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Do Existing Health Issues Impact Your Houston Injury Case?

Existing health issues can have an impact on the legal claim. They can not only affect the victim’s physical health but also an individual’s emotional well-being. Your health conditions can be aggravated by the accident. If you were on your healing journey, the accident might cause you longer to heal from your pre-existing health conditions. When filing a legal lawsuit, most people think Do Existing Health Issues Impact Your Houston Injury Case

Although health conditions can be aggravated by the accident, insurance companies and courts will still ask for evidence as they will say that the current condition of the victim was not entirely caused by the accident. The at-fault party will always say that the current state of the victim is not entirely due to the accident. The condition is partly due to the accident and partly due to the preexisting health condition of the victim.

Do Existing Health Issues Impact Your Houston Injury Case?


In this blog we will explore how existing health issues have an impact on your injury case:

Less Compensation:

The insurance companies and at-fault parties will continue to argue that they were not the sole reason behind the physical condition of the victim, hence, they should not be asked for a full compensation amount. Victims must hire a professional experienced car accident lawyer who has dealt with similar cases before.

Jury Perception:

Health problems that you had before could interfere with the impression juries form about your claim. Pre-existing conditions might influence jurors’ decisions about whether they should be liable and what damages they will receive if they are indeed liable because jurors might hold prejudice against them or think they are not sick.

The lawyer should demonstrate how the accident has worsened the existing conditions of illness in your body. These will include highlighting that your conditions worsened or additional injuries sustained due to the accident.

Do Existing Health Issues Impact Your Houston Injury Case?

Full Disclosure is Crucial:

Openness and frankness are crucial while disclosing all your pre existing medical history to the lawyer right in the beginning. Understanding your full medical background is essential for your lawyer to develop his or her best approach and anticipate some hurdles.

Your lawyer will give you full disclosure about your situation before and after the incident, and they will be able to counter any argument made by the opposing side and bring out something that shows how the incident has affected your health status.

Pre-existing health issues will influence your injury cases in Houston or any other location. However, under the competent legal advice of a professional personal injury lawyer and backed by reliable testimony on the actual harm caused to your client because of the event, you may claim compensation for the ensuing injuries and damages.

Establishing Causation:

It can however become difficult to establish a clear causal connection between the accident and your injuries if you were previously suffering from some other illnesses. To do so, you should show that the accident significantly made your situation worse or caused new injuries.

Therefore, you have to interact with your lawyer and specialized experts who will give testimony to confirm that an incident caused your harm. For this reason, such proof might include medical records on the accident, diagnostic tests as well and expert opinions showing that such accidents were among the reasons for the prevailing health problems.

Impact on Settlement Negotiations:

The issue of pre existing health problems should be observed even before the negotiation process with the insurer. Insurance adjusters might try and take advantage of any existing medical conditions that you might have been suffering from, thereby arriving at reduced compensation offers to you. They can say something like your injuries were already there before you had the accident.

Legal Strategies and Negotiations:

It is for this reason that you will get a customized legal strategy developed by your lawyer, knowing full well about your previous medical problems. Depending on your case scenario you can opt for litigation, negotiation out of court or alternatively dispute management.

Finally, just because one may have some preexisting medical conditions does not mean that one cannot seek any damages for whatever may have happened in the course of the accidents on their part.

Bottom Line:

In conclusion we can say that having pre-existing medical issues can be complex to tackle during your legal lawsuit. This is where the skillful personal injury attorney comes in handy to assist you with the matter. You should know the law principles involved as well as have the medical documents so that you may pursue the case to the compensation level required. To get professional advice, you must contact Mokarram Law Firm. For free consultation, you can call us at  (281) 609-9224.


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