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What is Considered a Soft Tissue Injury in a Car Accident?

Car accidents can be a horrible and traumatizing experience for a person who suffers injuries and damage. Every day, millions of accidents take place in the United States. Some accidents are serious, and some people experience minor car dumps. For people, it is nothing surprising to experience a car accident because it can take place anytime and anywhere.  

In a car accident, the victim experiences different types of injuries; the most common one is soft tissue injury. Whiplash, strain, sprains, contusion, and concussion are considered soft tissue injury in a car accident.  

Whether you experience a minor car accident or a major one, there is a greater chance you will experience soft tissue injury. After the incident, it is difficult to know the type of injury. Because some experience symptoms after some hours, days, weeks, or even months. 

In this blog, you’ll learn about what soft tissue injuries are and their types. Let’s get started.  

What are Soft Tissue Injuries?  

The body contains numerous soft tissues in the shape of muscles, blood vessels, tendons, and nerves. Soft tissue is something that helps the body to protect joints and bones from any damage. The soft tissue gets compressed when a person sustains dramatic force in any accident. The force of a car accident damages the soft tissue, which results in discomfort and pain. In severe cases, people experience inflammation, bruising, severe pain, and limited motion of the body.  

Types of Soft Tissue Injuries  

In a car accident, a person experiences multiple injuries. The most common one is soft tissue injury. Below are the common types of soft tissue injuries that most people experience in car accidents.  


Condition is a medical condition when a person experiences bruises on soft tissue. When a person experiences a drastic car accident, different bruises take place that damage the body’s soft tissue.  

For instance, when a person experiences a sudden force, the knee gets hit with the steering, which creates contusion. Additionally, in most cases, people experience sudden snapback of the head against the steering wheel or the dashboard, and people experience minor to severe bruising. If you experience contusion, you can claim all the medical expenses with the help of a car accident lawyer in Houston TX.  


One of the injuries associated with vehicle accidents is whiplash, which is a condition of the neck. When the head suddenly faces pressure, the tissues in the neck are affected. A collision with the car’s interior damages these soft tissue fibers when a person’s head hits them.
It affects the neck joints, which become swollen and painful due to the sudden force. People develop whiplash, even in a minor accident where they are thrown forward due to the sudden crash of the car. Such shoulder pain, stiffness, headaches, and neck pain are some whiplash symptoms.
Complete medical assistance is required by you in case of suffering any tissue injury.  


A laceration is an injury that takes place when a person experiences severe cuts and bruising. After an accident, most people experience minor to severe lacerations, depending on the seriousness of the crash. When your skin faces deep cuts and bruises, it damages the soft tissue beneath the skin. Laceration occurs when sharp objects like mirrors, metal, or any other sharp thing contact the skin. 

Compressed Nerves  

When a body has to absorb lots of force in an accident, the nerves that surround near soft tissue get compressed. Compressed nerves negatively impact the functioning of the body, resulting in further medical complications.  

Car accident victims with compressed nerves have to suffer from numbness, tingling sensation, and consistent pain. Compressed nerves are a common car accident condition needing immediate attention to avoid future risks. If it is left untreated, it can cause inflammation that will become severe with time.  

Tear in Rotator Cuff  

The rotator cuff consists of a network of muscles and tendons surrounding your shoulder joint. When there is an auto accident, the impact may partially or entirely rupture some of the soft tissues surrounding the joint, leading to extreme pain and stiffness. 

When a person experiences sudden trauma, the shoulder area gets compressed. Rotator cuff tears are common in car accidents because your shoulder bears intense force. The fierce force strains your body, resulting in further complicated issues. People in this condition may experience extreme pain and less motion in their shoulders.  

Strains and Sprains  

One of the common injuries people face in car accidents is sprain and strain. A strain happens when the muscle has to suffer from an intense stretch that results in a tear of the muscle.  

A sprain takes place when the ligament gets torn because of strong force. Ligaments, muscles, and tendons are connected with bones to protect them from damage. The bone gets affected when the soft tissue gets damaged, and the person has to face severe pain.  

Strains and sprains occur when the person experiences a sudden jerk stretching tissue from its actual place. Due to sudden jerks, the person experiences severe bruises on the body that result in serious injury.  

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear  

An anterior cruciate ligament tear is a soft tissue injury of the knee. The soft tissue that connects the thigh bone to that of the shin bone may be torn during an accident by either blunt-force trauma or over-twisting. The damage incurred may affect your flexibility, limit mobility, and strain a damaged leg while walking.  

For instance, when a car accident victim’s knee hits the steering, it may create tears in the knee. People with this injury can’t walk properly for many days and need immediate treatment to avoid any fatal risks.  

Symptoms of Soft Tissue Injury  

If you or your loved one has experienced an accident recently and are complaining about pain and stiffness, the car accident victim should know the soft tissue injury symptoms. After car accidents, soft tissue injuries are common. Thus, it is better to know some of the common soft tissue injury symptoms. It includes:  

  • Numbness 
  • Tingling sensation 
  • Stiffness 
  • Pain 
  • Discoloration 
  • Bruising 
  • Swelling 
  • Memory loss 
  • Pain while putting pressure 
  • Limited movement  
  • Inflammation 

You may have soft tissue injury if you have any of these symptoms after experiencing a car accident. Consult your doctor right away so the doctor can diagnose the type of injury and find the best solution for it.  

What is Considered a Soft Tissue Injury in a Car Accident?

What To Do If You Have a Soft Tissue Injury  

If you believe you have soft tissue injury after reading symptoms, it is essential for you to seek medical care before it gets too late. Receiving medical care at the right time saves your life and helps you cope with the potential damage.  

Even if you experience minor swelling or pain, talk to your doctor. A doctor will thoroughly examine your condition and help you know the internal damage to your body.  

Furthermore, document all your medical prescriptions, doctor recommendations, medical bills, and medical reports. It will help you in getting the appropriate compensation for your injury.  

How a Lawyer Can Help You in Seeking Compensation for Injuries  

Receiving medical help is your first priority when you experience any sort of accident. Don’t worry about the medical expenses. With the help of a lawyer, you can seek what a victim truly deserves. Nothing can replace the pain and loss you suffered, but at least you can reduce the burden of expenses that strongly affect your financial situation.  

A lawyer will assist you at every step so you can be more focused on your health while you can claim fair compensation. Focusing on health and injury claims is difficult for a car accident victim. With the collaboration of a lawyer, you can focus on your health, and your lawyer will proceed with your case for compensation.  

Damages You Can Recover from Soft Tissue Injury Claim  

If you experienced a soft tissue injury, there is a great possibility that you can recover compensation for it. The victim can claim the following damages for soft tissue injury. 

  • Pain and suffering 
  • Extensive medical bills 
  • Physical therapy 
  • Rehabilitation services 
  • Property damage  
  • Medication 
  • Emotional Suffering  
  • Lost income  
  • Inability to Earn  

The total settlement for soft tissue injury depends on the severity of the event. To know which type of damages you can claim, contact a lawyer for an estimated amount. Looking for a lawyer who can let you know the estimated compensation? Mokaram Law Firm is here to help.  

Get a Soft Tissue Injury Claim with Mokaram Law Firm  

If you suffered from a soft tissue injury that has disturbed your life and want compensation for all your suffering and pain, you need an experienced lawyer. To connect with our experienced lawyer, call us at (281) 609-9224.


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