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What is the First Step You Take If You Are Involved in An Incident?

With time and convenience people are experiencing more incidents. They don’t know what to do in a serious situation. Thus, it is important to educate yourself about incidents. You must know what is the first step you take if you are involved in an incident.  

The first thing you need to do is stop at the accident situation. Many people get afraid and run from the accident scene which makes the incident worse. Because of different injuries and loss people have different feelings about an accident and when the liable party runs from the situation it complicates it further. It can badly affect your case and result in your liability to pay the damages. 

Below are some steps that will help you to know what you should do after an incident. 

Stop the Car and Make Sure Everything is Okay

As a sensible citizen, it is your responsibility to stop the car and ensure that other people are okay. It is very unethical to run from the incident in which you were involved, and you left the injured person unattended. If someone has got major or minor injuries because of you, it is your duty to rescue them to a secure place and call an ambulance.  

Moreover, try to remove the vehicle from the incident place to clear the road. Placing your vehicle inappropriately on the road can create further disaster. The safety of the victim is the most important element. Make sure they safely reach to get emergency medical assistance. 

Gather Important Data from the Incident Scene

If it is possible for you at the incident scene gather evidence as much you can. You can collect evidence in the form of pictures, videos, and CCTV footage to see who else was involved in the incident and how this all happened.  

Note down the name, contact information, car color, model and number plate present on the scene to contact witnesses to know what happened.

What is the First Step You Take If You Are Involved in An Incident?

Contact Accident Lawyer

After the accident, the most essential step that must be taken is to hire a lawyer. A personal injury lawyer in Corpus-Christi will personally investigate your case, gather valuable evidence and fight for your case. If you are also injured due to someone else’s negligence you can also claim for compensation with the help of a lawyer. A personal injury lawyer will explain you about the legal system and fight for your case to claim a settlement amount. 

Notify Your Insurance Company

As a responsible person you can notify your insurance company to start the process to construct a claim for you. Ut before that they will evaluate the whole scenario to know the real factors behind the accident. To deal with an insurance company consult your lawyer first. A lawyer is pro in dealing with insurance companies and they can help a lot in avoiding any serious mistakes. Mokaram Law Firm has qualified lawyers who negotiate with insurance companies to fight for better compensation. 

Seek Medical Help

After an accident, there is a chance that the driver itself is injured. At the time of the incident check yourself, if you suffer from any incident then make sure to get medical assistance as soon as possible. Go to the nearest hospital and get yourself completely checked. In case of severe injuries due to another driver, you can get compensation against your medical bills. 

Avoid Accepting Liability on the Incident Scene

On the incident scene, you can show sympathy and care to the affected person but try not to accept the guilt first. You don’t know why the accident happened and how many parties were involved in the incident. There can be a chance that you were not behind the accident. 

Try to discuss with other drivers to know who was involved in the accident and how many people were harmed in the incident. In this way, you’ll be ensured who was at fault. 

The Bottom Line

An incident is a horrible event that can affect many lives at once. Incidents can happen anywhere whether you’re on the road, office, or at your place. If you or your loved one experienced an incident and you want legal guidance you need a professional lawyer. For further information, you can call us at (281) 609-9224


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