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How Do Spinal Cord Injuries Happen in Car Accidents?

Car accidents take place on a daily basis, with different complications all over the world. Many people experience minor injuries and some experience spinal cord injuries. The spinal cord is one of the major injuries that can negatively affect the life of a car accident victim.  

Spinal cord injuries can put serious effects that can turn anyone’s life upside down. People with spine injuries may face paralysis that need legal assistance to seek a claim.  

However, spinal injuries happen in car accidents when the person experiences a significant hit that results in multiple disasters. Spinal cord injury is something that is very serious and has major consequences. To deal with it, you need complete guidance.  

In this blog, you’ll learn all the information that you are looking for.  

What is Spinal Cord Injury?  

Spinal cord injury is a severe injury that damages the lumbar, cervical, or thoracic spine. The spinal cord is strongly connected with nerves that help in sending messages to the brain. When the spine is damaged, it affects the functioning of the body. When this injury gets complicated, it results in paralysis.  

In paralysis, a person loses the ability to move or feel any sensation that impacts not only their physical health but also their mental health. Paralysis consists of two types: In complete paralysis, the person doesn’t feel any sensation or movement, and in incomplete paralysis, the person may feel some movement and sensation.  

The type of paralysis can be known by complete examination. A doctor will examine which system is affected and which is still functioning. Through examination, you can prove yourself an actual victim for a claim with the help of a car accident attorney in Houston TX

Cause of Spinal Cord Injury After Accident 

Approximately 38% of spinal injuries result from auto accidents. According to research, it is recorded that most car accidents have resulted in spinal cord injuries, which is the reason car accidents are called life-changing incidents.  

When car accidents happen due to the forces of impact, there is trauma to the spinal system of the car accident victim. A spinal cord injury and even paralysis do not have to result from a heavy collision; simply, the force of impact would be sufficient.  

Other causes of spine injury include whether the person’s head turned, sitting position inside the car, the health condition of the person, and if the victim had degenerative disc disease before the incident. 

Symptoms of Spinal Injury from Car Collison  

If you or someone you know suffered from a car accident and you are experiencing the following uncomfortable situation, you might seek medical help to confirm your spinal injury.  

  • Numbness 
  • Muscles weakness 
  • Loss of movement 
  • Loss of sense 
  • Muscle spasms 
  • Difficulty in Breathing 
  • Tingling sensation  
  • Sexual Dysfunction 
  • Pain around the spine 
  • Loss of bowel movement 
  • Issue in bladder control  

How Do Spinal Cord Injuries Happen in Car Accidents?

Effects of Spinal Injury After Car Accident 

Paralysis from injuries to the spine due to a car accident is the most destructive outcome. When an individual’s spinal cord gets seriously damaged, this kind of injury happens, and it results in the loss of the movement of one’s hands and legs.  

Besides this, a person also experiences a loss of feeling and sensations below the injury site, which also results in immobility.

When the cervical spine is damaged, it involves paralyzed movement and sensations from the neck downwards.  

Nonetheless, thoracic spine fracture causes paralysis in the lower part of the body of an injury victim below the waist level. 

When Should You Consult a Doctor After a Car Accident?  

After a car accident, if you experience even the slightest pain you should consult your doctor. Explain your condition completely to the doctor so the doctor can examine your medical condition. After a car accident shock, some symptoms don’t appear within the start. Hence, you need a doctor to thoroughly examine you with physical diagnostic tests if you have the following signs. 

  •  Loss of movement of your toes and fingers 
  • Inability to move or stand  
  • Loss of control of your bowel and bladder.  

How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help You?  

A car accident lawyer will help you get all the medical expenses that are needed to treat spinal injuries. To recover from spinal injury, you need a lot of treatment and surgeries that are quite costly. To recover the expenses, you can file compensation with the help of a lawyer. With the assistance of Mokaram Law Firm, you can claim what you deserve.  

Final Thoughts  

If you suffered from spinal cord injury and don’t know what to do next. You need our legal assistance. To discuss your case, you can call us at (281) 609-9224.


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