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How Long Does Soft Tissue Damage Take to Heal After Car Accident?

In 2023, millions of accidents in the US resulted in multiple injuries. When a person experiences a devastating car accident, he has to suffer with lots of pain. Whether you suffer from minor or severe injuries, they are quite painful and disturb the quality of life. A person in pain wants to know how long soft tissue damage takes to heal after a car accident. After facing a car collision, the healing process needs some time to heal the injuries. Some may need a few months; in severe cases, it needs a year to heal. 

To speed up your healing process, it is essential to get complete medical attention and strictly follow all the instructions given by the doctors. For injuries, doctors recommend different treatments and surgeries that help to heal. The healing time is different for every soft tissue injury. To know the estimated time, it is essential to know which type of injury you have.  

What is Soft Tissue Injury?  

Soft tissue injury is a medical condition that takes place when soft tissues like tendons, ligaments, and muscles get damaged. Tissues are made up of fibers that become inflamed or tear when they get injured.  

When a person experiences severe pressure during a car accident, there is a high chance that a person experiences soft tissue injury. Even in a minor car accident, the victim has to go through minor injuries that can make their life uncomfortable.  

Types of Soft Tissue Injuries 

The healing totally depends on the type and severity of your soft tissue injury. To know more about soft injuries, let’s take a look at some types of soft tissue injuries. 


When a person faces sudden pressure on the body, that results in overstretching of bones. In a car accident, people mostly experience sprains on the neck. There are ligaments that connect bone with another bone. When a person experiences any twisting of bone, it results in small tears. In a sprain, a person experiences swelling and pain in a specific area. To repair it, doctors conduct surgical treatments.  


Strain is a muscle injury that results when the tissue is pushed with pressure. Strain is similar to sprains, but it occurs in muscles that damage the connective tissue. People who experience soft tissue sprain may experience muscle weakness, pain, and inability to move the muscle.  

Whiplash Injury  

Whiplash is an injury that affects the neck area. The tissue in the neck gets impacted when the person’s head experiences sudden pressure. When a person’s head gets hit with the car’s interior, it damages the soft tissue fibers.  

Due to sudden force, it damages the neck joints, resulting in swelling and pain. Even in minor accidents, people experience whiplash because of the sudden crash of the car. The symptoms of whiplash can be shoulder pain, stiffness, headaches, neck pain, and more. 

If you’re suffering from any tissue injury, you need complete medical assistance. Medical assistance will help you seek compensation with the guidance of an accident attorney in Houston TX.  


A contusion is a bruise that appears when a person experiences a deadly car accident. Under the skin, there are collections of blood vessels that are raptured in sudden force. When the car crashed into another vehicle, the driver got hit with the dashboard, steering, or window of the car. Hitting a solid object is the reason for collision in most car accidents.  


One of the common injuries a person experiences in a car accident is cuts. The severity of cuts depends on the severity of the accident. Some cuts are minor that can heal with time. But in severe injuries, the victim needs stitches and surgery to heal the cut. If you experience significant cuts after a car accident, it is essential to seek medical assistance.  

How Long Does Soft Tissue Injury Take to Heal?  

Healing is a process that helps to repair soft tissue injury. To heal quickly, it is essential to let yourself heal. Not letting your body heal may worsen the injury, which will take a long time to recover. Therefore, it is important to allow yourself to recover from the accident.  

However, there is no strategy to determine how long it will take to heal. Every person has their own healing power that depends on their health conditions. There are different factors, such as the type of soft injury, your ability to heal, previous health conditions, and how you care for yourself after an accident. Depending on the accident’s severity, some people may take months and years to heal.  

Symptoms of Soft Tissue Injuries  

Soft tissue injuries are life-changing that show symptoms immediately or after some time of accident. The symptoms include:  

  • Muscle cramps 
  • Weakness 
  • Inability to hold weight 
  • Swelling 
  • Pain 
  • Limited movement of joints 
  • Joints instability 
  • Bruises and cuts 

Medical Attention for Soft Tissue Injuries 

Whenever you experience a deadly car accident, seek medical assistance immediately. Don’t assume you can move at the moment of the accident; then, you are good to go. Some symptoms of an accident show with time that indicate a medical condition.  

Sometimes, waiting or avoiding medical conditions can overextend the damage caused by the car accident. There are three basic stages that help to heal soft tissue injuries quickly.  

Complete Diagnostic Tests 

To know which type of injuries you got because of a car accident, your doctor will perform different types of physical tests. Through physical tests, it will help you know which part of the body is suffering and how you can address its issue. In most car accident cases, the health care professional performs CT scans, MRIs, x-rays, and other tests according to your situation.  

A doctor will discuss your complete medical condition and car accident to know how the person got the injury. This way, a doctor will know which type of treatment is better for you.  

How Long Does Soft Tissue Damage Take to Heal After Car Accident?

Medical Treatment 

To treat your injury, a doctor may suggest the best possible solution that will heal your wounds. It requires stitches, surgical treatment, and other physical treatments.  

Moreover, your doctor will provide different types of medication that will help you to heal faster and cure the aftereffects of the car accident.  

Continued Care for Rapid Healing  

After the medical treatment, when the injuries begin to recover, your doctor will suggest other treatments to restore the strength of the tissue. It will enhance your healing, and you will get back to life with the aftercare of medical treatment. If you want to focus on your recovery and file a case for compensation, Mokaram Law Firm is here to serve you!  

The Bottom Line  

Soft tissue injuries are painful and negatively impact the victim’s life. If you want to get a settlement amount to manage your accident expense, you should hire a lawyer who can help you at every step. To discuss your case with us, you can call us at (281) 609-9224.


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