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What Is a Concussion Worth in a Car Accident?

Traumatic brain injury is one of the common injuries that most people experience in car accidents. According to research, approximately 40% of car accidents result from traumatic brain injury. One of the most common and serious types of brain injury is concussion.  

Whether the car accident is just a dump or significant, it can become the reason for brain injury. Concussions can be mild to severe, depending on the health of the victim. Many people already suffer from mental conditions that worsen in car accidents. People suffering from concussions mostly ask what is a concussion worth in a car accident. The worth of the case depends on multiple factors.  

Every car accident is different from others, and everyone gets compensation differently. A concussion affects the life of a person on the basis of different elements. To know how you can evaluate the worth, you must read the following points.  

Medical Expense Evaluation   

People who suffer from car accidents are taken to medical emergency centers to save their lives. After taking immediate medical help, the victim gets complete medical treatment on the basis of injury. If a person suffers from concussion, they need proper medication, treatments, diagnostics tests, therapies, and surgery if needed. All the medical expenses can be covered in the compensation.  

If you are suffering because of someone’s negligence, a car accident attorney in Houston TX will collect all the medical reports and bills and organize them in such a way that it will show how you suffered because of someone else. With the lawyer’s guidance, you can evaluate which type of medical expenses you can claim from the liable party.  

Potential Risk 

A concussion is a life-changing injury that results in lots of complications on the victim’s health. These complications do not appear immediately after the accident. It may take weeks, months, and even years to become noticeable. If a doctor assesses that you may face potential danger even after getting the treatment, you can claim all the expenses of future medical bills. 

Impact of Concussion on Daily Life  

After a car accident, a person’s life turns upside down. You may not do some tasks that you do before the accident. It completely impacts the enjoyment of life and leads them to distress. To overcome the pressure of it, you can seek compensation from the liable party.  

Lost Income  

When a person gets a concussion, he may not be able to go to work for months and, even worse case, for years. Lost income can affect the financial situation of the person, which leads them to severe depression. You can seek a fair settlement amount to overcome the burden of financial instability.  

Pain and Suffering  

A concussion is a mixture of pain, discomfort, mental trauma and poor quality of life. A person who suffers from it may experience different issues that can enhance their suffering. It is non-economical damage that you can claim from the liable party with the help of a lawyer.  

An experienced lawyer will help you seek compensation for every possible damage you suffer. Mokaram Law Firm has a large team of lawyers that have a high success record in seeking compensation for their clients.  

What Is a Concussion Worth in a Car Accident?

The Bottom Line  

Car accidents are traumatic and result in lots of damage. To know the worth of your case, you need the guidance of an experienced lawyer. To know your case worth, feel free to call us at (281) 609-9224.  


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