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Trucking Company Negligence: Holding Carriers Accountable for Safety Violations

To begin with, the transport system includes several means of mobility. For years, the long-distance trucking industry has been the absolute main factor that moves goods from one place to another rapidly and on time.

On the other hand, however, road safety was found to deteriorate due to the trucking industry. 

Some trucking corporations chase profits as their primary goal, which in turn leads to safety-related troubles such as those faced by car owners in the form of lawsuits and the community facing the loss of lives.

The data shows that large trucks are the cause of about 500,000 deaths in the US in the year 2023.

In fact, the situation with a truck accident is different from the usual case at hand, where the size and weight of the truck vary from the size and weight of the passenger car.

The insurance company is the one that benefits most of the time from the loss. They find grounds to exempt them from paying compensation. 

That’s where an experienced 18-wheeler accident lawyer steps in. They know the insurers’ complex systems and what is needed to go through the process.


What is the reason why safety is the foremost concern in the trucking industry?


Safety trucks, the first on the list of safety measures, are not to be underestimated, for they serve a necessary task. 

The high number of trucks, some of which are equipped with very heavy cargo, has increased the probability of accidents and large-scale collisions, which translates to a severe risk of traffic accidents.


  • Human Lives at Stake:

Trucks, the first on the list of safety measures, are not to be underestimated, for they serve a necessary task. 

The high number of large cars, some of which are equipped with very heavy cargo, has increased the probability of accidents and large-scale collisions, which translates to a serious risk of traffic accidents.


  • Protecting Property and Cargo:

Trucking Company Negligence: Holding Carriers Accountable for Safety Violations


Trucks frequently have precious commodities aboard, and they must travel huge distances to ensure their safe arrival at the destination. 

Trucks, being the carriers of the cargo, use safety guidelines to prevent harm. This way, after the mishap, the goods will be in perfect condition. 


  • Enhancing Efficiency and Productivity:

Well-maintained trucks, drivers, and rules followed, as well as driver training, can result in an increase in production. They consist of the correct procedures, which results in the absence of delays and problems.

Safety plays a vital role in increasing the supply chain’s efficiency, aiming to remain the market leader.


What are The Safety Issues For Trucking Companies in the USA? 


  • Hours of Service Violations: 

Identifying the most common safety infringements in the U.S. is crucial for improving road safety and reducing accidents. Despite following strict rules and supervision, safety violations still happen in our area.


  • Fatigue Causes Accidents:

An overworked driver lacking rest tends to violate regulations. The FMCSA sets rules for how long truck drivers can drive without breaks. It helps prevent tired driving and accidents. Violation of these rules indicates a high chance of driver fatigue. 


  • Vehicle Maintenance Issues:

The third issue is that commercial vehicles are not being properly maintained and inspected. This involves neglecting repairs such as brake tests and tire inspections. Make sure all lights and signals are functioning properly. 

A vehicle with inadequate upkeep is more likely to break down while driving. This can lead to dangerous situations for drivers and other road users.

Overloading and inappropriate cargo securement are among the common operational mistakes.

Transport companies breach safety rules by overloading trucks and not securing cargo. Loader trucks, when fully loaded, are harder to steer and control. 

This raises the chances of accidents, especially when making turns or braking. Unsecured cargo can tip over, causing spills and damage to other vehicles.


  • Driver Qualification Violations:

Trucking companies must check if their commercial drivers are licensed and qualified. Breaches may relate to hiring non-qualified drivers. 


  • Drug and Alcohol Violations:

Trucking Company Negligence: Holding Carriers Accountable for Safety Violations


FMCSA rules require tests for commercial drivers. Tests prove sobriety while driving. A breach occurs when screenings are skipped, positive results are ignored, and drivers drive impaired.


What Challenges Can You Face To Hold Truck Companies Liable? 


Trucking companies have trouble following road safety rules, making it hard for regulators. This is because of industry issues and rules. Regulations ensure road safety, but enforcement faces hurdles and a lack of accountability.


The trucking industry has a number of rules that must be followed in relation to driver qualifications and safety standards, for example. 


Trucking companies often find themselves in a situation where their resources are tight, and they lack the funds to take all the safety measures and obey all the rules they would like to. 


This sometimes causes safety issues that have the potential to lead to safety violations. Also, limited resources can affect the thoroughness of inspections and the actions that are subsequently taken.


Safety rules enforcement can vary a lot depending on where you are and who’s in charge. Enforcement may be less vigorous due to limited resources or lenient attitudes. Officials prioritize other tasks over compliance. 


Different levels of enforcement can show an unfair situation in trucking. Some companies might not pay for safety mistakes, while others face tougher penalties.


What Legal Procedures You Should Follow To Get Compensation For Damages? 


If a trucking company is careless, people hurt in accidents can seek money with legal help. Truck accident attorneys take charge of legal representation and awarding victims properly. In such situations, they play a main role.


Determining Liability 


Victims injured in truck accidents can sue trucking companies or other responsible parties. Truck accident lawyers collect evidence and prove liability. They negotiate compensations for victims.


When truck drivers cause fatal accidents, their families can file wrongful death claims. Truck accident lawyers help families who have lost loved ones seek justice and compensation. This can cover funeral costs, financial support loss, and emotional distress.


Navigating Insurance Claims 


The bottom line is that trucking companies must be mindful of the safety regulations their drivers must follow. 


In the unfortunate event that a pedestrian or driver is injured in a collision with a semi-tractor trailer, victims can pursue a claim directly against the truck driver and the trucking company. 


These claims usually are covered by general liability insurance policies. However, these insurance adjustors are experts in finding ways to reduce the amount of a claim, and therefore, any victim should consult with an experienced truck accident attorney before making any statements or signing any forms provided by an insurance company representative.




Holding trucking companies accountable for causing accidents on the road is crucial. This helps victims seek justice and prevents future tragedies.

If you or your loved one were involved in a trucking accident related to the company’s negligence, then contact Mokaram Law Firm. Our truck accident lawyers help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact us today at (281) 609-9224 for a free consultation.


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