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What Damages Can You Receive in a Personal Injury Claim?

Personal injury takes place when a person has to suffer injuries and loss because of another’s negligence. Due to personal injury, a victim has to suffer lots of pain, distress, and financial loss that can change their quality of life. If you are one of them, you are not alone. Millions of Americans are suffering from personal injury in different circumstances. However, no financial support can reduce the burden of a painful accident but fair compensation can reduce some of your financial burden. To seek rightful compensation, it is important for you to know what damages can you receive in a personal injury claim.

Today, you’ll discover types of damages that you can seek by filing a lawsuit against the liable party. So, let’s delve into the details!


Economic Damages


Economic damages, also known as special damages, refer to the specific financial loss suffered by an injured person due to an accident or injury. These injuries are measurable, and the price title can usually be attributed to them. Common economic damages in personal injury claims include: 


Medical Expenses


This category comprises medical bills that were incurred in the past and those that may be incurred in the future, which include hospitalization, surgery, medication, physiotherapy, and medical gear.


Lost Wages


This refers to pain and suffering, which is associated with the resulting absenteeism because the victim cannot attend work and also the inability to generate income as a result of below-capacity work or stopping working.


Property Damage


In situations where a person is injured in a vehicle accident or the case concerns injury of personal property, victims can be compensated retrogressively in the sense that they can claim the cost of repairing or replacing the damaged items. With the help of Houston car accident attorney you can seek any property damage that occur because of someone else. 


What Damages Can You Receive in a Personal Injury Claim?


Rehabilitation Costs


If the victim suffers extreme injuries that affect him for the rest of his life, spending continuous rehabilitation or therapy, he can count the cost of these treatments as recovery economic damages.


Non-Economic Damages


Similarly, general damages or non-economic damages can be defined as losses that are more intangible, and it’s kind of difficult to pin down the numbers. As aforementioned, these damages are employed in the intangible loss and the non-monetary consequence of the injury. Common non-economic damages in personal injury claims include:


Pain and Suffering


This category pertains to the physical and emotional suffering, pain, and discomfort that the victim has to endure due to the accident or injury.


Emotional Distress


None is more stressful than this. All emotional distress damages may include psychological injury and non-bodily injuries and damages following from being afraid and stiffening with fear. We note continued depression and loss of life’s insufficiency or looking for the afterlife.


Loss of Consortium


Injury, as well as being deemed as unfavorable to the victim’s relationship with the spouse or family members, constitutes a fallout loss of company, love, and care that the so affected prays may be compensated.




When a wound leads to permanent scaring or deformity, victims fight for reimbursements.


Wrongful Death Damages


Wrongful death cases award damages for the estate of the person who died and any surviving family members, he continued. These types of losses are created to bring equal reparation of both the monetary and intangible losses due to the death of an individual by somebody who has deliberately or negligently caused his death. Common wrongful death damages include:


Funeral and Burial Expenses


These may be large, and compensation is sought to relieve the family of the decedent of the financial burden of the deceased.


Loss of Financial Support


The surviving members stand a chance of being compensated for the lost support they would have received from the deceased, lost income, benefits, and contributions.


Loss of Companionship


Emotional pain and loss of companionship as a result of death may be compensated for by family members in terms of damages.


Pain and Suffering of the Deceased


The damages are available in other jurisdictions to compensate for the agony, pain, and suffering that the deceased lived through before their death.


Future Damages


If the injuries sustained by the victim lead to long-term period or permanent damage, both economic and non-economic future damages can be pursued. This forms specific losses resulting from projected future medical bills, pain and suffering losses, and ongoing losses due to lost earning capacity that a victim is likely to suffer. In major accidents, people have to suffer from severe injuries and permanent or temporary disability that need medical treatment for a long time. With such compensation, you can reduce the financial burden of the future and manage all your expenses that were compromised in a life-changing incident. 


Punitive Damages


Punitive damages differ in scope and implications from economic and non-economic damages. Punitive damages are notoriously compensation damages, but punitive ones as they are also trying to punish the responsible party for being reckless or acting with malice. Punitive damages are uncommonly there and are usually for deserving defendants whose conduct is ethically suspect or malicious. The primary goal is to prevent such conduct in the future. Such damage can be claimed with the help of a personal injury lawyer at Mokaram Law Firm.


Legal Consideration You Must Know About Personal Injury Damage


While personal injury claims can encompass a wide range of damages, it is essential to consider several legal factors and limitations: 


  • Statute of Limitations: Every state has its own personal injury claim statute of limitation. However, missing those deadlines might lead to losing the right to claim.
  • Comparative Negligence: There are some states where comparative negligence applies, such that the award of the injured party may be reduced if they are also partly at fault. Such clarity with state laws is needed.
  • Insurance Coverage: Auto and homeowner’s insurance are also common in covering damages cases of personal injury competition. The first stage involves analyzing insurance and all available coverage, as this information is the basis of how much compensation someone can be offered.
  • Evidence and Documentation: In order to develop a strong case, injuries, medical treatments, costs, and any other evidence that reinforces your claim need to be appropriately documented.


The Bottom Line 


Personal injury claim can help to reduce the financial burden and mental distress that result because of someone else. With the help of personal injury lawyer you can claim different type of damages that can help you recover faster. To know the estimated amount of your compensation you can contact a lawyer. A lawyer with their expertise and knowledge can help you know the estimate amount you can seek. Call us today at (281) 609-9224 to get more information.


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