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With the increase in crimes and accidents, people have to experience different incidents with the intersection of crime and accident. When a person has committed a crime and becomes liable for any accident, it complicates the case.

After the accident, police investigate the whole scene and find that a person who committed a crime while hurting a person may get arrested. If you have experienced such an accident, you should know how criminal cases are involved with personal injury claims. Such cases add more complexity to the situation.  

In such an accident, a victim has the knowledge of criminal and civil proceedings to seek compensation. With the help of a lawyer, you can get complete assistance in seeking the right claim for the accident.  

In this blog, you’ll learn all the essential knowledge on how criminal cases relate to personal injury cases.  

How Can Criminal Cases and Personal Injury Case Be Linked?  

The criminal case is a violence of laws by doing certain crimes. It can be correlated with personal injury if the liable person was drunk driving, ran from the accident, sexually assaulted the victim, or reckless driving. A criminal case aims to punish the offender, send them to rehabilitation, pay penalties, and compensate the victim. In this way, the state protects society from such offenders.  

Moreover, personal injury cases are violations of civil law. In civil law, the goal is to make the faulty person realize he was wrong and to pay the expenses of the victim resulting from their negligence.  

However, in some cases, a person only files a case for compensation for a car accident, but after investigation, when it is proved that a person was intoxicated or sexually assaulted the person, the criminal case involves personal injury.  

Importance of Evidence in the Case 

In such cases, evidence is quite essential to win the case. You can’t blame a person for a doubt. To win the case, you need to prove the criminal offense of the liable party.  

However, in a personal injury case, a person only has to prove that the other party is liable for the damage resulting in the car accident. Evidence is essential in an individual injury case, but when a criminal case is involved, you need more proof that states the person’s fault.  

Winning the case in a personal injury claim is more straightforward than a criminal case. But with the help of a personal injury lawyer, you can bring the charges of a criminal case and claim compensation for personal injury in the accident.  

Damages Recovered in The Case  

In criminal cases, the compensation amount depends on the severity of the crime. The person gets compensation for specific damages like medical bills, psychological counseling, and other property loss. In most cases, the offender receives heavy penalties from the state, sending them to the jail or rehabilitation center or registering them as offenders.  


However, in a personal injury claim, a person can claim for different types of damages resulting in the accident because of another person. If the personal injury claim involves a criminal case, a person can claim emotional suffering, personal injuries, or other damage to the property. Personal injury cases have more monetary support because a person has to suffer lots of loss and pain.  

Can a Person File a Civil Case with a Criminal Case?  

A person can file a personal injury case with a criminal case if he has suffered from the incident. Both instances can proceed side by side. If the victim has strong evidence against the liable person, the criminal case may finish before the damage case.  

If you are proceeding with a criminal case, it will add more value to your civil case to seek heavy compensation. At Mokaram Law Firm, you can get complete guidance from our professional lawyer in dealing with such cases. A lawyer on your side will help you deal with the issue’s complexities at every step.  

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help You?  

If you have experienced an accident that is complex and you don’t know where to start, you need a personal injury lawyer. But the question arises of how a personal injury lawyer can help. The answer is below.  

Fights For Your Rights  

A person who has experienced such an accident for the first time has no knowledge of it. To know about your rights, you need legal guidance. They will explain to you what steps you should take to get the proper settlement. Most liable parties deny paying the amount the victim deserves. Thus, if you want to secure your rights and focus on your recovery, you can hire a lawyer.   

Create the Right Strategies for the Case 

A personal injury lawyer is entirely familiar with state laws and the legal system. They create a strategy that will help to recognize the legal issues and to anticipate them. Every case has different complications; a lawyer can solve every obstacle with an approach.  

Evaluate Your Personal Injury Claim 

To evaluate your claim, a lawyer will thoroughly investigate your case and determine the fault and liable party. After studying lawyer with the help of their valuable resources, they evaluate the compensation of your case.  

They know which damage you can claim. Keeping those elements in mind, a lawyer will help you know the estimated compensation for your case. A person with less or no knowledge may not know the amount they can get from the liable party. A lawyer has years of experience in dealing with such cases, and they can help, knowing the amount you deserve.  

Negotiate with Liable Party  

Filing a personal injury case can be stressful, and it is more complicated when you have to negotiate with a liable party. Mostly, the responsible party denies paying the settlement amount or paying less. To secure your interest, a personal injury lawyer will negotiate on your side. They will fight for your rights and help you get what you deserve.  

The Bottom Line 

If you have experienced an accident that involves personal injury and criminal offense. You need a lawyer that can fight your case. Criminal cases involved in accident cases can be very challenging that need a professional understanding of the crime and personal injury. To discuss your case with us, feel free to call us at (281) 609-9224.


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