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What To Do After a Motorcycle Accident?

There is a rapid increase in motorcycle accidents in the United States. Many motorcyclists have suffered from horrible accidents and they are afraid of riding motorcycles. Accidents can happen to anyone on the road, so it is important to know what to do after a motorcycle accident

The first thing you need to do is to call an ambulance and seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Many injuries become severe if not treated on time. Hence, there should be no compromise on your health. Seek medical assistance first to ensure your rapid recovery.  

Moreover, if you want to seek compensation for your damages you must need your medical records to present as evidence. Without evidence of injuries, it will be difficult to seek compensation amount. In this blog, you’ll learn all the steps to do after an accident. 

Leave the Bike and Get Safe

For motorcyclists, their motorcycle is everything to them. But at the time of the accident, there should be no compromise on safety. After an accident, most people try to get up and collect the broken pieces of the bike. But doing this will have harmful effects on your health.  

Staying on the road for a long time to check your bike will close the path of other drivers on the road. Try to safely remove yourself from the road and leave your bike behind for a while from the accident. Try to save yourself from the road and ask someone to put your bike aside.  

In severe injuries, moving your motorcycle will affect it badly and worsen the wound. Moreover, removing your motorcycle from the road means that you are removing evidence from the accident scene. To seek compensation, the insurance company demands proof of the accident in the form of pictures. Leaving your bike on the road and clicking the picture of the whole incident can be used as evidence. 

Call Emergency Services Immediately

After a terrifying accident, it is essential to call emergency services for rescue. In a motor accident mostly, people start panicking because they don’t know what to do. Their mind freezes and they don’t know how to save themselves from further loss.  

In such a scenario always remember to always call emergency services or ask someone to call. If it is possible for you try to talk about the surroundings or the person who is liable for the accident to the emergency services. Giving them specific details about the accident will help you during the investigation.  

Furthermore, there are many mobile apps and some mobile phones have built-in features that automatically notify the emergency contact when it senses any accident. This type of facility helps a person who gets severely injured or becomes unconscious at an accident event. 

What To Do After a Motorcycle Accident?

Medical Assistance

The most essential step in a car accident is to get medical assistance. Injuries get more significant when they are left untreated. Try to go to an appropriate hospital and get proper treatment for quick recovery. Try to keep the record of medical expenses that will help you to seek compensation. 

Gather Important Evidence

Though you might be severely injured but it will be helpful for you if you collect valuable evidence at the accident scene. Collecting maximum evidence will help you to prove yourself a victim in front of the insurance company and legal system. To gather evidence, you need a proper investigation. For a thorough investigation hire a personal injury lawyer in El-Paso.  

Gathering evidence is an important step to prove yourself a victim and seek compensation. For evidence, you can grab pictures, videos, accident reports, medical reports, police statements and other evident proof that make your case stronger.  

After an accident, police will contact you to know your side story and record your statement. Try to be honest in explaining the accident scene. Take your time to process the scene and speak to your attorney before giving any statement. A lawyer will guide you on how to give your statement to the police. 

Gather Information from Eyewitness

After an accident, the victim mostly gets in shock and forgets the accident event. To recall every detail of the accident you can gather information from eyewitnesses that were present in the scenario. They will explain everything about how the accident happened and who was behind it.  

While talking to eyewitnesses try to stay calm and not pressure them to talk about the scene. Ask politely to record a statement in their favor. For presenting evidence in front of the insurance company or court you need the statements of people. Mokaram Law Firm have a qualified team of attorney with valuable resources that collect and organize evidence to seek claims for their clients. 

Take Legal Support

During medical assistance, hire a lawyer who can start the process of getting compensation. A lawyer will explain everything about the legal system and proceed with your case for legal proceedings. Legal support will help you know your rights and what you can get in compensation. Explain everything about your accident to your lawyer and he will collect evidence on your behalf. You might be busy with medical recovery; at this time a lawyer will process your case so your case can end in sufficient time. 

Hire an Experienced Lawyer at Mokaram Law Firm

After a motorcycle accident, it is necessary to seek medical help to know the severity of your injuries and the proper treatment for it. Medical records will help you to file a claim for your damage and loss. If you’re looking for a good motorcycle accident lawyer, call us at (281) 609-9224 to connect with a qualified lawyer.  


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