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Essential Legal Information for Victims of 18-Wheeler Truck Accidents

A large number of trucks, such as 18-wheelers, generate exceedingly dangerous crashes. These crashes are not only tearing apart lives and belongings but also cause a lot of fear among the victims. Right after an accident with a large truck such as this, it is very important to know your legal rights. 


This article will give you the necessary information. It outlines step-by-step instructions for people who have been involved in accidents with large trucks, explicitly explaining when they need to contact an 18-wheeler truck accident lawyer in San Antonio and what rights they have. Whether you are one of those who got hurt, a family member trying to help the individual or just a curious person, this post will make things clearer to everyone.


Getting To Know The Common Type of 18-Wheeler Accidents 


18-Wheeler Rollovers: 


When a truck breaks down and skids off of the highway, members of the surrounding community are potentially endangered. Not only do the truck’s cab and trailer roll over onto the top of other vehicles, but they also slide into other vehicles and push other vehicles off the roadways.


Intersection Crashes: 


Essential Legal Information for Victims of 18-Wheeler Truck


When it comes to accidents at intersections involving tractor-trailers, the potential for high levels of danger is very high. The most frequent incident is when hasty drivers cut through intersections without passing each other. They think that other drivers will always wait for them to pass or even yield, only to find themselves in a dangerous situation caused by other drivers who are unaware of them.


Jack Knife Accidents: 


The jackknife accidents may be caused by different factors, many of which will allow victims and their families to be compensated justly. Severe overtaking and sudden braking are two prime examples, while trailer-related problems cause the driver to lose control of the trailer.


Multi-vehicle Pileups: 


Many times, large trucks experience rollover, jackknife, or other problems, which leads to a flood of vehicles involved in crashes. This is so if truck drivers, for example, due to storms, experience difficulty in controlling their vehicles in heavy traffic or at high speed. 


Yet both truck drivers and trucking firms will be fully responsible for all victims’ losses in most cases; there are other possibilities that have to be considered, and determining all liable parties is one of the first steps toward a full monetary recovery.


Truck Collision Case Fault and Liability Determination in USA


When you contract our firm to appear in your truck accident case, our team will immediately start the work of figuring out who (or which company) was to blame for the crash. Hence, we will promptly collect as much information as we can before we study the evidence, and then we will grade the factors that resulted in (or contributed to) the crash.


Evidence of Fault in a Commerical Vehicle Accident: 


For instance, a truck accident example may involve several types of evidence that can be used to figure out the reason. It covers all the evidence that can be found at the crash site, like documents, statements of eyewitnesses, and all other forms of evidence.


  • Depending on the circumstances at hand, the types of evidence truck accident attorneys at Mokarram may be able to use to prove your legal rights include
  • The skid marks and strewed pieces of the car at the scene of the crash.
  • Road edges will be damaged by bumpers and wings of vehicles, sign posts, light poles, and other items found on the roadside.
  • Vehicle damage and the collateral damage of your (or your loved one’s) car and the commercial truck.
  • Victims’ eyes who saw the accident with their own eyes, their photos, and videos are the strong evidence that cannot be denied.
  • The truck’s data recorder (video or audio) would be regarded as a “black box.”
  • The records and papers concerning the truck’s shipping manifest and cargo.
  • The truck’s maintenance records
  • The truck driver’s phone records and driving log would also be tracked.
  • A trail of the accident could be seen in the crash site.
  • The road and weather conditions as of the crash are proof of this fact.

Obtaining all the necessary evidence entails holding a prompt hearing, and therefore, it is important that you seek legal assistance as soon as possible. If any pictures or videos have been taken at the site of the accident, the lawyer would also want to see those.


Importance of Truck Accident Lawyers 


The legal process after a 18-wheeler truck accident can be daunting and confusing, especially if one is still trying to deal with the physical, as well as emotional trauma that comes with a crash. That’s where the role of an experienced auto accident lawyer comes into play. They will assist you in building a solid case file and can take up the case all the way on your behalf.


Investigating the Accident:


The lawyer will carry out a comprehensive investigation to know exactly how the accident occurred. This might be the gathering of evidence by way of pictures, witnesses’ statements, and supervisions of the proceedings.

Calculating Damages:


It is not an easy task to estimate damages, especially with regard to non-economic damages that include, for example pain and suffering. Your lawyer will look at some of the factors, including medical bills, lost wages, and injuries, to try and determine a reasonable value of compensation.


Negotiating with Insurance Companies:


Many insurance companie will care less about you than you would and often they will try to settle for an amount that it is less than you deserve. This is done through experienced negotiation to fairly compensate you for your damages. A skillful lawyer can perfectly cope with all these negotiations on your behalf.




The aftermath of 18-wheeler crash can be terrifying to the point of changing a victim’s life in a blink of an eye. Having knowledge of your legal rights and options can help you take charge of your life and seek justice for all you have lost. In case you have been in a truck accident, be assured that you do not have to go it alone. When you need our Mokarram’s Truck Accident Attorneys, they are always by your side. Do not delay anymore; give us a call now for legal help, and be sure your mind stays at ease during this challenging period.


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