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Estimating Compensation After a Houston Car Accident

When the victim files a legal lawsuit, their main concern is getting the compensation they deserve. They want compensation that resonates with the financial, physical, and emotional losses they have faced after the accident. Although Estimating Compensation After a Houston Car Accident is a lengthy and time-consuming procedure, but things can be figured out with the right legal attorney.

In this blog post, we will understand in depth how lawyers are useful in determining compensation, gathering evidence, and investigating the entire case. We will also get to know more about different types of compensation: 

Let’s dig deeper:

1. Types of Compensation:

In order to compensate for a car accident you should first understand that there are a variety of types. In a personal injury claim following a car accident in Houston, you may be eligible for the following types of compensation:

Medical Expenses:

Compensations are for both past and present medical expenditures, among which hospital bills and medicines are included.

Lost Wages:

It is possible that you weren’t able to work because of the accident and hence, you can get wages for that. It has a wide range of payment types that are done for the employee’s injuries that have their time off.

Pain and Suffering:

Other kinds of damages that are non-economic, like emotional pain, feelings of depression, and uneasiness, may also be compensated. Compensations can be diversified due to the difference in suffering and their importance in your way of life. Therefore, it is challenging to estimate them on your own.

Loss of Consortium:

If the accident has somehow brought a negative impact on your relationship with family or friends, you may have a chance to get compensation for it.

Property Damage Estimates:

First, get a repair and car replacement invoice as well to address the losses of personal belongings. This also includes vehicle service costs, towing, and car hire charges.


If any kind of evidence is present through visuals, then you should capture them and keep them safe for further investigation. To conclude, the impact of an accident visual representation is a powerful way to do so.

Witness Statements:

Get the statements regarding the accident from people who have seen it. Through the accounts, liability for the crash that took place and a wide range of perspectives can be established.

Estimating Compensation After a Houston Car Accident

Police Report:

One should request a copy of the filed police report from the accident spot. The documents presented in the file may have valuable information, such as the description of what happened from all involved parties and how the respective officer interpreted it.

Insurance Correspondence: 

It’s essential to have hard and soft copies of every correspondence between you and your insurance company. File all the insurance company-provided offers.

Journal or Diary:

Writing down your daily road bumps and how you are feeling, as well as the pain you endure, is a good way to track improvement. It can be an effective way of keeping track of your symptoms, suffering, and how it impacts various domains of your life.

Expert Opinions: 

All the medical reports, the details of your injury, and accident-related information should be provided by a medical expert whom you have conveyed.

Proof of Non-Economic Damages: 

There are some documents that can’t be sighted for most non-economic losses, such as pain and suffering. This will contain the information of all those documents made in favor of your poor mental health condition, including when you went to see a therapist and what they prescribe for your emotional trouble.

Estimates for Future Expenses: 

Collect the cost for future treatments and recovery by asking around from healthcare providers amongst the injured. This prevents damage to your finances in terms of the long time caused by the mishap.

Keeping records up to date and handling them wisely is important. These are important to have a rough idea about how much you would be compensated and make your case seem better during legal matters.

Punitive Damages:

There are indeed situations that may lead to the implementation of some kinds of damages as a form to discourage such acts from happening.

In your case, it is very important to understand these different categories of compensation. The amount of payment you will receive will be greatly influenced by a few factors. Factors include the severity, parties involved, and circumstances of specific events!

2. Determining Liability:

 In Houston City, whoever causes a car accident is primarily responsible for the damage. In Texas, if the plaintiff is found negligent at some level, his compensation will be decreased according to his fault. 

Here’s how it works:

If a person is blamed for 51% or more, he can’t get any compensation from the opposite party.

Your total payment will be decreased by the degree of your mistake if you are less responsible for than 51% of it. Suppose there’s a situation where someone is held responsible for 20% of the accident. In that case, their compensation is going to be reduced by 20%.

Establishing liability requires gathering ample evidence, which may involve photographs and expert opinions, in addition to police reports and witness statements. The insurance company and legal professionals examine the fault.

One must have a comprehensive knowledge of liabilities as they tend to be directly related to your compensation. The claim amount you are thinking of getting will be reduced if you think the accident was your fault as well.

3. Economic Damages

You must quantify your losses solely associated with the accident to get the claim you deserve. These damages include:

Medical Expenses:

Keep all the records like medical bills, prescription slips, and others. Another essential thing to consider is the medical bills that you might have in the future. It is essential to have all the documents saved with you as evidence so that you have them when you need to prove your point in court.

Lost Wages:

Estimate the loss of income if you are not able to work. Compute the amount of salary you will potentially lose because of your decreased working ability due to the injury. The legal attorney will then showcase this amount to the at-fault party so that you will get compensation for leaves.

4. Non-Economic Damages :

 The reason why non-economic damages are more complicated to calculate lies in the fact that they encompass but are not limited to one’s happiness, suffering, and pain. These losses are paid off to make up for the non-material impact of the incident on how you feel. Consider the following when estimating non-economic damages:

Severity of Injuries:

If your injuries significantly impacted other aspects of your life, you will be compensated accordingly. In case of long-term pain or some disability, the process will be impacted, and it might take longer than normal cases.

Emotional Distress:

The trauma triggered by the accident can largely impact your non-material losses. These traumas come in the form of anxiety, depression, and PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder).

Quality of Life:

This means a person can no longer engage in activities and hobbies he has once enjoyed. The accident has changed the quality of your life; think about this too when deciding what is to be paid for it.

5. Consultation with Legal Professionals:

Determining the exact amount of compensation is a complicated task as it includes many steps and various factors. It is good to hire an auto accident lawyer when you have been involved in an accident. This will ensure that you receive the right amount for recovery.

Here’s how an auto accident lawyer can assist in estimating compensation:

Case Evaluation:

The attorneys will evaluate the whole case side by side, including accident details, how much you’re injured, and what proof is available. They can also guide an approximate amount by the lawsuit settlements.

Evidence Gathering:

To persuade the court, the lawyers are liable to first gather all proof against it and then carefully investigate the entire case. This includes collecting evidence from police, ambulances, and expert identification as needed.


A lawyer can fight from your side for a fair transaction with the insurance companies. They can read the strategies used by insurance and speak for your good.

Understanding the Legal Process: Attorneys specializing in personal injuries know the legal path that must be followed until the case is valid. They make sure to process your application efficiently and before all applicable deadlines.

Evaluating Settlement Offers:

The insurance companies will try to settle on you with an insufficient amount right in the start phase. If an attorney is hired, he will tell how to take the settlements so that it covers all damages. He will also advise if alternative options are needed (litigation).

Litigation if Needed:

An advocate is hired on your behalf to speak for you in the judiciary, thus taking the issue there. They’ll use legal ways to present their stances and the key people (witnesses) with evidence for the cases too.

Contingency Fees:

The majority of personal injury attorneys are compensated based on contingency fees, meaning if you get your compensation settled, they will not get paid. The fee structure provides a strong motive to secure the maximum compensation possible and their core interest is aligned with yours.

 By hiring an experienced attorney to argue for your compensation after being involved in a car accident, the results may end up being more favorable. Lawyers will ease your legal processes, protect your rights, and make sure you are properly compensated for any injury or loss.

6. Consult with Legal Professionals :

When negotiating through the aftermath of a car accident, receiving legal counsel is an important step towards guaranteeing that you get reasonable compensation and that your rights are not violated. Here are key reasons why seeking legal assistance is crucial:


A legal attorney will understand you throughout the legal lawsuit. If you are in doubt while accepting the compensation offer, you must ask your legal attorney to help you through it. They will explain to you all the pros and cons of accepting the compensation offer. A legal attorney will work in your best faith and they will make sure you are satisfied by the end of he case with your compensation amount. If you are not satisfied they will continue to fight for your rights. A legal attorney is the only person who will get into the depth of your case for your benefit.


Legal attorneys are not very expensive. Most people don’t hire a legal attorney because they feel that they will consume a lot of money. However, this is not the truth. A legal attorney will only charge you fee’s when you get the compensation. A small percentage of the total compensation amount will be given to the legal attorney.

Statute of Limitations:

Lawyers have information about the legal duration within which one can file for a personal injury claim in Texas. They make sure that your claim is submitted on time to protect your legal rights.

Peace of Mind: 

Having legal support is beneficial; it helps you stay calm and deal with difficult situations wisely. The attorneys represent you and take care of all legal complexities giving you time to focus on yourself.

When you decide to meet the attorney for the first time, remember to have all your details about what happened in the accident well and be prepared to hand them over if need be. The specialists will evaluate your case’s prospective outcomes and estimate how much compensation you can expect to receive.

Bottom Line:

To gain your compensation and fight for rights, there must be some experienced law practitioners who can assist in this regard. Mokarram Law Firm has lawyers who can facilitate clients through all the processes, deal with insurance firms, and stand for them in front of judicial authorities. For free consultation, call us at  281 609-9224


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