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What Are Signs of PTSD from Car Accident?

A car accident is a scary experience that can be severely traumatic for most people. Many researchers have found that millions of people are experiencing PTSD after car accidents. If you or your loved one suffered from a car accident, you’re not alone in this. To educate yourself you should know what are signs of PTSD from car accident

If you’re depressed because of a car accident, try to accept it and seek professional help. It will help you to recover rapidly from the car accident. PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder can develop in a person if a person suffers from a car accident or witnesses a horrible experience. If you believe that you’re suffering from PTSD after a car accident here are some signs that indicate PTSD. 

Having Flashbacks of Car Accidents

A person after experiencing a horrible event may get flashbacks of it as a bad memory. But if you’re experiencing it again and again it is something that can’t be ignored. Some flashbacks feel like you’re actually experiencing the accident again. If it is your case, then it is post-traumatic stress disorder.  

When a person stresses about a situation a lot, the memories start hitting the mind which creates disturbance in a person. Sometimes a person may see the scenes of the accident, sounds and smells that can be challenging for a person to handle. If you’re getting flashbacks of your car accident, it is time to seek professional help to get rid of it. Getting so many flashbacks badly affects the mind and results in many mental disorders. 

Avoiding Conversations Related to the Accident

After car accidents, many people avoid the conversation about car accidents because they start reliving the accident. Many people get upset when they think or talk about car accidents. If you’re doing the same it means you are strongly affected by the car accident more than a moderate level. 

To overcome it, it is important to talk with your friends and loved ones about your accident. You can talk to a personal injury lawyer in Houston to discuss your accident and they will provide you with a perfect solution.

What Are Signs of PTSD from Car Accident?

Trouble in Sleeping

After a car accident, a person gets into an entirely different routine. Car accident victims have to take medicines to manage pain and heal. Trouble sleeping is a symptom of PTSD but disturbing sleep can also result in injuries that cause pain. To clarify your situation, check if you’re experiencing some other symptoms of PTSD.  

For instance, if you’re experiencing nightmares or you avoid sleeping because you get flashbacks it means your sleep is disturbing because of PTSD. For better clarification, you can discuss it with your doctor to know whether it is because of your physical pain or it is a symptom of PTSD.

Difficulty in Concentrating Things

After a car accident, the body has to bear a lot of pressure and force that results in different mental disorders. If you are unable to focus on things as you used to do it means you have PTSD. In PTSD a person can’t focus on one thing and gets distracted from different things. This type of symptom may take time to appear that needs to be addressed.  

It is a disorder in the brain that makes it hyper-sensitive and inactive. It results in slow processing and a person can’t concentrate on one thing. It makes a person anxious while working or unable to focus on things. It is a common sign of PTSD that can disturb a person’s routine, inability to focus on things while playing, watching movies, and reading books.

Fear of Driving or Riding in a Vehicle

After a life-changing car crash, a person gets threatened with driving or riding a car. When a person tries to avoid any vehicle after a car crash it is a sign that a person is suffering from PTSD. A person feels afraid to drive the same car that crashed into another car. The victim thinks that he will be hit in this car again. If it is your case, it is time to stay strong and accept the fact that accidents can happen to anyone and anywhere.  

In some cases, the victim feels fear of staying on the roads and they want to stay home because they feel they are safe there. If it is your situation, you must seek professional help. 

Feeling Irritation and Aggressiveness

After suffering from lots of pain and injuries a person may become annoyed. In a car accident, a person’s body is in a fighting situation that creates a feeling of tension in the body. Due to this tension, a person gets angry at small things easily. A person may lose their temper easily which makes them aggressive about everything.  

You may experience your aggressive attitude toward your parents, spouse, kids, and friends without any specific reason. If this is your situation and you’re unable to control your anger it means you have PTSD. You need to contact your psychiatrist or counselor to learn about anger management. 

Experiencing Different Mood Swings

Mood swings are a common thing that a person can experience. But if a person experiences severe mood swings after a car accident, this sign should not be ignored. A person faces the highs and lows of different feelings in a short time, it can be risky. For instance, if you’re feeling sad and having flashbacks of your accident and then you’re feeling calm and happy that means something is not right. A sudden mood change is a sign of an alarming mental condition of a person.  

A person may hide this feeling but people who are close will notice the sudden change of different mood. Mood swings that are not relevant to the situation you’re in are a sign that you’re suffering from PTSD. 

You Like to Isolate Yourself from Others

It can be challenging for an individual to deal with PTSD. PTSD has daunting symptoms that disturb a person’s life completely. A person may start isolating themself from people because they think that no one can understand them, or they don’t want to show their weak side. A person with PTSD makes a person hopeless and demotivated. The first thing you need to do is to accept the situation and seek medical attention.

Severe Depression

After a car accident, many people get depressed to see themselves injured, and experience lots of damage. Severe depression leads a person into mental trauma that needs weeks or months to get over. If you’re depressed to see yourself injured, medical bills, and reconstruction expenses It would be best for you to seek compensation. Mokaram Law Firm has a team of qualified attorneys who have provided compensation to various clients. 

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After a car accident, people experience significant injuries and damage. Whether you have good insurance, the expenses of the car accident may not come in the coverage completely. With the help of a lawyer, you can get maximum compensation. For legal guidance, you can call us at (281) 609-9224


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