some points that you need to know before changing your current car accident lawyer.

Reasons To Change the Car Accident Lawyer

There are numerous reasons that people want to change their lawyer in a car accident. During the legal proceedings, most people get the feeling that something is not right about the lawyers. Below are the following reasons.  

  • The lawyer doesn’t have a strategy for a case.  
  • The lawyer doesn’t reply properly through texts, calls, or emails.  
  • The lawyer pressurizes you to accept a settlement that you don’t like.  
  • You don’t trust your lawyer 
  • The lawyer doesn’t meet the deadlines.  
  • You didn’t get any fruitful result 
  • Death or illness of your lawyer 
  • You didn’t understand the legal proceedings explained by your current lawyer. 
  • The bad feeling of not getting the job done rightly 
  • Irresponsible attitude

How Do I Change Lawyer in Car Accident Case?

You can switch your lawyer by following a legal process. If you haven’t received any offer from the liable process, it is easy to change your car accident lawyer. But if you have filed your case, then you need a substitution of counsel, a notice to the court, and an opposing party that you are changing the lawyer. The lawyer will hand over the file to you in case of firing him. But if another attorney takes over, your new lawyer has to pay the previous attorney’s lien that doesn’t come from your pocket.

Key Benefits of Changing Accident Lawyer

Pursuing a case in court can be stressful for a person, even if you have the best attorney in the state beside you. But when you have to work with a lawyer that you’re unhappy with, that will make the whole process unpleasant. Whatever the result, you’ll find yourself stressed throughout the case. But if you feel the need to change your lawyer, the decision can have many benefits. The benefits include: 

  • Reducing the case stress 
  • A different perspective on your compensation 
  • Work to remove obstacles in your path to get claims 
  • Defending professionally against retaliation 
  • New and better strategies 

People always prefer to work with a lawyer who can understand your accident and its losses is the one you want to work with. A better understanding of the case helps the victim to get good compensation. Mokaram Law Firm has experienced lawyers who have provided thousands to millions of dollars in settlement to their clients by securing their desired interests.

Can I Change My Car Accident Lawyer? 5 Things to Consider

Right to Hire Your Own Lawyer

The victim has all the right to choose their lawyer because the court wants them to get a fair trial by giving them the chance to prove their perspective. The legal system wants to provide a fair trial to everyone. Thus, the court thinks that it’s right of a person to select their lawyer according to their interest and perspective. 

Your choice lawyer is the person who will represent you in the legal process on your behalf, whether in the legal proceeding, settlement, negotiation, or court trial. The consequence of hiring a lawyer depends on your choice. If you choose a good lawyer, the legal process will be smooth and provide you with fruitful results. But if the lawyer is not up to the mark, you may face consequences like stress, getting less compensation, or losing the case. 

To win a case, it is essential for a person to hire the right lawyer who matches your mindset, has considerable experience, a strong success record, and is a great negotiator. If your lawyer lacks any of these qualities, consider switching your lawyer before it gets too late.

Car Accident Lawyer Represent Losses in Court

After the accident, you consult a lawyer about your losses. You explain all the accident scenes and their consequences for better understanding. It is the responsibility of the lawyer to represent your losses to maximize the claims. Following are the jobs a lawyer does on your behalf:  

  • Compile and organize information about car accident 
  • Defend accusation from the liable party  
  • Prove the liable party is at fault by providing evidence 
  • Negotiate with insurance company 
  • Defend your position in court 
  • Collect witness statement 
  • Complete update on your case progress 
  • Fight for your rights
Can I Change My Car Accident Lawyer? 5 Things to Consider

If you find your lawyer doesn’t perform these above-mentioned jobs, he may not be working hard for your case. If you’re working with such a lawyer, you may have a bad experience, but now you have the knowledge, and you can use this information to find a suitable lawyer who can deal with the case the way it should be.

Will Switching Lawyer Affect the Car Accident Case?

Changing a car accident lawyer can affect the case in some scenarios. If you have done the maximum portion of your case but found your lawyer inappropriate, that can change the case direction. Thus, if you want to change your lawyer, make sure to consult another attorney before changing the current one.

Make The Change Today with Mokaram Law Firm

If you want to switch your personal injury lawyer and want legal guidance, call (281) 609-9224 for a free consultation. Our team looks forward to dealing with your case by providing the best possible outcomes.


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