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    What could be the weight of a Big Truck? Probably…….10,000 pounds. Now, imagine an 18-wheeler truck; it can weigh a whopping 80,000 pounds, making it approximately 40 times heavier than the average car. This is how huge the IMPACT could be! When a giant truck collides with your car, it makes it look like Stuart Little’s Red Roadster.  

    And it’s not just about your vehicle’s life; it’s far more dangerous than that. These BIG RIGS tend to crush people to death without even noticing that! 

    And it’s no surprise that most fatalities in collisions are of car passengers. The nature of injuries from these accidents can be severe, ranging from traumatic brain injuries and broken bones to burns and, unfortunately, fatalities.

    So, it seems manageable, but it’s not; to proceed with your case, you need an 18-wheeler truck accident lawyer in Plano who knows about trucking regulations, insurance claims, and liability determinations. 

    Our award-winning truck accident lawyers in Plano can take up your case and stand by you even in the worst conditions. Contact Mokaram Law Firm for a free consultation of your case and stick around till the end until YOU WIN!

    Why Choose Mokaram Law Firm?

    Finding the right lawyer isn’t just about their credentials—it’s about trust, commitment, and aligning with your goals. While there are many truck accident lawyers in Plano, some might see you as just another file on their desk.
    With our Truck Accident Law Firm In Plano, you’ll get:

    Experienced Attorneys

    In the crowded field of truck accident lawyers in Plano, our attorneys stand out. At Mokaram Law Firm, our truck accident attorneys in Plano personally manage and oversee your case. It's always worth asking them about the day-to-day handling of your case.

    Our Investigation Process

    While numerous firms opt for external investigators, we have our own investigators to get the complete details and collect the evidence of every case without waiting for someone else. This not only means cost savings for you but also ensures that every crucial detail is diligently uncovered to bolster your claim.

    Don't Win, You Don't Pay

    We believe in our ability to secure the best outcome for you, which is why our fee structure is simple: if you don't win, you don't pay. A significant 90% of our cases settle outside of court. In cases that result in a win, our legal fee is contingency-based, setting us apart from many who charge before going to trial.

    However, there are truck accident attorneys in Plano, like those at Mokaram Law Firm, who stand head and shoulders above the rest. They bring experience, a firm local presence, and a sincere dedication to ensuring you receive the best outcome.

    Mokaram Law Firm isn’t merely another name in the directory; we symbolize trust and reliability in Plano. If you’re curious about our reputation, a quick online search for “Mokaram Law Firm Reviews” will clarify our esteemed standing in the community.

    When you reach out to Mokaram Law Firm, you directly connect with a truck accident attorney in Plano, ensuring immediate, informed answers. This direct line means you’re always in the loop about your case’s status.

    Why Truck Accidents Happen in Texas?

    Each truck accident in Texas is different in its circumstances. If you’ve been involved in a crash with a large truck, it’s crucial to consult a truck accident lawyer in Plano to understand the details of your case. Despite each accident being different, some factors consistently appear in truck accident reports.

    A lot of them involve the following factors:

    Brake Failures

    Malfunctions or inadequate maintenance can lead to brake failures.

    Drug Use

    Some prescription medications impair the ability of truck drivers.

    Heavy Traffic

    Congested roads can be challenging for large trucks to move.

    Driver’s Fatigue

    Driving for an extended time period on the road is the primary reason for unrest.

    Aggressive Driving

    Aggressive driving involving constant lane change leads to accidents.

    Unfamiliar Routes

    A truck driver unfamiliar with a specific route can make mistakes.

    Inappropriate Speed

    Driving too fast, especially in poor road conditions, is common in road accidents.

    Road Work Zones

    Construction sites can be confusing and hazardous for large vehicles.

    Understanding the Legal Defenses
    Used by Trucking Companies

    Semi-truck drivers hold insurance policies with notably high premiums and even higher coverage limits, especially compared to typical car drivers. With such high costs at stake, insurance companies put extra effort into limiting the payout they have to make following a semi-truck mishap. They often resort to various legal defenses, including

    Comparative Negligence

    Insurance providers might claim that you had a role in the injuries you sustained. In Texas, if you're determined to be partially responsible, the final compensation is decreased accordingly. If it's determined you were over 50% responsible, you wouldn't receive any compensation.

    Multiple Parties Involved

    The insurance company may argue that other parties share the blame for the accident. This could lead you to file claims against various parties based on the evidence at hand.

    Mitigation of Damages

    If you don’t seek medical attention immediately after the injury and if you fail to do so, an insurance company might argue that your negligence worsen your condition. And if they prove it, they don’t have to cover certain damages.

    How Mokaram Law Firm Ensures
    You Get the Compensation You Deserve

    At Mokaram Law Firm, we recognize that each truck accident not only causes immediate physical harm but also brings an array of financial and emotional strains. As a victim, you rightfully deserve compensation for all these burdens.

    Medical Expenses

    Whether it's urgent care right after the accident or ongoing treatments, we aim to ensure all your medical expenses are covered. As a leading truck injury lawyer in Plano, we've seen the breadth of medical challenges victims face and advocate accordingly.

    Loss of Income

    An injury can mean time away from work, and we believe you should be compensated for every dime lost – both now and potential future earnings.

    Property Damage

    Our dedicated team assesses all damage to your property, ensuring you get the full value for any damaged belongings.

    Pain and Suffering

    Beyond the visible injuries, the emotional and mental strain from an accident is immense. We stand by you in ensuring you're compensated for these often overlooked damages.

    Punitive Damages

    Where the negligence is extreme, as the top 18-wheeler accident attorney in Plano, we push to secure punitive damages, serving as a stringent message to others.

    Do I Need an 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Lawyer in Plano?

    Insurance companies are known to have specialized legal teams, solely aiming to minimize their payouts. These teams have vast experience, and they know every trick in the book.

    Given this, having a reliable truck wreck lawyer in Plano becomes significant. With 25 years of experience under our belt, Mokaram Law Firm boasts a track record of successfully challenging these big insurance companies.

    Still skeptical? Simply search for “truck accident lawyers near me ” to see our firm’s client reviews.  What’s more? With our “No Win, No Fee” policy, you only pay once we’ve secured a win for you. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your claim today!


    Mokaram Law Firm Secures a Multi-Million Dollar Settlement for the Family of a Hispanic Man Rear-Ended and Burned by a Speeding Vehicle

    In a heartbreaking turn of events, a Hispanic man who was building a new life in the United States to support his family still in Mexico was rear-ended by a speeding vehicle. The impact was so severe that his car caught fire, causing the man to suffer extensive burns. Despite receiving medical treatment, he tragically passed away 16 hours after the accident. Thanks to the Mokaram Law Firm, the wife and two minor children of the victim finally received justice through a multi-million-dollar settlement.


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    If you’re looking for top-notch legal representation following an 18-wheeler accident in Plano, look no further than our team of expert attorneys.

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    Trevin Wayne

    I Would Very Much Recommend Rey w/Mokaram Law Firm She Was Very Attentive With My Case And She Was Their With Me Every Step Of The Way , She Also Helped Me When I Was Having Mental Breakdowns After A Wreck That Devastated Me . Mokaram Law Firm Is 10/10 Hands Down

    Eliseo Mayorga

    son muy amables y te explican todo de manera que lo entiendas y que no tengas dudas muchas gracias por ayudarme EXELENTE SERVICIO

    Swift Auto Title Service

    They helped me though the whole process from start to end. Would recommend them to anyone needing assistance on your accident. 10 out of 10. Thanks Mokaram!!!

    Jennifer Flores-Vallez

    Great service! April was very helpful & answered any questions & concerns we had!

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