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What can happen if I don't hire a truck accident attorney?

Truck accidents can be a horrible experience for a person who has to deal with a strong force that results in multiple injuries and losses. Due to the truck’s immense size, it can lead to lots of disaster. If you are suffering from multiple losses and pain because of someone’s negligence while driving a  huge truck, your state has given you all the right to file a compensation claim. Compensation may not erase the painful experience of the truck accident, but it can help you manage your financial losses. To seek compensation, you need a truck accident lawyer by your side; otherwise, you may end up in critical situations. Mostly, people ask us what can happen if I don’t hire a truck accident lawyer. In this blog, you’ll get a detailed explanation. 


Inadequate Compensation


Suffering the result of truck accidents often leads to numerous medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. Insurance firms will, at times, pay little compensation to accident victims in a bid to limit their financial responsibility. Under the guidance of a Houston auto accident lawyer, you will be aware of the worth of your claim and all types of compensation you deserve. Thus, you could agree to a concession that does not comprehensively cater to your current and future bills, leaving you financially hopeless.


Difficulty Proving Liability


In truck accident cases, various legal questions arise, such as the allocation of liability among a number of parties like truck drivers, trucking companies, manufacturers of vehicles, and insurers. To prove fault in a truck accident, the investigation has to be conducted thoroughly, as the evidence that can establish such fault includes accident reports, witness statements, electronic logging device data, and maintenance records. A truck accident lawyer has the expertise and necessary resources to carry out a detailed investigation and mount a solid case for you. Thus, all those at fault will be punished accordingly.


Missing Deadlines and Filing Errors


Following a truck accident, legal processes have stringent time limits for filing paperwork, submitting claims, and instituting legal proceedings. When you fail to meet the deadlines or submit incorrect paperwork, it may result in your case’s dismissal or your losing the right to pursue compensation. Truck accident attorneys know all procedures involved and will ensure that all papers are filed correctly and on time, protecting your legal rights and giving you an opportunity to seek compensation.


Overlooking Future Damages


The impact of injuries suffered in a truck accident can last a lifetime, although their occurrence may be unexpected. Without legal assistance, you might miss future damages like medical treatment bills, rehabilitation, and loss of employability. An attorney specializing in truck accidents will look into the full extent of your damages, including future needs and losses, and seek adequate compensation to cover these costs. The goal is to provide you with the finances needed to facilitate your recovery and maintain your lifestyle.


What can happen if I don't hire a truck accident attorney?


Emotional and Legal Burden


A truck crash can leave you feeling both mentally and legally overwhelmed, especially if you happen also to be recovering from injuries or dealing with the loss of a loved one. Entering the complex legal process alone will make you more stressed and add to your anxiety, which will further distract you from your recovery. A truck accident attorney could reduce the amount of work when it comes to legal proceedings; you will be free to put more attention on yourself and enjoy the healing process as the attorney handles the complexity of your case, giving you the comfort that all your rights are catered for.


Lack of Legal Expertise


Truck accident cases are governed by intricate legal details and points that might be unknown to individuals with no legal training. A truck accident lawyer is imperative because without him/her, you may not fully understand your rights, obligations, and the processes of a truck accident suit. The absence of legal knowledge can lead to fatal errors or your being at the mercy of an insurer or antagonist. Mokaram Law Firm has the best team of truck accident lawyers who are familiar with all the procedures and laws that will help you in seeking compensation. 


Complex Negotiations


Bargaining with insurance companies and other parties concerned in the claim process of a truck accident is very complicated and disorienting. Insurance adjusters are good at negotiating settlements that work in their favor and very often leave accident victims empty-handed. A truck accident lawyer has expertise in dealing with settlement talks and can effectively lobby for your top interests, thus making you get fair and just compensation for injuries and losses.


Limited Access to Resources:


Truck accidents need access to trained persons such as accident reconstruction experts, doctors and financial analysts which helps to present a strong case. Without legal counsel, you may not get to these resources or do not know how to make the best use of such resources. A truck accident litigator keeps a network of field experts with whom they can collaborate to increase your strength and chances of winning the case.


Potential Legal Pitfalls


The truck accident cases are fraught with a myriad of legal minefields and procedural obstacles that must be tackled head-on cautiously so as not to jeopardize your claim. For instance, in some states, there are stipulated statutes of limitations that set a time limit for filing a personal injury lawsuit. Not meeting these deadlines may lead to a dismissal of your case. A truck accident lawyer is conversant with such legal loopholes and can guide you through the process, ensuring that your rights are safeguarded at every step.


Underestimation of Damages


Without the help of a truck accident lawyer, there is a high probability of you being under diverse claims that should be reparation thus undervaluing the total damages and the compensation you’re entitled to. Injuries from a truck accident can incur high medical costs, wage losses, physical pain, suffering and other economic and non-economic damages. A truck accident lawyer will carefully evaluate all of your damages which involves both current and future expenses, to make sure that you get the right amount of compensation for your injuries and losses.


Courtroom Representation


In spite of the fact that most truck accident claims are settled, cases that are brought to trial are the ones that do not have a fair settlement. Self-representation in court can be intimidating and will almost certainly reduce your chances of success. A truck accident lawyer is versed in courtroom litigation and will be able to advocate your interests in front of a judge and jury, coming up with convincing evidence and arguments that will favour you.


The Bottom Line 


A person has to suffer with lots of problems and hurdles after facing a terrifying truck accident. If you are suffering in silence, it is time to break the silence and contact the best accident attorney. To seek the legal consultancy of our experienced lawyer, feel free to call us at (281) 609-9224


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