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What Is the Most Common Spinal Injury in A Car Accident?

Car accidents are quite devastating and life-changing. After a car accident, people experience injuries that change their lives completely. The most common one is a spinal injury. Out of all car crashes, the impact is highest for the spine absorbing the force of an accident. Spinal cord is the linkage between the body and brain. Some people may develop long-term illnesses due to complications arising from such critical injuries.

The most common type of spinal injury in the case of a car accident is a spinal fracture or sprain. The majority of auto accident injuries include whiplash, strain, sprains, and fractures. A person involved in a car accident should go for a medical checkup early to avoid additional complications that may arise due to ignorance.

Therefore, this blog for today will touch on a few spinal injuries associated with most car crashes. So, let’s get started!

Spinal Fractures 

A spinal fracture is the breakdown of spinal vertebrae because of the blunt pressure of a car accident. The fracture in the spine can damage the spinal cord and nerves. It is one of the most painful injuries that a person can experience in a car accident.  

The body’s chest is surrounded by a seat belt that saves a person from any sudden back and forth. With blunt force, the cervical area got damaged. If you’re suffering from spinal fractures, you may need extensive medical treatment for recovery. To manage your medical treatment, you need a car accident lawyer in Houston TX. A lawyer will help you get the compensation you deserve for your medical bills.  

Herniated Discs 

Herniated discs are one of the common spinal injuries that affect the back of the body. The herniated disc has a gel-type fluid that leaks out when it suffers from a crack. The fluid will flow down to the surrounding area, which will affect them negatively. Many people experience tingling sensations, numbness, and pain in the back.  

Moreover, in severe car accidents, the herniated disc may get dislocated from the place that pushes itself from the spinal column. In this condition, a person may experience severe symptoms for a long time.  

What Is the Most Common Spinal Injury in A Car Accident?

Facet Joint Injury  

Immediate pain following a car accident is an indication of facet joint injury. The condition is also known as facet joint syndrome, which is a degenerative spinal disorder. It is a disorder that can be debilitating when untreated. Injury to the cartilage that cushions the facet joints or leaking of the synovial fluid can sometimes be present. 

Spinal Stenosis  

When the spinal cord has to suffer from extreme pressure, it narrows the spinal canal in the lower area of the back. It can happen anywhere in the spine, but the most common one is in the lower back. Some people with spinal stenosis do not even have any symptoms. These include pain, tingling, numbness, and muscle weakness in others. They may become worse with time.

Wear-and-tear arthritic changes in the spine mainly cause spinal stenosis. Sometimes, some people with severe cases of spinal stenosis may require to undergo surgery. 


Spondylolisthesis is a back problem where some vertebrae get moved more than necessary. Some vertebrae dislocate from their position and press others around the spine. This leads to compression or pinching of nerves in the spinal region that causes immense pain in the lower back. 

Because of spondylolisthesis, a person has to suffer from numbness, pain in the lower back and leg.  

How Spinal Injury Take Place in Car Accidents?  

Vehicles are made up of heavy materials. When one vehicle hits another vehicle or solid object, the body must suffer extreme force and shock that is complicated for a body to bear.In such circumstances, when the body bears the weight of the car accident, the spine of the accident victims suffers the most.

The extent of the damage to the spinal cord is dependent upon the magnitude of the accident. In case of a serious motor vehicle accident, one can sustain a complex spine fracture which makes it all down for the injured victim.

Should you experience an extreme spinal injury with a significant impact on your life, you need an experienced attorney to advise you on how to proceed. Mokaram Law Firm has skillful accident lawyers who will fight for your rights and guide you in seeking fair compensation.  

Final Thoughts 

Car accidents can be one of the most traumatizing events for a person that he can’t forget. Unfortunately, if you have suffered from a car accident that results in spinal injury, you surely need our help. For complete assistance in your case, you can call us at (281) 609-9224.


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