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Why Do I Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

After experiencing a deadly car accident, the next step is to deal with the insurance company to claim rightful compensation. After a car accident, a person has to pay different bills that can affect their financial status because of someone else’s carelessness.  

For a victim, a car accident can be very disturbing and stressful. The more stressful thing is fighting the insurance company after a car accident. To make the process smooth, you can take the assistance of a lawyer who can help you with a variety of factors in filing compensation. The most beneficial thing a lawyer will do is to investigate on your behalf and negotiate with the insurance company so you can get what you deserve.  

People who have never faced insurance companies for compensation may not know that insurance companies always try to secure their benefits. In this blog, you’ll learn how insurance companies work and tips to fight for your rights. 

Common Tricks Insurance Company Use  

Insurance company try their best to secure their interest. They always try to deny the victim or pay less to maintain their business profit.  

Offer Low Settlement Offer 

After a car accident, the insurance company makes a low settlement at the start to close the case in the initial stages. They empathize with the victim by listening to their story and assuring them to pay the appropriate amount. In reality, they try to end the case on their terms.  

Without proper legal knowledge, you may settle for less that is insufficient for you. To get fair compensation, it is better to hire a car accident lawyer in Houston TX.  

Fighting the Insurance Company After a Car Accident

Make Delays in Compensation 

Some insurance companies delay the payment to trick the victim. They accuse the victim of being partially or entirely involved in the car accident. They make different excuses like the investigation is not done yet, losing paperwork, or any other strategy. If you notice that your insurance company accuses you of being at fault or making silly excuses, it is time to hire a car accident lawyer.  

A lawyer will investigate your case personally and gather evidence to help you fight for your rights with the insurance company.  

Misrepresenting Insurance Coverages 

Insurance companies have different policies that only an insurance representative can understand. To not pay the right amount, they misrepresent the policies to secure their profits. To know the details of your insurance policy, you need legal guidance.  

Accusing Injuries Existed Before the Incident  

Insurance companies use every bad-faith trick to avoid paying the compensation the victim deserves. In severe car accidents, they avoid paying extensive medical bills by alleging that:  

  • The injury was before the accident 
  • A car accident may worsen the damage, but it did not result in the incident 

If you get injured in a car accident, the liable party pays the total damage cost. Your lawyer will present the medical reports and expert’s order to prove you, the actual victim,  

Victim Exaggerated Injuries for Claim  

To save their money, the insurance company will put up different allegations to not pay the compensation. Their representative may state that you exaggerate your condition as a result of the accident. Because of this, insurance may deny the following damages.  

  • Avoid paying the lost income because of a car accident 
  • Not paying the medical bill 
  • Not willing to pay the future medical bills for injuries resulting in car accident 
  • Reduce the financial assistance for car accident 

Denying Different Losses 

Instead of denying the whole payment, they try to deny paying some specific losses that are big in amount. For instance, they will say you are capable of working, but you may not. In this way, they will deny paying or pay less for lost income.  

Getting complete compensation is a complicated job. You need a legal advisor by your side who can fight for your rights at every step. At Mokaram Law Firm, there are professional lawyers who have years of experience in negotiating with insurance companies. 

Tips To Fight with Insurance Company for Your Rights  

 Negotiating with the insurance company is a complex task. From years of dealing with such cases, they know how to deny or pay less to the victim. Additionally, they have extensive resources that help them to secure their interest.  

However, there are different techniques that can help you in fighting with the insurance company.  

Gather Valuable Evidence 

To avoid extensive negotiation with the insurance company, you need various pieces of evidence that prove you are the actual victim. Save every photograph, bill, statement, conversation, or any report that can make your case more valuable. Organizing evidence in an impactful way will help you prove yourself right. 

Furthermore, if you have lots of evidence, it will strengthen your case, and you can fight better for your rights.  

Avoid Signing Any Document Without Proper Consultation 

To avoid any critical mistake, it is always better to consult with a legal adviser about the settlement the insurance company is offering you. They will provide it at the start and convince you to sign it to end the case within no time. Before signing any compensation offer, take some time to review the offer and take a third opinion.  

Negotiate Settlement Offer  

Before signing any offer, take legal guidance and know what type of damages you can claim from the insurance company. After knowing the compensation, negotiate with the insurance company for a fair claim.  

For fair compensation, a victim may need comprehensive knowledge so they can get what they deserve. Try to gather as much evidence as you can and then decide which offer will suit you the best.   

Hire a Lawyer  

To avoid any mistakes and want to make the whole process seamless, hire a lawyer. An experienced lawyer will provide all the legal guidance you need and help you at every step. A lawyer will investigate the case personally, gather evidence, negotiate with the insurance company, and if the case doesn’t settle, they will take the case to legal proceedings.  

However, lawyers have been dealing with insurance companies for years. They know how to deal with them and fight for their client’s rights. Lawyers are familiar with every trick most insurance companies use.   

A personal injury lawyer will make a useful strategy to negotiate with an insurance company that ensures to protect your rights in compensation. In most cases, insurance companies don’t take victims seriously. But when a lawyer negotiates on their client’s behalf, they take it more seriously because they know lawyers have all the legal knowledge.  

The Bottom Line  

Dealing with the insurance company can be very stressful. A person who has experienced a car accident for the first time may not know how to deal with the trick of the insurance company. With the help of a lawyer, you will know that you have someone with all the knowledge and can negotiate with the insurance company on their level. To discuss your case with a reliable car accident lawyer, you can call (281) 609-9224.


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