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What is The Most Common Fracture in a Car Accident?

Car accident fatalities have seen a tremendous spike in many parts of the United States, resulting in multiple injuries and the destruction of people’s property. Such experiences make people suffer bruises, loss of blood, broken bones, injuries, and mental distress. Regardless of whether the car crash is minor or serious, it can cause a lot of pain and money loss. In extreme circumstances, people lose their lives.

You may be involved in a fatal car crash with different kinds of wounds or breakages. The most common fracture in a car accident are spinal fractures, facial fractures, skull fractures, collarbone fractures, neck fractures, etc. Somehow, even if one is wearing a seatbelt, some body parts are unprotected.

The car crash’s intense pressure inflicts injuries on diverse body areas when a person’s body has to undergo this suffering. Some broken bones are just to heal with time, while others require additional treatments for full recovery. This blog will explore the most frequent fractures that result in car accidents. 

Spinal Fractures

A spinal fracture is one of the kinds of injuries associated with motor vehicle accidents. Spinal injury is one of the complicated fractures that affects the functioning of the whole body. It has severe impacts on life that can be life-changing.  

The fractures can affect the vertebrae causing spinal cord injury, nerve damage, and paralysis. The degree of backbone damage also varies with different impacts that break bones at different points in the spinal column.

Skull and Facial Fractures 

People who don’t wear seatbelts or experience intense back and forth motion in a car accident may damage their face and skull. Skull and facial fractures are often associated with head injuries that are common in road accidents.  

The TBI, such as a fracture of the spine, could last for several years and lead to a mental problem or deformity. It is one of the serious fractures that can affect the working of the brain and lead to permanent disability. 

If you’re suffering from this type of fracture, it is vital for you to search for an accident lawyer near me to seek compensation for your damage. 

Arm and Leg Fractures

Fractures in the arms and legs, such as the forearm, wrist, ankle, and foot, are common. Most people experience this in their daily lives while working. But in car accidents, people experience severe fractures and injuries to their arms and legs. In car accidents, people try to save themselves by using their arms. The arm’s bone is sensitive and gets fractured because of intense pressure.  

In minor fractures it may heal with mild medical treatment. But in severe cases, it needs proper medication and treatment to heal.  

Rib Fractures

One of the common damages that take place in car accidents is rib fractures. It can take place because of seat belts and airbags. Ribs won’t be put into a cast either, and treatment of the injury will require lots of rest with some very gentle movements that allow the bones to recover gradually. Surgery is a severe form of treatment for serious instances.

Back Fractures

In car accidents, a person may develop in cases of whiplash. Body fractures usually occur in rear-end and head-on collisions. This takes place when one indicated disc is pressed down. Most of these broken bones are treated by resting, wearing a back brace, and undertaking therapy. In some situations, surgery can become necessary for the bones to heal properly and ensure a person’s lifetime good health.

Hip Fractures

The hip is an important joint connecting the thigh bone to the pelvis, which allows us to move properly. Other common areas for fractures include the hip bones, which may be caused by car accidents or due to falling, as well as other incidents. The hip consists of a complex structure. Hence, it may take several years for complete recovery.  

Additionally, due to that complex structure, various types of accessories such as screws, rods, or plates are required to stabilize the area, thus reestablishing complete motion.

Pelvis Fractures

This may happen during an accident involving a car but is usually more of an injury caused by a motorcycle one. For a pelvis fracture to heal completely, it may need bed rest combined with physical therapy using. In severe fractures it may create complications when moving or sitting.  

Wrist Fractures  

A person’s wrist consists of sensitive bone that can be broken or fractured easily. It can be caused when it gets crushed while suffering from intense pressure. Due to fragile bones, it can break easily. But the good thing is it can heal faster than other fractures. With mild treatment and medication, it can completely heal if there are no further complications.  

Causes of Fractures in Car Accidents  

A fracture is a tear or break in the bone of a different part of the body. When a person experiences sudden pressure from a hit, the bones have to absorb the force for survival, which

results in bone breakage. There are different factors that become the reason for fractures.   

High-Speed Collisions 

There are many people who enjoy overspeeding, but they don’t know what can happen to them. When a person experiences a car accident at high speed, it results in lots of damage. In car accidents, fractures are more common during high-speed collisions. Fracture bones are common when impact forces are very high. Particularly, there are many regions where bones need extra protection to avoid fractures.

What is The Most Common Fracture in a Car Accident?

Seat Belt Injuries 

Seat belts are important in preventing other serious injuries, but they may inflict fractures too. Yes, it saves your life, but it can result in multiple fractures. While the body is being restrained by the seat belt, which is good for survival but results in broken ribs and broken collarbones. 

Airbag Deployment

These airbags were designed to help minimize serious head and chest injuries, but they can, in themselves, result in fractures during deployment. The generated force is majorly responsible for facial/wrist fractures. 

Symptoms of Bone Fracture in Car Accident 

After a car accident, if you suspect that there is a fracture in your bone, you need medical attention as soon as possible. However, there are common symptoms a person experiences if they have a fracture. 

  • Pain  
  • Tenderness 
  • Swelling 
  • Trouble in standing  
  • Inability to stand or move  
  • Pain while movement  

Compensation for Bone Fracture from Car Accident  

If you’re suffering a bone fracture because of someone’s negligence, you are enticed to seek compensation from the person responsible. People who suffer loss and damages from collision created by the liable person are eligible to pursue the claim.  

To seek compensation, you need a lawyer who can provide you with complete guidance about the legal system. Seeking compensation is challenging, especially when the accident is severe, or there are multiple liable parties involved in the car accident. A person may have difficulty knowing who is behind the damage.  

With the help of a lawyer, you can investigate your case, know who is behind the accident, evaluate the compensation, and successfully file a compensation case. With their diverse experience, you can build a strategy that will help you seek what you deserve. Mokaram Law Firm has maintained a good success record by helping its clients seek hefty compensation from a liable party.  

Damages You Can Claim in Compensation  

Below are the damages you can claim from the liable party with the help of a personal injury lawyer.  

  • Medical Bills  
  • Lost Income  
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Emotional distress 
  • Reduced quality of life 
  • Disability  
  • Property Loss  

The Bottom Line  

Sustaining a bone fracture can be quite painful and inconvenient. If you suffer because of someone else, you should file compensation to manage your finances. To discuss your case with a well-founded lawyer, you can call us at (281) 609-9224. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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