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Motorcycle Accident: Investigating Causes and Contributing Factors

Motor bike accidents are part of the tragic events that occur on the roads today; they lead to severe injuries and sometimes fatalities. While it is true that there are far fewer motorcycles on the road than cars or trucks, riders are far more prone to have an accident or be injured than the occupants of cars or trucks. This means that there is need to investigate causes and contributing factors in order to improve the safety of the riders and other users of the road. 


In this article, we will explore how motorcycle accidents are caused and how motorcycle accident lawyers can help the victim after the accident:


Human Factors: 


Human factor plays an essential role in motorcycle accidents. This risk is defined as; When the speed is increased, whether above the legal limit or not, or when the driver or rider is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or is tired, the chances of an accident are raised. Inexperience and training and overconfidence in their riding abilities also contribute to chances of having an accident among the motorcyclists.


Vehicle Dynamics: 


Size and speed of the motorcycle, as well as exposure to traffic risk are some of the characteristics that determine the nature of the accident. Situational errors which entail over-braking or under-braking lead to loss of control of the car and hence to accidents. In addition, mechanical failure or defects such as those that may affect the motorcycle brakes or tires are also a cause of bad motorcycle accidents ; as a result, regular maintenance and inspection are critical.


Motorcycle Accident: Investigating Causes and Contributing Factors


Environmental Factors: 


As a matter of interest, it is also important to note that external conditions play a significant role in the occurrence of motorcycle accidents. Rain, fog or icy conditions lower the friction between the tires of the vehicle and the road surface and hence raises the probability of the vehicle sliding or aquaplaning.


Interaction with Other Vehicles: 


Collision with other road users is one of the most common factors that result to motorcycle accidents. In most cases the accident happens when the motor cyclist has not seen the cars, or the car hits motorcycle from behind, when he has not obeyed the right of way or when he has underestimated the speed of the motorcycle or the distance to the other vehicle. Two types of accidents that are peculiar to motorcycle traffic are left turn and rear end collisions and are the most critical situations where a motorcycle may collide with other vehicles.


Road Design and Infrastructure: 


Flaws in the road design and infrastructure can enhance the probability of an accident in regard to motorcycles. Some of the problems that are associated with motorcycle riders are that there are no well defined lanes and markings, there are no protective barriers that give a rider a wrong impression of the road hence leading to confusion and danger. It is also pointed out that there are no distinct lanes for motorcycle or even some measures such as rumble strips or guardrails that might enhance the dangers which can be faced by the motorcyclists on the roads.




Motorcycle accidents are not just an event that can be attributed to one or several factors but a phenomenon which has many facades and factors. The awareness of these accident types and trends will assist policy makers, the road safety advocates as well as the motorcyclists themselves to develop possible preventive measures and strategies that can reduce the likelihood and severity of motorcycle related accidents. In training the riders, education, road enhancements and ensuring all road users are responsible, collaboration is vital in developing protective conditions for motorcycle users as well as enhancing safety for all road users. 

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