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Does health insurance cover car accidents?

Car accidents can occur when you least expect them, and the consequences that they come up with can be both physically and emotionally tiring. Not to forget, car accidents usually involve a substantial amount of money as well. The medical billings from car accident injuries can be very costly and expensive, leaving the injured parties worrying about how they will survive.

To deal with these financial burdens, the role of insurance is very important. One of the questions that arises in people’s heads here is, does health insurance cover car accidents or not?

Car Accident Insurance Comes First

It must be kept in mind that health insurance helps you a lot with the medical bills that occur regularly. However, the medical expenses that occur as a result of an accident are usually first taken care of by the liability coverage of the insurance of the at-fault party. 

Yet, with the medical costs being too high, health insurance comes in handy during car accidents. With the help of a car accident lawyer in Houston TX, health insurance can provide coverage in a number of ways. 

Mind you, there is a different scope and extent of coverage that is seen in the case of health insurance, and it is very important for the clients of such policies to have the proper know-how. This can help them understand how much financial burden they can alleviate from their hand by using health insurance.

Coverage Offered by the Health Insurance

After getting coverage from car accident insurance, the health insurance covers a wide range of expenses related to car accident cases. They are explained below. 

Emergency Medical Care

Health insurance pays for the ambulance to bring one or any person injured in a car accident to the closest hospital if there is an immediate need for emergency treatment. 

Without any hassle, you will be immediately transported to a hospital or medical center that is geared to treat your injuries. 

For not very serious injuries that need immediate attention, the policy covers visits to urgent care centers. Health insurance provides you with peace of mind in that you can seek medical attention even when you do not have money.

Doctor Visits

Health insurance also covers doctor visits or appointments. This is important for routine check-ups, prevention, and day-to-day well-being.

Also, health insurance provides coverage for visits to specialists as well. These include cardiologists, dermatologists, orthopedist surgeons, and neurologists (experts are doctors who treat particular diseases/conditions). Your insurance will cater for such visits as long as it is a health condition that needs specialist consultation or care. 

Diagnostic Tests and Imaging

There is a good amount of diagnostic tests that are covered by health insurance in case of car accidents. They include blood tests, urine tests, and many other advanced laboratory tests. Through these tests, doctors ensure that they know your well-being and check if you have any medical problems.

All kinds of imaginings that are done in order to look for hidden injuries are also covered by health insurance.

Prescribed Medication

In terms of medical necessity regarding injuries resulting from accidents, health insurance policies determine the level of coverage offered. If your doctor thinks they need medication to treat you, they will be paid for that. 

Health insurance companies have formula lists that state which drugs they pay for and how much each medication costs. Your prescribed medication will be included in the formulary list, so it should be covered, but some cost-sharing requirements may still be applicable. 

Rehabilitation and Therapy

Following a car accident, patients may go to physical therapy and rehab to get their motion, power, and function back on track This involves therapy for skeletal and muscular injuries, such as neurological rehabilitation.

There are maximum session or coverage limits in health insurance plans on physical therapy as well as rehabilitation. You should understand these boundaries and work together with your healthcare group so that you can maximize the coverage you get.

Exclusions in Health Insurance for Car Accidents

Health insurance is important in the sense that it can cover medical expenses incurred by individuals during car accidents. By understanding the limitations attached to it, you can learn how to maneuver through the healthcare system and prepare yourself financially.

Coverage Limits

Health Insurance does come with limits regarding coverage. These can be in the lifetime or the annual maximum. Once these limits are reached, you will no longer be allowed to cover certain expenses. 

These limits can be understood better once you take a look at your policy plan and the documents. 


If seen closely, the majority of the health insurance plans have deductibles and copayments. The amount that you have to pay before your insurance coverage starts is referred to as a deductible. 

And certain payments you make for each medical service or prescription are called copayments. So, do not forget to keep these expenses in mind, especially at the initial stages of your treatment. 

Requirements Of Preauthorization

A lot of times, preauthorized requirements are needed for medical services that are taken at the hospitals. These requirements are usually asked of the insurance companies, and failure to get preauthorization can result in denied claims. 

Keep a check for compliance with your insurance company to make sure you get the preauthorized requirements done. 

A skillful lawyer from Mokaram Law Firm can help you with such requirements while using their unmatched experience in such cases. 

Non-Medical Expenses

Health insurance is known to cover medical damages that occur as a result of a car accident. In the case of non-medical damages, the story is entirely different.  The property damage to the vehicle or some fees linked to the personal injury lawsuits are not covered under health insurance.  

Legal Issues

It must be clearly established that health insurance is distinct from litigations concerning personal injuries occurring as a result of car accidents. Health insurance does not usually cover legal costs and settlements. 

You may have to use another legal process to recover for the non-medical expenses and damages you might have incurred.

Specific Exclusions

Check your insurance policy to know detailed exclusions on your coverage in case of a motor vehicle accident. However, health insurance generally covers the cost of medical care arising from accidents. Under some circumstances, though, exceptions or exclusions may be true.

Does health insurance cover car accidents? | MokaramLawFirm


Health Insurance vs. Auto Insurance

Health insurance takes care of one’s medical expenses when one suffers from an illness or injury connected to a health problem. Financial protection includes almost all health services like doctor’s visits, hospital inpatient care, surgery, prescription medicines, etc., or even preventive measures.

On the other hand, auto insurance exists on specific terms in order to deal with automobile accident-related expenses. It insures against damages resulting from accidents involving motor vehicles, as well as the injuries inflicted upon the other party. 

As far as applicability is concerned, regardless of where or how you get injured or sick, health insurance pays for medical expenses like injuries resulting from a road accident. 

In contrast, auto insurance is strictly linked to vehicular accidents. It involves a claim covering expenses such as vehicle repair or replacement and medical bills arising from a vehicle accident.

All in all, both health insurance and auto insurance may be used to settle medical expenses resulting from a car accident. Medical bills will be covered by health insurance regardless of the reason, but auto insurance (including PIP or Medical Payments coverage) may only cover resulting from a car wreck.

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