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Can you claim a car accident without a police report?

Okay, let’s keep it simple. You had an accident on the road (literally!), and now you’re wondering: should you call the cops or fix it yourself? Do not worry, my friend; solving that insurance puzzle can be quite complicated.

The question, “Can you claim a car accident without a police report?” is what always pops into mind. To get an answer to that, you need to make sure that you are familiar with all the details attached to an accident. 

The best auto accident lawyer in Houston Tx says that anyone involved in such a scenario needs to understand the implications of the claim and the ways to overcome them.

Role of Police Report in Car Accident Cases

Whenever it comes to car accidents, it can be observed that a police report is always needed. If not always, then most of the time. This is the key document that is used as a basis when one files an insurance claim or presents in a court of law. Anyone who has been involved in a car accident should understand what a police report is and how it can be applied within the claims process.  

Here is how a police report is important in a car accident.

Information About Parties Involved: It usually contains the full details of everyone who participated in the accident, which includes their contacts, cars, insurance information, and others. This is important for filing insurance claims. 

Unbiased Record: The police report gives an unbiased and neutral view of what happened at the scene. This includes the information about time, date, place, and weather. 

Witness Statement: Police reports have statements from the witnesses as well that provide an additional perspective on how the accident occurred in the first place. 

Evaluation of the Fault: Though not very true, the police report typically involves a prior determination of liability taken out from the officer’s investigation. It involves sightings of traffic law violations, statements provided by the driver, and evidence that was collected at the scene of the incident.  

Notify the Insurance Company

Can You File a Claim Without a Police Report?

There is still a way to file a car accident claim without a police report, but that will come with its own fair share of difficulties. A police report may be helpful in claiming, but the lack thereof doesn’t imply you cannot file a claim.

Possibility of Filing A Claim Without Police Report

Insurance Claims: A police report is not necessary when filing an insurance claim. Now, while this police report is not required for insurance companies in processing a claim, this document might contain important data and help to define liability.

Legal Claims: In a similar manner, a police report may be of great help to a person who is making a legal claim or filing a lawsuit, but the latter is not mandatory. Evidence and arguments shall be more vital in strengthening your case.

Other Evidence to Support Your Claim

There is other evidence that is there besides the police report that can help in your claim. When there is no police report, a claimant resorts to other forms of evidence to support their claim. This evidence may be vital to establish liability, damage, and how the accident altered your life.

Witness Statements: The witness testimony of the passengers present at the time of the accident would serve as a valuable third-party perspective. Write down the names and contact details, and take written or oral statements of the witnesses present at the scene.

Medical Records: Medical records and bills relating to injuries from the accident are also important. These documents show how the injuries occurred, the treatment you received, and the effects on your health.

Expert Testimony: In certain instances, experts like an accident reconstruction expert, medical professional, or another specialist may testify on how the accident happened and its effects.

Dashcam Footage: The dashboard footage may serve as proof of events that took place. This is possible in case you recorded your dashboard or another vehicle passing by did that.

Photographs and Videos: Visual evidence from the scene of an accident is quite convincing. These include pictures or videos of vehicle positioning, damages, roadway conditions, traffic signs, and injuries.

Steps to Take After Collision Without Police Involvement

You must act quickly when there are no police around after a car accident, as these steps will help gather evidence and protect your legal rights. If you get involved in an accident, you should follow these essential steps to have the data and documents that will be needed during any claims or lawsuits.

Ensure Safety

After an accident, run to safety, if possible, to prevent further accidents. Turn on your hazard lights and evaluate yourself and others for injuries. Call the emergency services if there are any injuries before moving the victim.

Document the Scene

Take pictures of the accident scene using your phone with reference to all involved vehicles, their positions, damages to the vehicles, skid marks, road conditions, and traffic signs.

You should also note or write down the time, date, and place of the accident, as well as the weather.

Get Medical Attention

Some injuries may seem harmless and may not be noticeable at first despite feeling fine. Seek a medical assessment with a health care provider immediately.

Notify the Insurance Company

Immediately notify your insurance company of the accident. Give them the data you’ve collected, but don’t talk about who is at fault until you have gotten legal advice.

Role of Police Report in Car Accident Cases 

Dealing With Insurance Companies

Insurance companies may find it difficult to negotiate with drivers involved in a car accident without a police report because in most cases, the police report is used as primary evidence. However, there are a number of techniques that one should keep in mind when undergoing the insurance in order to pass it successfully.

  • Contact Your Insurer Promptly: Immediately, tell your insurance company about an accident. Be precise and give all relevant details about how the events took place; avoid exaggerating or overusing words like probably, maybe, etc.
  • Provide All Collected Evidence: This will help fortify your claim to your insurer. make sure to collect pictures, take videos, and get the needed evidence in all shapes and forms. 
  • Review Your Coverage: Learn about your insurance plan’s details on limits, deductibles, and exclusions.
  • Know Your Rights: Being aware of what you are due under your policy gives you power in negotiations.
  • Assess Settlement Offers Carefully: Compare any settlement offer with the complete value of your damages and losses. The future medical costs and lost wages as well. If the initial settlement is inadequate, be ready to negotiate and counteroffer.
  • Seek Professional Guidance: Consulting an attorney will help clarify your situation. They help with the settlement offer and make it fair when negotiations are complex to handle.
  • Document Communications: Write down details of all contacts made with the insurer, including dates, names, and contents of discussions.

At Mokaram Law Firm, the best attorneys can help you fight for compensation when there is no involvement of the police report in the case. 

So, dealing with insurance companies without a police report is a daunting task that calls for meticulous preparation, profound knowledge of your policy, and a logical approach to presenting your side of the story. Accumulating all proof and having well-planned communication will make you fight for just compensation.

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