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What are the Types of Personal Injury Cases?

Accidents are part of life that can take place anytime and anywhere. If you have suffered lots of injuries and loss because of someone else, it is essential for you to know the types of personal injury cases. It will help you know in which kind of case your incident lies. There are different types of situations that result in personal injury. Thus, it is essential to understand the liability. Below are the common types you must consider if you get hurt because of someone else. 


Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

Car Accidents


Car accidents are the most prevalent forms of personal injury cases that people encounter in different parts of the world. They take place on a daily basis, owing to reasons such as road mishaps due to factors like distracted driving, going too fast when driving, careless riding, or being under the influence of an intoxicating substance.

In an injury case that is brought about by a car accident, the injured party has to seek damages from the creditor for any injuries they sustain. This could be another element with the view to apply force, a car manufacturer or even the responsible for road’s issue. The cases on roads often determined the negligent mistakes that came into question by describing that the actor did not show reasonable care necessary for road use.

After an auto accident, it is essential that medical attention should be sought from a competent physician immediately, and the car crash site must be recorded in detail along with witness information, among other factors which need to be looked at through professional consultation by a qualified Houston car accident attorney. However, this preparation can make a difference in achieving the desired outcome when dealing with your case.

What are the Types of Personal Injury Cases?



Slip and Fall Cases


The other category of frequent types of personal accidents is slip and fall. These situations generally form part of the category labeled as premises liability. The following legal principle has it that in which an individual is injured due to hazardous conditions on one’s property, the owner or occupier of the said can be held responsible.

This could be because of the wet floor, not marking uneven surfaces, or poor lighting, and the owner knew that these hazards are here and can be harmful to people. Oftentimes, proving liability is achieved through the usage of negligence law, which demonstrates the failure of an owner to keep or warn a visitor about potential hazards on their premises.


Medical Malpractice


The flow of types of personal injury brings the medical practice cases to attention. Medical malpractice refers to a situation when any medical professional, such as a doctor, nurse, or technician, intentionally or through negligence neglects proper medical treatment, and an injury is caused to the patient. Some forms of clinical negligence may come in the form of failure to take corrective action, such as surgical errors, wrong diagnoses, bad post-care, or an incorrect dose. Such a case can also lead to wrongful death if a person dies because of someone else carelessness. 


Product Liability


A defective or dangerous product may result in physical injury to the consumer which leads to litigation, a product liability suit. These products include bad automobiles and appliances, adulterated pharmaceutical drugs, and toys that are unsafe for use by children. 

Injuries that may be caused by products that have been manufactured, distributed, or by storage facilities can give manufacturers, distributors, and retailers liability. The claims typically include design defects, manufacturing defects, and inadequate warnings about the potential hazards.


Workplace Injuries


Personal injury cases, which revolve around a wide variety of types, personal injury lawyers will settle workplace injuries where employees are injured on the job. It is important to note that workers’ compensation acts serve as a policy of helping the employees who get injured at work no matter where they are rightfully blamed. On the other hand, when employees are injured by someone who does not include their employer or a colleague, they can also file a personal injury lawsuit against this third party.


Animal Assault Cases


Dog bites and animal assaults may lead to deep lacerations, infections, current complications, as well ever-lasting scarring. The owner is often responsible for the consequences of damage by his pet in most cases. Owner liability law is governed by several jurisdictions. While some regions have laws holding owners liable for the offense or dog bite, this responsibility only comes into force when the victim has not provoked the animal and was rightfully at that place.


Wrongful Death


In wrongful death cases involved here, the deaths result from negligence or intentional actions by someone. Such cases may develop from a variety of situations, such as a lack of paying your bills, torture by violent cliques in the street, or car accidents. Wrongful death cases permit surviving relatives to sue for losses suffered by their deceased family member, funeral expenses and costs of financial support, and non-material damages. If you experience any of these painful incidents, Mokaram Law Firm has dedicated time that is ready to guide you!


Sexual Assault and Battery


Assault and battery are intentional injurious acts; these can result in civil or criminal charges. Rather than serving sentences in prison, an individual involved in the crime can also face civil lawsuits in which they are sued with personal injury claims and compensate the victim financially for his medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages. Actions that oblige fear of harm or injury are known as assault, and battery should be understood to mean contact that results in hurt.


Premises Liability


Premises liability cases are those where the injuries that happen to a person do so on someone else’s piece of property because there were unsafe conditions. Apart from slip and fall accidents, premises liability may include such cases as inadequate security resulting from assault, swimming pool accidents, and injuries occasioned by falling ministries. Landlords should ensure that the premises they rent are kept as safe as possible and note all hazards to which visitors might be exposed, and provide them with appropriate warnings.




The law on personal injuries prevents defamation cases from causing physical harm; however, such actions inflict damage on an individual’s name. Consequently, it is considered acting under the umbrella of personal injury law. There are two forms of defamation, and these include slander, which comprises untrue words, and libel, which is an act of publishing inaccurate statements in a written form. In order to succeed in a defamation lawsuit, the plaintiff must show that the material false statement was published to an outside (third party), viewed by any reasonable one as being equivocal or false, harmed the reputation, and not protected by any privilege.


The Bottom Line 


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