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Injured from a Slip and Fall Accident? 6 Key Actions to Protect Your Rights

Slip-and-fall accidents are unexpected incidents that can lead to severe injuries and medical conditions. Millions of people in the US suffer from such accidents daily. If you’re one of them, then it is important to learn the key steps that help you get the desired compensation. Let’s have a look at the key actions that you should take after a slip-and-fall accident


1. Seek Medical Help Immediately


The first thing you need to do is seek medical attention. Slip and fall cases are severe since they can leave a victim permanently paralyzed or with other long-term or short-term disabling conditions, which will make it impossible for the said victim to go back to work.


It is vital to use the services of a doctor soon after an accident to protect not only their health but also his or her legal status. In the event that you undergo an examination by a healthcare practitioner after the slip and fall accident, there will already be documentation from a doctor showing their findings, treatment plan, and prognosis of the injuries. 


This medical record can be very useful in safeguarding your legal entitlements in your slip and fall accident case and helps substantiate your claims when seeking compensation for your injury. Your medical record will help slip and fall lawyer to estimate the total damage that you can get in compensation, 


2. Inform Your Slip and Fall Incident


If you slip and fall in any kind of business establishment, you must report the accident to the supervising authority before leaving the place. This report provides the record of the slip and fall accident. It serves as a notification to the company concerning any slip and fall accident case you wish to bring, as well as compensation for your injuries. 


3. Gather Evidence


In any case, proof and supporting material are very vital in putting the blame on any party. Collecting as much evidence as possible strengthens your arguments when dealing with insurance companies or during the trial. It is recommended that you capture some photos of the scene of the accident and the hazard that led to your fall.


Take pictures of the injuries you have sustained, and the torn or damaged clothes and other personal property you might have lost. Furthermore, any witnesses present during the accident can provide you with their contact details. If you did not get a picture of the accident, you may go back to the scene as soon as possible, take more photos, and gather more evidence than you could at the time of the accident.


4. Gather Contact Details of Witnesses


If it is possible, get all the details of any witnesses including their names and contact details and where they were at the time of the slip and fall accident. Such witnesses can be highly effective when it comes to establishing liability, especially in civil law. They can also protect your legal rights by verifying that your side of the slip and fall accident is true.


What To Do After a Slip and Fall Accident?


5. Write a Journal About the Accident and Its Impact


Slip and fall victims can be prevented from losing their rights by ensuring they make daily records of pain and discomfort, medicines taken, and visits to the doctor and any psychological distress. This is the list of things you can no longer do because of your injury: If there are any daily activities that you cannot do anymore, like cooking, cleaning, picking up your children, or going back to work, then list them down as well.


Furthermore, there may have been any other expenses related to the accident, such as the need to use other means of transport to get to the doctor or avail of home health and housekeeping services. This journal can prove useful in providing solid information on how the slip-and-fall injury affected your daily life and your wallet. 


6. Seek Legal Advice from a Slip and Fall Lawyer


It often becomes a very challenging task when it comes to the legal procedure, especially when involved in an injury. As such, an experienced personal injury lawyer can assist you, defend your rights, and work towards gaining the best settlement possible.


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