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Can you add rental car insurance after an accident?

Getting into a car accident in a rental car when your car is nonfunctional and in need of repairs is one situation that can be very complicated to understand. 

Here, the proper understanding of rental car insurance is essential. It is necessary to know whether you should go for additional coverage for the rental car, your auto insurance policy, credit card benefits, or the rental company’s standard insurance.

When dealing with such cases, people ask many questions regarding rental car accident cases. One includes, ‘Can you add rental car insurance after an accident.’

Rental Car Insurance

Rental insurance is a specific form of insurance for cars that are hired instead of bought or owned. According to the best car accident lawyer in Houston Tx, this is meant to alleviate the renter from monetary liability when the rental vehicle gets damaged, stolen, or is liable for damages to other vehicles or property. 

Such insurance may comprise different kinds of coverage like collision damage waiver, liability coverage, personal effects coverage, and personal accident insurance respectively.

Rental Company’s Insurance Options

There are a number of insurance options when you are looking to rent a car. There are different levels of protection that are provided by these companies, and these can be relevant only if your personal insurance is not the one that covers rental vehicles. 

Types of Insurance Offered by Rental Companies

There are different types of insurance offered by rental companies for clients to use. One needs to keep a look at them before making any decision. 

Liability Insurance

This is the insurance that covers the damage that has occurred to the property of others. It even covers the damages done to others’ property and even the injuries that occur to other parties if you are the one who is at fault. 

There is usually a minimum paid by the insurance companies as this is required by the law, but this is often seen with suspicion as this cannot be enough for certain accident cases.

Collision Damage Waiver 

This is not normal insurance but merely a waiver that relieves you from any financial liability in case of damage to or theft of the rental car.

These often feature a deductible, and some forms of damage may not be included.

Personal Effects Coverage

This is the insurance that helps with the loss or theft of items in the rental car. This is usually helpful in cases where the renter’s insurance does not provide coverage for the property outside the house.  

Personal Injury Coverage

In the event of an accident, the cost of injuries for you and the passenger is covered under the personal effect coverage. 

This is only useful in cases where the health insurance gives limited coverage, or the deductibles are too high.

Can you add rental car insurance after an accident? | MokaramLawFirm

Applicability of Rental Insurance After the Accident

  • Rental company insurance is meant to cover some of the gaps that might be present in your personal auto insurance, such as high deductibles and limited liability coverage.
  • Despite your personal insurance covering the rentals, you can also take the rental company’s insurance for more assurance, particularly if you are worried about claims on your personal insurance or high out-of-pocket costs.
  • In case you are hiring a car when your own vehicle is at a shop for repair after an accident, the rental insurance can be applicable to be used. But first, you need to check your personal insurance. There is a chance that it might already be providing you with all the coverage regarding rental cars. 
  • When you travel in a region where your personal insurance covers, or if you don’t own a car, you lack personal auto insurance. In such circumstances, this insurance comes in handy.

At Mokaram Law Firm, skillful lawyers can help you get the most compensation from any of these insurance plans.

Can you add rental car insurance after an accident? | MokaramLawFirm

Can you Add Rental Car Insurance After an Accident?

There are a number of factors that have to be kept in mind when adding rental insurance after an accident. Let’s have a closer look. 

Rental car insurance has several types of coverage that provide different protections, from paying for the damages done to the rental car to offering liability for damages to other cars and properties.

Timing of Rental Car Insurance

One of the most important factors that comes into play here is the timing of the rental insurance. Rental car insurance is the one that must be made at the time of renting a vehicle. 

The reason behind this is that rental car insurance caters to accidents that occur during the duration of rent. Adding rental car insurance is usually not possible if an accident has occurred already.  

Constraints of the Policy

It is also worth mentioning that rental companies have their own terms when insurance is attached in any way. Insurance decisions have to be made by most companies at the rental counter, even before you are handed the vehicle. 

It is almost impossible to add or change insurance coverage after you have driven off the lot.

Personal Auto Insurance Interactions

For people who already have auto insurance, it is very important for them to understand what rental insurance is and also how the auto insurance applies in the case of rental cars. 

There are many auto insurance policies that give some coverage for rental cars; thus, one may not require adding extra rental insurance. However, this may not include everything since the deductible is still applicable. 

Accidents in Rental Cars

If you get into an accident in a rental car and don’t have the rental company’s insurance, several scenarios can come up:

Using Personal Auto Insurance: Such damages can be covered by your existing auto insurance depending on the terms and conditions of such insurance.

Credit Card Coverage Activation: Depending on how applicable it is, your credit card can cover certain rental car damages.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses: However, without appropriate insurance coverage, you may end up footing all bills and damages by yourself.

Post-Accident Insurance Additions

However, in cases where an individual finds themselves in a road accident before renting another vehicle, the situation is different.

In case you need car insurance coverage for that rental period, you could get it on the new rental vehicle. Your coverage level and any credit card benefits should also inform this decision.

Early Decision-Making

The best thing and the most important takeaway here is to make an early decision. You should consider your coverage before renting a car, especially after an accident. 

Consult your insurance provider and credit card company to find out the amount of coverage you already have.  

Alternates for Rental Insurance

In cases where adding rental insurance isn’t possible or practical, consider alternatives like.

Seeking Increased Coverage from Personal Auto Insurance: Speak to your insurer about raising the coverage limit temporarily or acquiring additional coverage specifically for rentals.

Utilizing Ride-Sharing or Short-Term Leasing: Consider alternative modes of transport that can provide more extensive rental insurance.

It is important to understand how personal auto insurance, credit card benefits, and rental company policies interact in order to make informed choices. Prior to renting a car, always ensure that you have reviewed your insurance coverage, and particularly so, in the aftermath of an incident, to be assured you are covered adequately.

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