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How Long Does Whiplash Last After a Car Accident?

Car Accidents are recorded as one of the main reasons for multiple injuries. People got severely injured due to the blunt force of car crashes. In car accidents, most people experience whiplash injury. Whether the accident is minor or severe there is a high chance they will get whiplash injury.   

Whiplash is one of the common injuries in car accidents. Its severity depends on the seriousness of the crash. If you are suffering from whiplash, you might wonder how long does whiplash last after a car accident. It takes some months to get better in minor whiplash, but in major whiplash, it may take a year or more. 

However, whiplash is a complicated injury that comes with lots of discomfort and pain. It may need extensive medical attention to get better. To know more about whiplash, this blog will be a complete guide for you! So, let’s dive in! 

What is Whiplash Injury?  

Whiplash is a soft tissue injury that takes place in the neck area. When a person experiences back and forth motion, it stresses the neck muscles and can cause further damage. In car accidents, when a car is hit by a solid object or another vehicle, it creates a blunt force that affects the whole body, especially the neck. When the neck has to bear lots of force, it becomes strained. The fierce force can damage the tissue, ligament, and muscles around the neck, which can be quite painful and distressing.  

Factors of Whiplash After Car Accident 

Every person experiences whiplash differently in a car accident. How long it lasts can vary significantly from one person to another, depending on several factors: 

Severity of the Accident 

Whiplash usually depends on the level of intensity of the impact and rapidity of the accident. Severe accidents produce more prolonged symptoms compared to mild injuries. Severe car accidents are disastrous that result in physical, emotional, and financial damage. 

Individual Health Factors 

Everybody’s body is different; hence, their reactions differ when an injury occurs. Whiplash will disappear in time for some people, while others can suffer for months. People who are suffering already with whiplash before an accident may experience worse effects of car accidents. Additionally, people with not good wellbeing may experience severe symptoms. 

Medical Treatment

Medical attention immediately after the accident can help lessen whiplash’s severity and length. Medical professionals can identify the injury, suggest suitable treatment, and generate useful records of evidence for legal use. 

People who get complete medical attention at the start may recover from whiplash faster than those who avoid whiplash for a long. Therefore, getting medical attention when experiencing any incident is always best to avoid any complications.  

How Long Does Whiplash Last After a Car Accident?

Common Symptoms of Whiplash After Car Collision 

The symptoms of whiplash injury appear differently on the victim. Some experience symptoms after a few hours, but some take months to appear. Below are the common symptoms of whiplash you must know.  

  • Pain in neck 
  • Stiffness in neck 
  • Tingling sensation 
  • Pain in arms and shoulders 
  • Headaches 
  • Swelling 
  • Inflammation 
  • Dizziness 
  • Fatigue 
  • Upper and lower back pain 
  • Nausea 

If you experience the symptoms mentioned above, it is important for you to seek medical help. Don’t worry about the medical expense; you can claim it with the help of an auto accident lawyer in Houston TX. 

Recovery Duration of Whiplash After Car Accident 

While there is no fixed timeline for whiplash recovery, it’s essential to be aware of general recovery patterns. People experience three types of whiplash depending on the severity of the car accident. 

Minor Whiplash

People usually have the severest symptoms immediately after the event because their body suddenly has to suffer a lot. In minor whiplash, most doctors recommend complete rest, icing, and pain-relieving medicines to reduce the aftereffects of the car accident. 

Mild Whiplash 

People with mild whiplash may have symptoms that can last for a week or up to several months. It can take place when a person experiences a sudden jerk in a car accident. Some forms of physical therapy, extensive care, and exercise help manage pain and enhance the healing process.  

Chronic Whiplash

In very few cases, whiplash symptoms can be chronic and persist for as long as several months or years. People may experience severe pain and other complicated symptoms that can affect victims’ lives completely. Chronic whiplash usually requires more intensive treatments, for example, surgeries and other types of physical therapies. In chronic whiplash, doctors provide customized solutions to the victim so they can manage severe symptoms.  

Diagnosis and Management of Whiplash After Accident 

X-ray is among the standard imaging studies commonly used after a car accident. But whiplash is not easily diagnosed with this. The doctor will most likely inquire about the pain’s magnitude while also requesting an MRI or CT. The bone damage, soft tissue injuries, disc, spinal cord, and ligament damage could be evidenced by imaging tests. After completing the diagnostic, the doctor will recommend the following treatment. 

The most common treatments for whiplash include: 

  • Pain relievers to manage your pain  
  • Applying cold with ice packs and heat 
  • Ultrasound and medication 
  • Physiotherapy 
  • Gentle exercises  
  • Surgery  

Within the first day, your doctor is most likely going to advise you to get painkillers and heat and cold methods to avoid swelling.

How Long Does Whiplash Injury Take to Heal?

Whiplash-related injuries take between six and nine months to recover fully after the accident. Nevertheless, chronic whiplash could last for a few years.
Whiplash cannot be diagnosed from an external view or through regular tests, so you must talk to a doctor. Inform them how you’re feeling and what type of complication you face. From that point, they can assist you and help you heal faster.  

What Do You Need to Know After Experiencing Whiplash as a Result of an Accident? 

Visit your physician as soon as possible after the accident, whether at this point you are not experiencing too much pain. If you are suspected of having whiplash, your physician may be able to confirm or tell you the real cause of pain and discomfort.
It will also be helpful in the successful progress of your insurance claim as you respond to treatments. The insurance company is likely to insist on medical attention. If so, they can make an effort to claim that your claims of injuries were not really that critical.  

For instance, they might think that such an injury does not exist. To prove yourself a real victim, you need medical bills and reports that will help you to get fair compensation.  

How Do You Protect Your Legal Rights After a Car Accident?  

To protect your rights, you need to get medical attention to document your injuries. A person can’t get fair compensation without valuable evidence. To gather evidence, you need complete details of your medical bills that will prove that car accidents become the cause of whiplash and other injuries.  

As a car accident victim, it is your right to seek compensation from the liable party. Compensation will help you reduce the burden of your physical and financial suffering. To seek compensation, you need a lawyer by your side who is available at every step to guide you. A lawyer will provide you with the best solution. Mokaram Law Firm has all the solutions you need.  

The Bottom Line 

Are you or your loved one suffering from soft tissue injury because of someone else negligence? Don’t suffer because of someone else. Call us today at (281) 609-9224 and discuss your case with us.


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