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Herniated Disc from Car Accident: What you need to know

After experiencing an intense car accident, many people suffer from herniated discs. Herniated discs in car accidents are common that are painful and uncomfortable for a person. He cannot do any other activity. Untreated herniated discs will result in disability, severe pain, and paralysis after a few days.

Such an injury targets the victim’s back, neck, and leg. In an instance whereby someone gets into a crash, there results in a very high impact upon different body organs. Therefore, you should get a physical examination after the car accident. To those with a herniated disc, keep reading for useful information.

What is a Herniated Disc? 

Herniation of discs is one type of injury that occurs in case when one suffers sudden compression of the body. A force caused by a car accident hits a human body and leads to unbearable pain in the areas close to the spine.

A pressure is exerted on the spinal cord when one of the spine bones pushes into the spinal canal. They contain nerves that communicate information from every part of the body to the brain. There are various nerve types that can be involved when one suffers from a herniated disc which explains the extreme pain and discomfort.

Symptoms of Herniated Disc  

If you have experienced a car accident and you’re facing some issues, you need to know some symptoms of a herniated disc. If you have the below symptoms, it is vital for you to consult with the doctor.  

  • Persistent Pain 
  • Numbness 
  • Tingling sensation  
  • Weakness  
  • Pain with a sharp movement  
  • Inability to stand  

Steps To Do for Herniated Disc After Car Accident 

After a car accident, it is essential to follow the steps below. 

Get Yourself Examined  

It is crucial for you to determine from what area of your body did your body was affected by the accident. Your doctor will also need to conduct a diagnostic test. This will tell him what is happening in your body for proper diagnosis and where the problem is.

Get Medical Treatment  

To avoid any potential risks, you should seek medical treatment without any delay. A herniated disc is a complicated injury that gets worse with time. Therefore, consult a doctor who can recommend the best treatment.  

Moreover, your medical treatment will help you in seeking compensation from the liable party. Your auto accident lawyer in Houston will need all the medical records to fight for your rights to seek the right compensation.  

Consult with a Lawyer  

If you have suffered from a herniated disc after a car accident because of someone else’s negligence, you have all the right to claim compensation. To file compensation, consult a trustworthy lawyer who can provide you with essential legal knowledge.  

A lawyer will understand your accident situation, collect evidence, and evaluate the damages you can claim from the liable party. Moreover, a lawyer will negotiate with an insurance company to secure your interest. The lawyer will fight till the end to provide you with fruitful results. If you’re looking for a well-reputed lawyer, Mokaram Law Firm is the right spot! 

Don’t Sign the Settlement Before Consultation 

Herniated Disc from Car Accident: What you need to know

If you want to avoid any damage to your case, it is essential for you not to sign any settlement before discussing it with your lawyer. Insurance companies provide a settlement offer in a start to close the case on their terms. Discuss with your lawyer before making any decision. Once you sign the settlement offer, it is nearly impossible to change it.  

Conclusive Remarks  

A herniated disc is a common injury that takes place when the person experiences an extreme jerk in a car accident. Herniated discs can be quite painful and need proper treatment to get better. If you’re worried about the medical expenses, then don’t worry; you can file for compensation. You can book a free consultation at (281) 609-9224 to discuss your case with our valuable lawyer.


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