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New traffic laws bringing changes for Texas drivers in 2024

As the year 2024 gets closer, Texas drivers should know about some big changes in traffic laws that will happen soon. These changes, designed to improve road safety and adjust for changing travel demands, will cause notable shifts in driving rules and processes all over the state.

Texas has new car rules that cover many things like using phones in the car, going fast, stopping drunk drivers, and keeping people safe near roads. 

It’s very important for all people who drive in Texas to understand new traffic laws bringing changes for Texas drivers in 2024. If they don’t follow the rules, they could get into trouble with the law and also make roads less safe.

A Houston car accident attorney can help clients with cases regarding traffic law violations and can get them the compensation that they want. 

Stricter Regulation on Mobile Usage

Texas is going to make it harder to use mobile phones while driving, known as “Hands-Free Texas”. This will help people be safer on the roads and not distracted. This action lines up with more states taking on hands-free rules to reduce the growing number of accidents caused by distracted driving. It must be remembered that:

  • The main part of the Hands-Free Texas plan is not allowing the use of handheld phones when driving. This means no texting, calling, or using apps on a phone unless the driver is using hands-free technology.
  • The law doesn’t just apply to texting or talking. It also includes any use of a small handheld device, like looking at social media, using map apps, or choosing music.

The Impact on Driver Behavior

This law wants to make drivers more careful on the road so they keep their hands on the wheel and pay attention when driving.

Like seat belt rules, the hands-free law tries to change what people think over time. It wants to make using handheld phones while driving not okay in society.

Pedestrian Safety Laws

As more people worry about walkers and bikers being safe on big roads, places like Texas are bringing in new rules to keep them safer. These rules aim to lessen the chances of pedestrian and bike rider accidents, who are more often at risk on roads.

This is a simple explanation of what these new laws about keeping people safe on foot usually include and their effects.

Enhanced Crosswalk Regulations

New rules usually make it clear that cars have to give way to people on foot in areas marked for crossing. There can be tougher punishments for not stopping or giving way.

Laws can stop cars from going past stopped vehicles at places where people cross the road. This practice may lead to crashes with walkers on the street.

Increased Protection for Cyclists

These rules say that drivers must keep a safe space, usually three feet or more when they go past cyclists. This helps prevent sideswipe accidents. Also, stricter rules can have fines for people who break the law by parking or driving on lanes meant for bikes.      

New traffic laws bringing changes for Texas drivers in 2024

Speed Limit Adjustments

In response to changing information about road safety and public rules, Texas is making new rules about speed limits on its highways. These changes are meant to make all road users safer, lessen the number of accidents, and deal with worries about how fast cars go on roads and harm nature. Here’s a look at what these new fast-driving rules mean and their effects on drivers in Texas.

Reason Behind Speed Limit Changes

Research has proven that matching speed limits can greatly lessen accidents and deaths. In areas with more accidents, speed limits are often lower to make things safer.

In some places, changing how fast cars can go can make traffic better and less crowded. This makes driving on roads easier. We can also use changes in speed as part of big plans for the environment since how fast cars go affects how much fuel they use and their emissions.

Main Parts of the New Speed Control Rules

Different Speed Limits for Various Types of Roads: New rules will specify different speed limits for highways, city streets, and residential areas to improve safety. 

Fines and Penalties: Strict fines and penalties should be applied in case of violating the new speed limit policies so as to encourage

Variable Speed Limits: Texas might use different speed limits on some roads, which change depending on traffic, weather, and the time of day. This changing way lets you control the speed better and faster.

Reduction in High-Risk Areas: In places with lots of people walking, often getting hurt or undergoing road work, the limit on how fast you can go may be decreased to make things safer.

Increased Limits in Certain Areas: On some highways where the weather is nice, speed limits may be increased to help traffic move better. This can happen as long as it does not put people’s safety at risk.

Seat Belt Requirement Changes

Seat belts have been a very important safety thing in cars for a long time. They save lives and cut down on injuries when accidents happen. The new rules regarding them will now apply to everyone driving a car. This change wants to make sure everyone on the road is safe. Here’s a simple explanation of what these new seat belt rules include and their effects.

Expansion of Seat Belt Requirements

The main difference in the new rules is that everyone in a car, no matter where they are sitting, needs to wear a seat belt. Before, some exceptions might have been there. They were especially for people sitting in the back seats.

The law says that kids and young people, who might not used to put on seat belts in the back seat, now have to use them.

Public Awareness and Education

To help make sure people follow the new law, the state might start campaigns to teach everyone about why seat belts are important for all passengers and what’s in the new rules.

Driver classes will likely give out new details about seat belt rules, focusing on the bigger limits and why they are needed.

Implications for Drivers and Passengers

Drivers need to make sure everyone in their car is using seat belts. This means teaching travelers about the need for seat belt use and what’s required by law.

The new rules want to make a change in thinking so that using seat belts is usual, no matter where you sit in the car.

Effects on the Insurance Policies

In Texas, new traffic rules and guidelines can affect auto insurance plans a lot. It’s very important for Texas drivers to understand these points because they can change insurance coverage, costs, and ways of handling claims.

  • Insurance firms usually figure out prices by looking at how risky the driver is. When new safety rules are made, how closely a driver follows them can change how others see their risk.
  • People who follow traffic rules, including new ones, might be seen as less risky. This could result in paying less for car insurance. On the other hand, breaking the rules can cause higher fees.

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