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The Step-by-Step Process of Filing a Personal Injury Claim

In Corpus Christi, a lawsuit entailing a personal injury is done by a sequence of processes designed to safeguard your rights and get adequate compensation for the injuries and threats inflicted on you. A corpus christi injury lawyer can help you in guiding about the legal lawsuit and getting the compensation that you are looking for. 

Here’s the Step-by-Step Process of Filing a Personal Injury Claim in Corpus Christi


Initial Consultation:

The lawyer shall listen to your narration of what occurred, query you for the sake of seeking clarification, and assess the availability of future claims that you could make. Besides that, they would walk you through the entire legal process, detail your legal rights as the victim, and forecast some outcomes of the personal injury suit. Moreover, they will review their billing procedure and payment arrangements, and you will get to know whether they are working on a contingency fee basis for them to receive their payment only if there is a recovery of compensation for you.

The first consultation session is designed to help you judge the lawyer’s expertise according to the task that you want to perform and the result that you are looking for. Have the consultation in mind; some of the details you could tackle include the attorney’s experience, expertise in personal injury law, how he or she communicates, and demeanor during the meeting.

After this preliminary consultation at the end, you will know what you can do legally and what you need to do next. This proceeds from you announcing your intention to work with the lawyer, who will then start working on your case and be in charge of the claims process.


Gathering Evidence: 

Once you have availed the services of a personal injury lawyer, consolidating evidence to back your claims will be the next step towards success in your case. This is either but not limited to asking for a copy of the accident report, collecting witness statements, taking photos from the Incident scene and medical bills related to your treatment. Lodging a good case begins with the cogitation of what you need to put forward to the monitor to confirm your claim.

The Step-by-Step Process of Filing a Personal Injury Claim


Filing a Claim: 

Eventually, the lawyer will escort you with the gathering of evidence and the filing of a personal injury claim with the insurance companies or with the person(s) responsible for your damages. The most usual way is when you compose a letter of demand in a written form on the topics of your claims, including the details of injuries, namely the expenses for medical service, wages you couldn`t earn is also included, and any other damages as a result of the accident.


Negotiating a Settlement: 

After your complaint has been filed, the insurance company or those who are held responsible will carry out an investigation to understand who was liable and the value of your claim. This will make things a little easier for you; thereby, your lawyer will have a say in the discussions between the insurance adjusters and one favorable outcome that is fair and has no aftereffects on you. This might mean back-forth dialogue, and the process may be lengthy until you lay hold of additional evidence to support your claim.


The Step-by-Step Process of Filing a Personal Injury Claim



If an amicable settlement process cannot be negotiated or is possible outside of the court, your lawyer could advise you to file a lawsuit on personal injury and continue with litigation in civil court. In the litigation process, the pre-trial discovery refers to formal legal proceedings. It includes motion practice and trial. The trial can be held before the judge or a jury if needed. Your attorney will take your case through trial preparation, present evidence, and advocate for your case in court.


Trial and Judgment: 

While the trial is being held, both sides will be giving their evidence and arguments and the court or the jury will then decide the compensation and the medical expenses and make up their mind as to who is at fault. A proficient lawyer will speak on your behalf and examine witnesses, to ascertain the facts of the case. He/she will also make all possible legal arguments on your behalf. If, as a result, this case ends positively, the judge will grant you a judgment, which consists of compensation for your pain and suffering.


Appeals Process: 

In certain instances, the losing side has no alternative but to challenge the court’s decision. The submittal process to a higher court: includes a presentation of legal arguments to assess the trial court judgment for violations and other legal issues. You are going to discuss with your attorney and he will surely tell you the chances of success on appeal. He will depending on your interests represent you throughout the appellate process, if necessary.


Bottom Line:

In summary, a personal injury claim in Corpus Christi requires you to go through several main steps including a consultation with your lawyer, claim establishment, and seeking compensation through settlement assessment or litigation. You will be able to grasp and master the process with the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer like the ones working at Mokaram Law Firm.For free consultations with their lawyers, you can contact at  (281) 609-9224.


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