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Common and Serious Injuries Inside Your Body from Houston Car Crashes

Car crashes are daunting and stressful. They can not only cause several physical injuries, but also emotional damages to your well-being. Most people cannot figure out the injuries at the spot, as they are not visible. This is the reason to get yourself completely checked up by a professional doctor after the accident. A professional will warn you beforehand about the hidden injuries and start to cure them.

Some of the Common and Serious Injuries Inside Your Body from Houston Car Crashes includes internal bleeding, spinal cord injuries, injuries to the backbone, permanent dislocation of bones, concussions and fractures. These injuries are extremely severe and take a long time to recover. It is important to take a break from everything and focus on your health and recovery after the accident. Healing requires a lot of time. By following the proper advice of the healthcare advisor, one can heal and get back with their daily life.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the most common injuries that occur after a severe accident:


Fractures are very common after the accident. They can affect any part of your body. From hairline fractures to major fractures, all of them require proper attention and care to heal. One can not figure out if they have a fracture, until a doctor scans it with the help of medical imaging. Fractures sometimes may require surgeries, which mean you will be on rest for an even longer duration.

Common and Serious Injuries Inside Your Body from Houston Car Crashes

Vertebral Fractures: 

Fractured vertebrae on the spinal cord as a result of car accidents. Although some of these fractures are not seen without medical images. In case of a fracture, an individual might have pain, nerve damage, or may even be paralyzed depending on their location and seriousness.

Long Bone Fractures: 

Fractures of long-bones may also result from accidents.The fractures can be simple, compound or even displaced in which a bone can burst out of the skin.

Facial Fractures: 

During road traffic accidents, drivers and front seated passengers are at risk of sustaining head injuries. Such injuries may affect the nose, jaws, cheeks or sometimes the eyesockets. It implies that they will possibly undergo surgical procedure at this point.


PTSD stands for post-traumatic stress disorder. It is one of the most common after effect of an accident. An accident is traumatizing which means your brain will require a long time to heal from it. The recurring flashbacks of accidents can depress the victims. They will go into a dark zone, which they can not escape from. PTSD can effect all other parts of your life, such as your relations, your eating schedule, sleep schedules and professional dealing. One is unable to focus on other important thing because of the losses they have to suffer from due to the happening of the accident. If a person has lost a loved one, or there is permanent damage to body organ, they will require a lot of time to accept and move on.

Common and Serious Injuries Inside Your Body from Houston Car Crashes

This is when they will require a psychologist or a psychiatrist who can understand them. They will communicate with them in such a way that the victim feels at ease. Moreover, professional psychologists have dealt with several similar cases, so they know exactly which steps to take to take the victim out of their dark zone. Instilling positivity in such victims and making them hopeful about the future is essential. 

The duration of PTSD differs from individual to individual, so professionals can’t specify the time limit. If the patients’ symptoms worsen daily, the psychologists might suggest therapies. Victims of PTSD must not indulge in their legal battles, as they won’t be able to focus completely on the legal lawsuit. It becomes essential for such individuals to hire an auto accident lawyer, who can proceed with the legal lawsuit. They will investigate the entire case and then gather evidence to get their client’s desired compensation.

Internal Bleeding

 While there may be no obvious evidence of internal bleeding after a car accident caused by blunt force trauma, it usually takes place internally. It is unlike an external injury where one can see the blood; therefore, this type of bleeding may lead to death if left untreated.

Ruptured blood vessels resulting from the initial impact caused internal bleeding. Internal bleeding often takes place in the abdomen, chest, or head. The symptoms may manifest themselves slowly and could include abdominal pain, dizziness, feeling weak or lightheadedness, confusion, and even an anticipation of death.

In the case of suspecting internal bleeding, immediate medical aid is needed. The location of bleeding can be determined by diagnostic tests such as CT scans or ultrasound examinations. The treatment options may be surgery for the repaired blood vessels/organs, blood transfusion to replace the blood loss, or any relevant intervention in accordance with the degree and the site of the hemorrhage.

Delayed treatment for internal bleeding can cause serious complications or even death. Car accident victims with internal bleeding are likely to incur high medical costs as a result of emergency care and further management. Medical expenses could be recovered through legal claims by an injury victim in addition to payment for pain and trauma, loss of income, and other losses.

Car accident lawyers specializing in internal injury cases aim to build very strong points with medical records, expert opinions, and relevant evidence to pinpoint liabilities and seek suitable compensation for their clients.

Spinal Cord Injuries (SCIs)

One of the worst effects of road accidents is spinal cord injuries (SCI). The spinal cord is integral in relaying information from the brain to the entire body. Paralysis may also occur when there is a degree of damage in an accident that affects the spinal cord.

Many of them are caused by severe trauma in car accidents, like fractures to the spine or the pressure of the spinal cord. Such can have far-reaching effects, including paralysis, lack of feeling, or even more severe challenges.


Typically, treatment of any SCI is complicated and usually includes a combination of modalities in this context. Therefore victims can go through surgeries, and physical, occupational, and psychological therapy for their adjustment. 

Many victims of car accident-related SCIs have to incur high medical expenses as well as ongoing care costs, lose their livelihoods, and experience immense pain and suffering. SCI victims must seek compensation in a legal claim since this will significantly be required to cater to such enormous physical and emotional costs. Experienced car accident attorneys for SCI cases can provide the necessary resources for a lifelong recovery of their victims.

Traumatic Brain Injuries 

Trauma-induced brain injuries are expected outcomes of motor vehicle collisions despite the absence of frontal/lateral impacts or immediate trauma to the skull. Such rapid deceleration may also allow the brain to get jolted inside the head, leading to injury. TBIs can be anything from mild concussion symptoms that persist up to permanent brain damage. 

Symptoms of mild TBIs include headaches, vertigo (dizziness), and transitory disorientation. Severe TBIs result in a range of consequences, including impaired memory, cognitive dysfunction, behavioral changes, and even stupors. An individual should also understand that TBI symptoms might not show immediately as they require a couple of hours or even days before being noticed.

TBIs require prompt medical evaluation. Medical professionals can use diagnostic devices such as CT scans and MRIs to identify brain injuries, hence determining appropriate treatment. Recovery from TBIs is a lengthy process that requires long-term treatments like rehabilitation, therapy, and continued medical care. Severe cases can cause permanent physical and cognitive disabilities in people.


In conclusion, we can say that you will need a legal attorney to deal with your legal battles when you are focusing on your health. For free consultation, you can call us at  (281) 609-9224.


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