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Do I Need a Lawyer for a Car Accident?

In the United States, there are millions of car accidents per year. Unfortunately, many people might go through painful experiences of motor accidents. If you are one of them who has suffered pain and damage, you need legal guidance. After an accident, you might need clarification about Do I Need a Lawyer for a Car Accident or not. You may not need a lawyer for minor injuries but consult a lawyer as soon as possible if you have suffered severe injuries. 

In car accidents, most people get a personal injury, and if you have a major one with lots of damage, consider a Personal Injury Lawyer in Arlington. However, the first step after the accident is to seek proper medical assistance to save yourself from more health loss. The next step after getting medical help is to hire a lawyer. 

After the accident, the victim got so preoccupied with treatment that consulting a lawyer may become the last thing to do. This could be a grave mistake someone can make after a severe accident. After the accident, you need a thorough investigation on your behalf because it is not necessary that police cite a person as the liable driver you are looking for. In this situation, you need a person who can do all the legal processes on your behalf.  

If any of the situations below relate to your accident, you may consider getting help from a personal injury lawyer.

Need To Prove Liability in a Car Accident

To proceed with the accident case legally, the first thing a victim should do is collect evidence to know how the accident happened and who was behind it. Finding the liable party can be time-consuming and needs a thorough investigation to evaluate the reason behind the accident. If possible, the victim should collect evidence at the accident scene in the shape of pictures and videos. But if a person is severely injured, it can’t be possible for him to do this.

In severe accidents, you may need evidence such as speed camera footage, eyewitnesses, accident reports, and medical bills. After an accident, it is not possible for a victim to spend lots of energy searching for evidence. Hence, you need a professional lawyer who can examine the whole situation and gather all the proof on your behalf to proceed with the case for the claim.

Need to Evaluate the True Value of Damages and Injuries

After collecting and organizing all the evidence, the value of your case can be evaluated. A lawyer may have gone through such issues on a regular basis. It will be easy for them to calculate the worth of the case that an average person doesn’t. A lawyer has different resources to gather evidence and evaluate its value. For instance, a lawyer may know a medical provider who can validate the severity of the injury. A car mechanic estimates the repair or replacement cost of the car. Lastly, they know property restoration companies who fix the wear and tear of property.  

For an average person, it is difficult to talk and gather information from different resources, but lawyers can collect every type of information in sufficient time.  

Moreover, after the accident, you may get contacted by the insurance company’s representative. They will try to convince you by showing empathy for your tragedy. They will make sure to pay as low as possible to maximize profit in their business. 

Mokaram Law Firm will ensure to provide you with maximum compensation that includes all your losses, damage, and future expenses because of the accident.

To Hold Responsible At-Fault Party for the Accident

After the accident, a liable driver or company may shift the blame to you that you are responsible for the accident. They will try their best to cover their negligence so they don’t have to pay the claims. With a professional lawyer, he will prove the fault by showing the evidence. 

This will make your case more substantial, and it will take a turn towards settlement.  

In many cases, personal injury lawyers may find their clients’ fault contributed to the car accident. However, they still make sure to get compensation even if the client is partially liable.

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Car Accident? A Comprehensive Guide

In Need of a Knowledgeable Person about Personal Injury Law and Policies

An ordinary person who is unaware of laws and their restrictions always needs a legal advisor who can explain the rules and policies of the state. The personal injury lawyer is specialized in personal injury law and knows every limitation of it. 

They know how to defend a case by using different laws and strategies. An attorney can provide different solutions to a problem by using legal wisdom in mind that can give the victim peace of mind.

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Car Accident? A Comprehensive Guide

To Know the Settlement Process

The adjuster negotiates on behalf of the insurance company for years. They know how to secure the insurance company’s best interest by using manipulative techniques. To respond to their level, you need a lawyer who has sufficient experience in negotiating with them so you can get the deserved compensation.  

For a reasonable settlement, you need to know about your rights. Your lawyer will explain to you all the rights that can add worth to your case. Moreover, he will keep you aware of the tricks of the insurance company because once you agree to the insurance company settlement, it will be nearly impossible to change it.

 Thus, if you want to skip the critical mistakes in your case, make sure to consult with a lawyer who can provide you with all the essential knowledge and wisdom.

Hire a Lawyer Today with Mokaram Law Firm

To have a deep understanding of personal injury law and its proceedings, it is better to hire a lawyer who can navigate every step of seeking compensation.  

Mokaram Law Firm has all the skillful and experienced lawyers who can help you at every step and build a strong case for you. For free consultation, contact us at (281) 609-9224.


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