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Navigating the Legal Process After an 18-Wheeler Truck Accident

According to recent studies, the US highways witness more than thousands of 18-wheeler accidents yearly. FMCSA’s data indicates that about 450,000 large truck-involved crashes were reported by police in the previous year. These deaths amounted to 4,237, and 344,000 have been estimated to have been injured. The vast number of these accidents only demonstrates the scale of the ongoing danger that both truck drivers and other road users have to deal with daily. 


Without the 18-wheeler trucks, which are the backbone of the US economy and move products vast distances, the economy would be in big trouble. However, the size and weight of these vehicles are quite huge, and their size alone is enough to create an impact, and often, these accidents lead to fatal injuries.


Navigating the legal process after an 18-wheeler truck accident is as fundamental as understanding the risks of these giant vehicles and the reason for strict safety laws. 


Steps to Take After an 18-Wheeler Truck Accident


The encounter with an 18-wheeler accident is a highly shocking and confusing situation. The best 18-wheeler truck accident lawyer in san antonio, believes that knowing what to do with such an incident will have a major impact on the safety of all parties concerned. In the immediate aftermath of an accident, the following essential measures shall be taken:


Ensure Safety


Move your vehicle to the side of the road, away from the moving traffic, if it is safe for you to do so. Turn on your hazard lights to warn other drivers behind you when the vehicle cannot be moved. Examine yourself and everyone else for any bruises. Just remember that if you are seriously injured, do not move, as this will just make your situation worse. The fact that the situation may look like a slight one is not an excuse not to inform the police. They file an accident report and offer any needed emergency aid.


Seek Medical Attention


If anyone is hurt, the medical team should attend to him/her immediately. Other types of injuries, particularly those of the head, neck, or inner organs, might not be readily recognized. Also, maintain documents that contain all the medical assessments and the treatment received, as these are needed for insurance claims and legal proceedings.


Document the Scene


Write down the accident scene, in which you should include all vehicles involved, any damages, the road conditions, traffic signs, and any injuries. Make a fast drawing of the accident scene, showing the position of the vehicles, vehicle tracks before the accident, and the location of any road signage.


Exchange Information


Get the contact and insurance information of the other driver(s) involved in the accident. Also, get the phone numbers of witnesses, as they could be very important in a dispute regarding the accident.


Understanding and navigating the legal process after an 18-wheeler truck accident


Navigating Insurance Claims


Insurance companies are the most dreaded thing to deal with after a truck accident. Here are some insights into filing claims and negotiating settlements:


Reporting the Accident


Ask your insurance company for the claim process to start with the accident. Describe the incident in as much detail as possible and indicate the severity of your injuries, but be sure to avoid making any statements that could be interpreted as an admission of fault. 


Understanding Your Policy


Review the details of your insurance policy to identify the coverages you are eligible for, such as liability and medical payments. Additionally, always familiarize yourself with your co-payments and limits.




Collect all the evidence required to support your case, including the accident report and the proof of damages. Make sure you give all the police reports, medical records, bills, and proofs related to the income loss, as well as anything else that can testify to the expenses you have endured due to the accident.


Avoid Immediate Settlement Offers


Be careful about quick insurance company offers for settlement. These offers may be less than what you’re offered if you make a claim. First, just sign something that’s been discussed with your lawyer.




Understanding and navigating the legal process after an 18-wheeler truck accident


The attorney for your truck accident will manage the insurance company talks. The lawyers will try to reach a fair settlement where all of your costs and losses are totally reimbursed. The lawyer shall prepare and file a lawsuit to pursue the claim value if the settlement negotiations do not agree.


Getting an 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer


The truck accident experience requires finding a lawyer with a truck accident specialization as a crucial step. Here’s why it’s beneficial and how a specialized attorney can guide you through the legal process: 


Expertise in Trucking Laws and Regulations 


The lawyers representing the victims of truck accidents have a special understanding of the state and federal regulations covering the trucking industry. This specialization is a valuable resource in interpreting the complexities of the case, such as compatibility with safety regulations, the driver’s hours of service, and proper cargo loading.


Assessing Liability


The task of assigning liability in truck accidents becomes more elaborated because of the involvement of more than one party, e.g., the driver, the trucking firm, and possibly third-party contractors. The service of a specialist lawyer will be to see that all those liable are identified correctly and you receive just compensation.


Maximizing Your Compensation


Experienced truck accident lawyers can determine the full amount of damages you have sustained in your accident, including medical expenses, lost wages, future medical care needs, and emotional pain and suffering. This dedication provides you with the best compensation rather than quick and unsatisfactory settlements.


Negotiating with Insurance Companies


18-wheeler truck lawyers have extensive experience with insurance representatives and know how to address low settlements. They can deal with the insurance company on your behalf, so you are assured that the company does what it ought to do to meet its obligations.


Litigation Experience


If the insurer can’t agree on a reasonable settlement, the truck accident lawyer is ready to take your case to court. Their effective presentation in court is also a valuable experience for your case before the jury.


Handling Paperwork and Deadlines


The lawsuits are associated with too many documents and numerous deadlines. A lawyer who is used to facing these issues will handle these matters for you so that you can focus on your recovery.


Mokaram Law Firm is Here to Help!


If you or a loved one has been injured in an 18-wheeler truck crash, hire an experienced attorney to take on your case, and don’t try to handle it alone. Call Mokaram Law Firm at (281) 609-9224 to get experienced services and representation for your case. We have a team of specialized truck accident lawyers who are focused on providing the compensation and justice you deserve. Call now to book your counseling session and get started on your journey to recovery.


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