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Hurt in a Houston Truck Accident? Learn Your Rights.

Most people don’t know much about their legal rights and this is what worsens their legal lawsuit. It is vital to understand the law and jurisdiction of your state or country when you are fighting your legal battle. If you are somebody who does not have much knowledge about law and jurisdiction, you need to hire a car accident attorney. Can accident attorneys have complete understanding of the law and know which steps to take in order to make the legal lawsuit successful? Moreover, they can be there for your guidance at every step.

Hurt in a Houston Truck Accident? Learn Your Rights. With the help of the proper legal attorney, you can make your legal lawsuit successful within no time. They can also make you learn about the laws so that if something similar takes place in the future, you have a complete idea of what things to do and what to avoid.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the most important legal rights which you must take into consideration when you are fighting for your legal lawsuit:

Medical Help:

Right after the accident, the first thing to do is seek medical assistance. It is important to get yourself checked properly right after the accident because sometimes visible injuries are not available. Internal bleeding is one such injury. You can not figure it out on your own, but it can cause life-threatening damage to your body. If you feel discomfort, no matter how mild it is, you must get yourself checked properly.

Hurt in a Houston Truck Accident? Learn Your Rights.

Contact Law Enforcement:

In case of a truck accident in Houston, it is important to call 911 and lodge a complaint. The law enforcement officers should respond, investigate, collect evidence, as well create an official accident report. It is an important document which includes date, time, place of occurrence, involved persons, witnesses’ statement, preliminary assessing of blame etc.

You should ask for the accident report as it can help you deal with insurers and future legal issues. This report is based on objective and authoritative information concerning the accident in order to provide a factual basis for your claim of possible compensation payment by the other party.

Involving law enforcement ensures that there is official documentation of the accident thus parties cannot dispute the facts and also their responsibility later.

Gather Evidence:

Evidence gathering following the truck accident will help in strengthening your case if decide to sue on criminals or make an insurance claim. First, the safety of all people concerned should come first. Try to collect as much evidence as you can. Here’s what to focus on:


Take sharp and detailed pictures of the accident site, showing the positions of the involved cars, car damages, road state, traffic lights or indicators. Photographs are one of the easiest yet strong evidences that can easily prove your point in the courts. When you have a photograph of the accident or attacker, you can easily showcase what you went through and how much compensation you actually deserve. You will prove your point and get compensation if you have photographs and videos. However, you have forgotten to take photographs, you can ask your legal attorney to guide you in this regard.

Hurt in a Houston Truck Accident? Learn Your Rights.

Witness Information: 

Obtain contact details of any witnesses around. The fact that they witnessed the event will confirm what you have narrated in your accident account, which will help your case immensely.

Driver Information: 

Collect each other’s contacts and insurance details, as well as those of other people involved. Obtain the particulars of the trucking company, such as the company name, driver’s ID number, and vehicle registration numbers.

License Plates:

Take pictures of the document license plate numbers for all the vehicles that were involved in the accident.

Police Reports: 

As indicated above ask for a copy of the police traffic or motor vehicle accident report. The same might be critical while making insurance claims or when in a court room.

Medical Records: 

Ensure you keep all medical evaluation, treatment, and bill records for your injuries. Thorough medical records are necessary evidence to pursue compensation claims, especially those about medical expenditures.

So, by compiling this evidence, you have a good base for your claims towards insurance or even court cases. Thus, the more detailed and well-evidenced your case is, the better you can argue for compensation.

Do Not Admit Fault:

After a truck incident, one should avoid admitting any guilt or uttering words that can suggest the responsibility for the incidence lies on them. It is necessary to be calm in the case of accidents because emotions could become high. One should also not talk about mistake.

Be accurate in your description of the events when talking to law enforcement, insurance adjusters or other involved people – describe only what you have seen and how things happened to you from your point of view. It is recommended not to be vague while explaining reasons for a claim involving fault and liability issues since such matters are pretty complicated from the legal standpoint and should be left to professional evaluations.

In insurance claims or the court, admitting fault could have an immense impact. While making any statement, look after your interest and do not say anything that can be used to hurt you when it becomes too late.

Notify Your Insurance Company:

Immediately apprise your insurance company of the truck road accident, even if the driver appeared to be at fault. Policyholders must also notify their insurance company before the period specified in their policies about an accident expires.

Provide as many correct details as possible to your insurance company when you are reporting an accident. Ensure that you can provide information about the place, time, and surrounding circumstances, as well as some information about your co-accused persons.

The insurance company will walk you through the claims procedure, which could comprise submitting documents, giving statements, and collaborating with their investigations. It is essential to follow the instructions for each claim to make sure that the process goes smoothly. You need to follow the guidelines of your legal attorney, if you don’t know much about law and order. The legal attorney will help you understand which things are going wrong and what the potential hazards are to your legal lawsuit.

To receive coverage for medical expenses, property damage, and other damages due to the accident, you must report them to your insurance company.

Consult with an Attorney:

Indeed, one of the best things you can do for yourself following an auto accident involving a truck is to seek legal assistance from a personal injury lawyer specializing in these kinds of cases. An expert attorney can significantly help you to go through all the stages.

Here’s why consulting with an attorney is crucial:

Legal Expertise: 

Truck accidents are very complicated in the context of law and personal injury attorneys have this specific information. They comprehend the existing legal provisions relating to the operation of commercial trucks that may affect its result.

Investigation and Evidence: 

Such as attorneys with enough facilities for intensive examination, gathering of proof and reconstruction of events that occurred during the crash. These attorneys could work with experts in car accidents, doctors, or other relevant individuals to increase your case’s power.

Negotiation Skills:

Experienced lawyers who will talk to insurance and trucking companies, seek equitable compensation for you. They can assess the value of your claims by determining how much losses you have faced. Moreover, a legal attorney has strong communication skills, which means they will know exactly how to tackle the insurance company representatives and other parties. Most insurance companies want to give as little compensation as possible, and they will do this by persuading the victim. When you hire the right legal attorney, they will avoid falling for these tactics. They will work in the best faith of their clients.

Bottom Line:

In conclusion, learning about your legal rights is essential to get the desired compensation. But, if you don’t have enough knowledge, you need to hire the right legal attorney who can help in this regard. A legal attorney will give as much information as they have collected in the last few years. To contact the right team of professionals, you can consult with Mokarram Law Firm. Mokarram Law Firm has professional and experienced lawyers who understand your legal lawsuit and make you progress in your legal case. For free consultation, call us at   (281) 609-9224


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