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How Much Compensation Do You Get for a Motorcycle Accident?

A motorcycle accident is a horrible situation that leads a person towards pain and loss. Many motorcyclists experience accidents every year. The ratio of accidents is increasing day by day because of driver’s carelessness. Pain and loss can be stressful and unforgettable. But you can reduce the burden of pain by compensation. You surely want to know How much compensation do you get for a motorcycle accident. 

The compensation amount depends on the severity of the case. If you have experienced lots of damage that results in extensive medical expenses and property loss, you can get big compensation. It is totally understandable that money can’t remove the emotional and physical effects, but to reduce the burden, you can seek compensation. At least, you can claim money against your medical bills, repairs, or property replacement.  

In this blog, you’ll learn the factors that impact the compensation amount

Who is Liable for the Accident?

To calculate the compensation, it is important to know who was liable. In most cases, more than one person is responsible. To know who was at fault, you need to investigate your accident. After a complete investigation you will examine who was at fault. If you prove you were not at fault, there are higher chances that you will get an appropriate claim. But if you are at fault you may not get any compensation.  

If you are partially involved in the fault, you still get compensation. To thoroughly investigate your accident you should hire a personal injury Lawyer in Houston. A skillful lawyer will investigate your case, collect valuable evidence, and present it to prove you innocent. After investigation a lawyer can evaluate how much compensation you can get from the liable party. Accident proofs matter a lot, make sure to hire an experienced lawyer who can collect valuable evidence and present it in the right way to win the case.  

Finding the liable person is the first and most challenging task, the faulty person mostly denies the accusation to save himself from compensation. So, if you want suitable compensation, it is vital to work with a lawyer who can evaluate the case, calculate the settlement amount and fight for it.

Motorcycle Insurance Payout

Damages To the Victim

The compensation amount totally depends on the suffering and loss. The more severe an accident a motorcyclist experiences the more chance of getting higher compensation if you are not at fault you may not get any compensation. Motorcyclists lack security because they are exposed to their surroundings.  Due to this element, a person may experience more severe injuries than a car accident. It means if you’re riding a motorcycle there is a higher chance of severe injuries. Below are the motorcycle injuries that a biker gets. 

  • Fractures 
  • Rashes 
  • Spinal injuries 
  • Brain injuries 
  • Limb amputations 
  • Burns  

Due to severe accidents, some people experience temporary or personal disability. That compromises the future life of the person. To know your side of the story, insurance company representatives will contact you to decide on their settlement offer. They will total all the damages of the accident and medical expenses. But keep in mind that insurance companies always think about their benefit. They never calculate the actual settlement cost. To know the complete compensation amount you need a lawyer. A lawyer will evaluate your case, educate you about your rights and help you get better compensation than an insurance company.  there are some factors that need to be included in your accident claim that most insurance companies avoid adding.  

  • Your inability to work than before.  
  • Compromised income 
  • Inability to enjoy life 
  • Emotional suffering

Motorcycle Insurance Payout

While buying a motorcycle, you never think that you will have an accident or you go for the option that provides less compensation. It is because you never imagined yourself a victim. But when you unexpectedly meet an accident then you know more about the insurance policy. You just hope that your settlement amount comes under the insurance compensation. 

Most insurance companies only provide the amount they have stated on the coverage even if the accident damages are more than the insurance coverage. Therefore, if you have experienced a severe accident, don’t rely on the insurance company. Hire a personal injury lawyer that can ensure much better compensation than an insurance company.  

A personal injury lawyer will negotiate from your side to seek suitable compensation. A personal lawyer knows all the tactics to deal with insurers. With their excellent communication skills, they will argue with them to secure your maximum profit.

The Potential of Case in Court

The Potential of Case in Court

Sometimes, the lowcall settlement doesn’t work, you may need to proceed to get your desired compensation. Taking your case to court may increase the value of your case which will help you seek a higher amount. But the main obstacle is the jury. You have to face a jury to prove yourself an actual victim. After observing all the situations in the court, a lawyer can estimate how much compensation you can get from the liable party. Most people avoid going to court. Mostly cases get settled outside the court. Even if the case has proceeded to court, the liable party tries to resolve the matter by providing a much better compensation amount.  

Thus, if you want to know your estimated cost you need a lawyer who can assess your case and help you know how much compensation you can get.

How Much Time Does Motorcycle Accident Settlement Take?

The most asked question we get is how much time it will take to the proceeding and get the settlement. Seeking compensation is a long process, it takes time to investigate, collect evidence, organize it, and present it in court. Moreover, the duration of the case depends on the severity of the case. If you have gone through a severe accident it may take longer to find valuable proofs and seek claims from the insurance company.  

To get your settlement amount it would be best to hire an attorney who will review your damages and injuries, negotiate with the insurance company, and take your case to trial if needed. Mokaram Law Firm has a qualified lawyer who have years of experience in dealing with different lawyers, they can surely help you in knowing your estimated claim amount.  

The Bottom Line

To reduce the burden of a terrible motorcycle accident, it is important to hire a lawyer that can be your support and guide you at every step. To connect with a skillful lawyer call us at (281) 609-9224.


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