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Rideshare Car Accidents: Liability & Insurance Requirements

Rideshare Car Accidents: Liability & Insurance Requirements

Different apps that have revolutionized carpooling services have been introduced in recent years. They have simplified our lives by offering convenience and affordability. 

Platforms like Uber and Lyft have become necessary parts of the city transportation network. 

Nevertheless, like any other mode of transportation, these app-based services have also been linked to accidents that have increased the call for attention to the issue.

 Rideshare car accident lawyer will help you navigate all the legal complexities and ensure you get a fari compensation. 


What is Ride-Sharing?


Ride-sharing is the act of carpooling, which involves more than one traveler in the same direction sharing the ride in the same motor vehicle. 

Ride-sharing apps connect drivers with spare seats in their vehicles to the passengers heading in the same direction. 

These apps offer traffic relief and are environmentally friendly. Moreover, using ridesharing apps is much more cost-effective than normal transportation means,


The Popularity of Ride-Sharing Apps


Ride-sharing apps have become a top choice for many travelers. These apps have a navigation-friendly interface and offer quick services. You can have a car waiting at your doorstep with a simple tap. 

The passengers can request a ride, track their driver’s location in real time, and arrive at their destination in no time. 

However, most riders are worried about their safety and want to know who will be liable if any accident occurs.


Determining Liability in Ride-Sharing Accidents


In the event that an accident occurs during a ride-sharing trip, it becomes a very intricate task to determine liabilities. 

This process involves careful navigation through a unique set of situations that can be situational based on local regulations, specific accident details, and the relationship between the driver, passenger, and the ride-sharing company.


Rideshare Car Accidents: Liability & Insurance Requirements


 This liability analysis will rely on the fact that the ride-sharing app had some role in the accident through the driver’s interaction. 

Here’s a breakdown based on different scenarios:


  • The rideshare app is off, or the driver is not logged on

If the driver of the rideshare is not logged on to the app when an accident happens, then the rideshare company is not liable for any accidents.

In these cases, when the business provides the insurance, the liability coverage is for the individual driver’s auto insurance company.

  • Rideshare driver with the app on, waiting for a rider

When the rideshare driver switches on the rideshare app, the insurance coverage starts in some sense. 

However, suppose the app is opened, but the driver has not yet been assigned a ride. In that case, the passenger’s car insurance may pay for any accident-related medical services until the insurance claim is filed with the ridesharing company. 

Nevertheless, if someone’s policy proves to be insufficient, the ridesharing company will eventually compensate for the accident up to pre-specified policy limits.

  • Rideshare driver actively picking up or transporting a passenger

The insurance policy of the ridesharing company is required to cover accidents when the driver is on the way to pick up a rider or when a passenger is already inside the vehicle. 

Here, the role of the company’s insurance coverage comes into play to handle any liabilities caused by the incident.

Appreciating these distinctions is what will give accident victims an edge. The status of your ride will help the rideshare accident lawyer establish a liability. You need to ensure that your ride is started on the application whenever you enter the car.


What to do after an accident occurs while using a ride-sharing service?


Accidents may arise at any moment on the road. Let’s talk about the essential steps you should take during an accident in a sharing service to increase your chances of successfully filing insurance claims.


Rideshare Car Accidents: Liability & Insurance Requirements


  • Prioritize Safety First

The supreme priority should be the security of each person. Make sure the affected person is okay and request medical help if needed. Seek safety on the road’s edge and turn on hazard lights as much as possible to alert other drivers.

  • Contact the Authorities

As far as what to do if there is an accident, reporting the accident to the police is a must. 

Even if there is nothing serious, a police report is an official document that may become the base for successful insurance claim filing in the future. 

In addition, a police report also provides a detailed description of the accident. 

  • Document the scene

Take photos of the accident scene with your smartphone. The images should include the damages to the vehicle, the license plates, and visible injuries. 

Catch the surrounding area, the roadway state, and traffic lights. 

The manual’s contents are considered necessary when filing an insurance claim.

  • Notify the Ride-Sharing Company

If you are an occupant, make an urgent call to the ride-sharing company to lodge a complaint about the accident.


How Mokaram Law Firm Can Help You?


The professional attorneys at Mokaram Law Firm’s Ridesharing Accident Lawyer department exclusively work for riders involved in ridesharing accidents. Our lawyers help them secure their rightful compensation.

Mokaram Law Firm has a team of experienced and specialized ridesharing accident attorneys who can deal with all ridesharing accident issues. 

Our lawyers are well-versed in how to deal with damages and provide compensation to the victims. 

We help our attorneys investigate the reported car crash and collect all possible evidence: witness statements, an accident report, and potentially any surveillance videos. 

This diligent approach increases the chances of the success of your claim when negotiating the matter with the insurance provider.


Bottom Line:


In conclusion, we can say that if you don’t have much knowledge regarding ride-sharing applications, you must hire an educated and knowledgeable legal attorney. 

Mokarram Law Firm has a team of helpful and professional legal attorneys who provide ample guidance. For free consultations with our lawyers, you can contact us at  (281) 609-9224.


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