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    The Grim Numbers: Truck Accidents in Perspective

    Accidents involving large trucks occur each and every day. Half a million tractor-trailers or “semis” make the news in U.S. accidents each year. With a large truck involved in one in eight traffic fatalities, the aftermath is ghastly for the occupants of the smaller vehicle, leaving truck drivers relatively unharmed.

    At Mokaram Law Firm, our semi truck accident attorney in Dallas represents 18-wheeler accident victims, their families, and friends who have sustained serious injuries because of the negligence of a tractor-trailer, truck, or giant trucking company.

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    Truck Accident Attorneys in Dallas

    Note: If you were in an accident involving a big-rig / 18-wheeler, and the insurance company is calling you, STOP. Do NOT talk to the insurance adjuster until you have consulted with our 18-wheeler truck accident lawyer in Dallas. 

    Accident survivors in Texas often fall prey to insurance agents due to their unfamiliarity with the legal and insurance systems.  However, they don’t realize that insurance companies always work in the interest of their clients. Their job is not to make accident victims whole again. In fact, often, their work comes into direct conflict with what is best for you and your family.

    Usually, insurance carriers offer a settlement claim that is much lower than what you deserve- also, they never meet the full extent of the insurance amount allowed by the law and insurance policy. They do this because they know you are naive

    Thus, it is important to consult with an experienced truck accident lawyer in Dallas who is aware of the tactics and complexities of insurance policies and trucking legislation. You might not have the idea, but an initial consultation with your truck accident attorney in Dallas can prove to be a stepping stone in your case. 

    At Mokaram Law Firm, we understand that colliding with a tractor-trailer, semi-truck, or 18-wheeler was the most terrifying experience of your life. This is why we have a team of one of the best truck accident attorneys in Dallas who knows the battle. Consult with them for a FREE evaluation of your case today!

    Why Choose Us As Your 18-Wheeler
    Truck Accident Lawyer in Dallas?

    As the leading truck wreck lawyer in Dallas, we know that tractor-trailer accidents aren’t regular personal injury cases. They come with a list of administrative guidelines and potential parties who might be liable. Our 18-wheeler accident attorney in Dallas is adept at handling such complexities, especially when involving:

    Critical injuries necessitating surgeries or staples

    Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or those due to oxygen deprivation

    Severe burns causing permanent scars

    Emotional distress and psychological trauma

    Impacts from impaired or intoxicated drivers; and Fatalities

    Forms of Compensation for Victims of Truck Accidents

    truck accident lawyer

    While no monetary value can truly compensate for the trauma post-accident, it can ease the financial strains. Our semi truck accident attorney in Dallas assists in securing compensations for:

    Medical bills, surgeries, and essential equipment costs

    Rehabilitation expenses and long-term care for permanent disabilities

    Lost wages and potential earning capabilities

    Physical and emotional pain from the accident's aftermath

    Don't Trust an Insurance Company to Be on Your Side

    You’re likely to hear from an insurance company very quickly after an accident, but trust us, no matter how caring the person on the other end of the phone may sound, their objective is profitability. 

    Therefore, do not be deprived of your rightful compensation, and remember the following precautions while speaking to them on the phone:


    Being aware of recorded calls, which could be potential evidence


    Consult our truck accident law firm in Dallas before signing any paperwork to safeguard against hidden clauses.

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    Trucking Company’s Regulations for Truck Drivers

    Truck drivers are bound to follow specific protocols to ensure pedestrians and other driver’s safety on the road. However, one looming concern is driver’s fatigue. With drivers often pushing their limits, the resulting fatigue can lead to catastrophe.

    Therefore, they are required to follow trucking legislation and guidelines to regulate their job: 

    • Large truck drivers should obtain a commercial driver’s license. 
    • To avoid drunk driving, a certain limit of lower alcohol content is to be followed.
    • A checklist is to be signed to ensure cargo safety 
    • Adequate and proper maintenance of the tractor-trailer is to be followed.


    Mokaram Law Firm Secures a Multi-Million Dollar Settlement for the Family of a Hispanic Man Rear-Ended and Burned by a Speeding Vehicle

    In a heartbreaking turn of events, a Hispanic man who was building a new life in the United States to support his family still in Mexico was rear-ended by a speeding vehicle. The impact was so severe that his car caught fire, causing the man to suffer extensive burns. Despite receiving medical treatment, he tragically passed away 16 hours after the accident. Thanks to the Mokaram Law Firm, the wife and two minor children of the victim finally received justice through a multi-million-dollar settlement.


    Get Help From Our Truck Accident Attorney In Dallas

    The clock is ticking post-accident. There’s a limited window to file a claim, so contacting a truck injury lawyer in Dallas is imperative to secure your rightful compensation.

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    Explore firsthand testimonials from our satisfied clients and discover their experiences with our legal process.

    Trevin Wayne

    I Would Very Much Recommend Rey w/Mokaram Law Firm She Was Very Attentive With My Case And She Was Their With Me Every Step Of The Way , She Also Helped Me When I Was Having Mental Breakdowns After A Wreck That Devastated Me . Mokaram Law Firm Is 10/10 Hands Down

    Eliseo Mayorga

    son muy amables y te explican todo de manera que lo entiendas y que no tengas dudas muchas gracias por ayudarme EXELENTE SERVICIO

    Swift Auto Title Service

    They helped me though the whole process from start to end. Would recommend them to anyone needing assistance on your accident. 10 out of 10. Thanks Mokaram!!!

    Jennifer Flores-Vallez

    Great service! April was very helpful & answered any questions & concerns we had!

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    If the Dallas-Fort Worth roads have been unkind, leaving you or a loved one in a truck-related mishap, you’ll find our truck accident lawyers near you. Trust Mokaram Law Firm to prioritize your legal rights. We are just a call away!

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      Don’t Win? Don’t Pay

      You might have gone through a devastating truck accident involving a semi-tractor trailer or other large truck; don’t let the fear haunt you for a lifetime. Seeking legal help and recovering compensation for your injuries is your right. Consult our truck accident lawyers in Dallas today and get a free evaluation of the damages you can claim. At Mokaram Law Firm, if we take your case, our remuneration is contingent basis, which means that we cover our expenses from the verdict. You have to pay only when you win!


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