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Can I Claim for Back Pain After Car Accident?

In a car accident, a person may experience different damages and injuries. People have to suffer with multiple injuries in the brain, soft tissue and spinal cord that result in severe pain and discomfort. People may experience some symptoms within a few hours, and some victims find them visible after a few days.  

Back pain is one of the common symptoms that appear after a car accident. Don’t ignore It. It can be an indication of a severe medical condition that needs immediate solution. People with back pain may wonder they are eligible to claim for back pain after a car accident. The answer is yes. The party responsible can claim all the discomfort and damage caused by another driver’s carelessness.  

To find out more about the compensation for back pain, continue reading. 

What To Do for Seeking Compensation for Back Pain After Car Accident 

To claim for back pain, there are some key factors that you should consider if you’re suffering from pain because of someone else.  

Seek Medical Attention  

Whether the accident was severe or minor, it is vital to take proper measures when dealing with such a situation by always thinking about your well-being first. Seeking medical attention immediately is important whether you are in pain or not. 

With respect to back injuries, sometimes the symptoms may take days to show up. It is important to detect the injury as soon as possible so that the case can be successful. In this case, a medical professional can carry out a full body check up with x-rays or other required tests to diagnose any hidden injuries, if there are any. Immediate medical attention always saves a person from more damage and helps them to recover faster.  

Document Your Medical Assistance  

When you take medical assistance after an accident, make sure to document everything as evidence. It will help you in proving yourself to get justice. When claiming compensation, the first thing that is needed is evidence. Ensure that every medical report, bill, doctor’s recommendation, and prescription is documented.  

With the help of a car accident lawyer in Houston Tx, you can get all the damages you get because of someone else. However, without evidence, you may weaken your case’s value, making it nearly impossible to seek the right compensation.  

Know Who Is Liable 

For your personal injury claim to succeed, you need to prove liability. You have to prove that someone else was responsible for the incident that resulted in a back injury. In most cases this requires documentation of a police report, witness statement and images from the incident scene. You might be able to make a claim if you can show that to the other driver. But if you failed to prove that you got no injury because of the liable party, then you aren’t able to seek a claim.  

Determining who was behind the wheel in a car accident is difficult. Everything happens all of a sudden, in which a person can’t figure out who was behind the disaster. But with the investigation, you can figure out who is liable and find valuable evidence that will help you claim for your pain. In multiple liable parties, you need the help of a lawyer because it is challenging to know who was partially or completely involved in a car accident.  

Hire A Car Accident Lawyer  

To seek compensation from the party liable, you need a representative who can tackle all the complexities of your case. With severe pain and back injury, you are unable to manage your case. A lawyer will file your case, negotiate with the liable party and fight for your rights in court till the end. 

Can I Claim for Back Pain After Car Accident?

Without a lawyer, it is pretty difficult for a person to understand the personal injury claims. A lawyer specialized in personal injury law knows every right and strategy that can help you get what you truly deserve.  

Damages You Can Claim for Back Pain

You can file for an injury-related claim in case of being injured at another’s negligence while driving. Compensation typically covers various losses that are mentioned below. 

Medical Expenses 

After a car accident, a person first needs immediate medical help. The liable party can claim all the costs of medical expenses such as hospital and doctor’s charges, surgery, therapy, and medicines.

Pain and suffering 

Pain and suffering are non-monetary damages that the responsible party can claim. A person not only suffers physically but emotionally too, and you have all the right to claim for all your pain and distress that take place because of someone else.  

Lost Income 

You might claim for the damage that is caused because you missed work for your health recovery. Moreover, you can recover earnings inability that can affect your future living.

Property Damage 

If your car was severely damaged and it needs replacement or expensive repairs, you can claim it from the responsible party who not only put physical damage but property damage too.  

Challenges of Compensation for Back Injury After Car Accident  

It could be difficult to prove that the pain arose from the accident. You need valuable evidence, good communication, and negotiation skills to prove yourself to be an actual victim.  Insurance companies always try to secure their interest by providing different denials. For instance  

  • You experienced pain before the accident 
  • You are responsible for back injury 
  • The victim is exaggerating the pain  

Proving that you are injured by accident might not be easy independently.  Fortunately for the lawyers of Mokaram Law Firm, it is easy to make a powerful case. Thus, if you want to file compensation seamlessly, it is vital to work with a profound lawyer who can make you win with his knowledge and wisdom.  

The Bottom Line 

If you’re suffering from severe back pain, you might be suffering from a back injury that is not completely visible to you at the moment. It is essential to seek medical assistance as soon as possible to know which type of damage you are going through internally.  

After medical assistance, the next thing you should do is hire a skillful lawyer to help you evaluate your damages and file for fair compensation. To discuss your case with our valuable lawyers, you can avail of free consultation by calling (281) 609-9224


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