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Risks of Running Red Lights in Houston, Texas

If you don’t obey the traffic light, you will face severe accidents and legal complications that can mess up your entire life within no time. It is important to follow all the traffic rules made by the Government, for your own and others safety.

There are many Risks of Running Red Lights in Houston, Texas, some of which we will discuss in this blog post.

Increased Risk of Collisions

The chances of accidents at the street hit a high margin when you don’t stop at red signals. When a driver overlooks a red light when entering an intersection, he will cause accidents. Such accidents are quite harmful, they mostly happen at high speed which can cause really bad injuries and even lead to death.

When two cars meet in a collision, the people inside them might get injured; some of these injuries can be broken bones, spinal injuries, head injuries, or traumatic brain injuries. People sitting beside are at higher risk because of the collision.

Moreover, people who are walking or driving through traffic on yellow lights are more likely to be harmed by careless driving. People crossing the road can be hit by incoming vehicles. And this situation later might become critical or fatal too. Cyclists can also be hit by vehicles that run the red light when they are crossing intersections.

Legal Consequences

If a person bypasses a red light in Houston, Texas, he or she has to face legal actions that carry serious consequences. When a driver doesn’t stop at the red signals they can be issued by traffic violation ticket by on-duty officers. This situation is considered against the law. If you pass the red sign, then, subsequently, there is a chance that you’ll get fined. Some “points” will be added to your driver’s license as a consequence, and ultimately, you have to attend training regarding defensive driving measures.

In the event of severe cases, drivers who pass the red light can be accused and charged with reckless driving, especially when their actions result in severe accidents, leading to casualties. If the person is charged and proven guilty, some very strong actions would be taken, including huge fines and even imprisonment.

Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety

The people who cross red lights are dangerous not only for pedestrians but also for drivers. A point in which different paths cross and may lead to unattended signals is where pedestrians, bikers, and cars are at high risk.

People who walk down the streets depend upon traffic signs for safe passage. At times, the pedestrians crossing the walkways are hit by cars that are not stopping at red lights.

Along with motor vehicles, cyclists are also there on the roads who pose a higher threat for accidents and injuries if not carefully noticed or dealt with. The drivers who pass a red traffic light also risk hitting cyclists riding through the intersection. People who ride the cycles can experience a severe form of injuries with some lasting for lifetime.

Risks of Running Red Lights in Houston, Texas

Damage to Vehicles

If a driver runs the red light, he can damage his vehicle, which will lead him to pay some costs to repair the damages. A driver entering the intersection through a red light can cause big accidents and damage to cars there. This process needs a lot of money as the vehicle gets damaged frequently and has to be insured beforehand.

The accident may not cause physical harm, but it can result in financial strain from having to fix the car or buy a new one. If the vehicle is damaged, then drivers need to arrange another transportation vehicle, which will lead to inconvenience.

When drivers are thinking about the safety and risk associated with running lights, they should consider the financial costs too. One will be safe against any financial burden by evading the red-light fines, and it also ensures better safety of their car.

Bottom Line:

Crossing red lights in Houston is risky and includes higher chances of being hit, legal issues, expensive car repair, and high insurance costs. If you have been hit by a car that crossed a red light, you must file a complaint as early as possible with the help of the proper legal attorney. Mokarram  Law Firm has a professional legal attorney who can help you in this regard. For free consultation, call us at  (281) 609-9224


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