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Do You Need a Lawyer for a Car Accident?

No law in any state says you must hire a lawyer after a car accident. However, many victims prefer to take legal guidance to focus more on their health recovery while filing a case for compensation. Before hiring one, you might be thinking, Do you Need a Lawyer for a Car Accident? You don’t need a lawyer if your car accident was just a bump. But you need one if you have severe injuries that cost you expensive medical assistance and damages.  

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Plano will help you investigate your accident, gather information to prove the driver’s fault, and seek fair compensation. A well-versed lawyer can go a long way to fight for your case while you prioritize your health recovery. 

Filing a case for a car accident settlement can be a long process requiring different documents and negotiation with the liable party. A lawyer is an excellent negotiator who makes sure to secure the maximum compensation for their clients. Usually, insurance companies try to reduce the settlement amount to ensure their best interest. Thus, without legal advice, it will be unwise for you to proceed with settlement.

Explain the Eligibility of Damage A Victim Can Collect

Most victims don’t know how much compensation they can get after a car accident. For an estimate, you need a legal advisor who can examine your accident and estimate a settlement amount. However, you may receive the medical and property repair bills and estimate your cost. However, after investigating your case, a lawyer can explain the numerous damages you can claim. For example: 

  • Medical Bills: You can claim all the medical expenses, which include doctors’ fees, emergency fees, medical assistance, ward charges, and more.  
  • Future Medical Cost: The liable party can claim medical bills expected in the future.  
  • Lost Income: A victim can get a claim for missing their work for health recovery.  
  • Less Earning Capacity: If the accident impacted your ability to work, you can claim a settlement amount against it. 
  • Pain and Emotional Suffering: You are eligible for the emotional and physical suffering caused by another driver’s negligence.  
  • Disability: After an accident, a victim can experience temporary or permanent disabilities that can reduce the quality of life. Injuries to your back, limbs, and brain can result in disability. 
  • Poor Quality of Life: Due to disability, stress, and suffering, people may not enjoy life like before the accident.  

Mokaram Law Firm can investigate your accident thoroughly and help you determine which of these losses you can claim.

Prove Your Injuries

To get fair compensation, you need to prove your injuries happened due to another driver’s negligence. Showing your broken leg and wounds won’t be enough to prove yourself innocent. To prove your injuries, you need an experienced lawyer who can examine your case and gather solid evidence to make your case win.  

In proving yourself, you may face the accusation of injuries yourself in an accident or the liable deny their negligence. In this case, your lawyer will provide enough evidence to prove the at-fault party accountable. As a result, the responsible party will come for negotiation for low-ball settlements.

Prevent Your Case from Damages

When proceeding with your case, you need to be careful of some statements that can damage your claims. Your insurance company may ask you to provide a statement about your case. If you give any wrong details, they can use them against you to offer less compensation. 

The insurance company’s ultimate goal is to secure its profit for its business. 

They are well-known for using such tactics to reduce the cost of settlement. They use manipulation tricks, especially for victims claiming compensation without a lawyer. They will ask tricky questions to confuse you, and you may respond with something that can hurt your case. 

To avoid such critical mistakes, hire a personal injury lawyer to negotiate from your side.  

An experienced lawyer has years of experience in dealing with insurance companies. They know how to handle them and how to prevent the case from damage.

Do You Need a Lawyer for a Car Accident? 6 Key Benefits

Provide In-Depth Knowledge of Car Accident Law

A lot of people are not familiar with the laws regarding car accidents. In case of a severe car accident, it is essential to take complete legal guidance that helps you in every step to fight the case. An experienced lawyer has years of experience dealing with car accident cases that helped them win a case. With a lawyer, the legal process will be less challenging, and you can focus more on your physical recovery.

Protects Your Legal Rights

A lawyer’s primary goal is to protect their clients’ rights during the claim process. There is a chance that an insurance company’s representative will contact you and ask for a recorded statement to get a report that can reduce your case worth.  

Without lawyer guidance, you may invalidate or reduce your claim from the liable party. To proceed with the case smartly and smoothly, make sure to hire an attorney who can fight for your rights from your side. They will work hard to provide you with compensation that you truly deserve.

Strengthen Your Claim

After an accident, most victims lack the resources to help build a strong case. If you want to file a lawsuit, you have to organize evidence in a manner that meets the compensation requirement. You need a professional team of attorneys who can review your case thoroughly, gather strong evidence, and organize smartly to win the case in court.

To Hire a Car Accident Lawyer, Contact Mokaram Law Firm

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