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What to Do After Falling on Your Back? A Comprehensive Guide to Legal Actions

Slip and fall is one of the common reason accidents that can take place because of wet or slippery floors, uneven surfaces, or poor lighting. Due to negligence of someone else people have to suffer with severe injuries and medical conditions that affect the life of victims and loved ones too. 

Unfortunately, if you or one of your family members has experienced a slip and fall incident. It is essential to learn legal actions after falling on your back because of the poor negligence of someone else. 

So, let’s explore legal actions that should be first on your consideration list!


Emergency Care and Medical Records


It is essential to ensure you seek the right medical attention after a slip-and-fall accident. This will not only help in the healing process but also in preparing for compensation claims. Correcting and consistently recording the injuries will go a long way in helping with your case since they will act as proof.


First of all, it is necessary to consult with a healthcare provider as soon as possible, even if there are no symptoms of a physical injury at first glance after the accident. Some types of injuries, such as tissue and internal trauma, may not show symptoms at first but will take time to show symptoms.


Ensure you go for all the advised treatments and be punctual for all the follow-ups or therapy sessions. In addition, it is also highly recommended to maintain a personal record of all the medical expenses, which include but are not limited to medical bills, prescriptions, and other costs that arise from the accident. These receipts and documents are critical pieces of evidence that help your slip and fall accident lawyer to prove that you have incurred losses.


Determining Liability and Negligence


While claiming compensation in case of a slip-and-fall accident, one important factor is determining the degree of negligence. To claim for your injuries against a person, you have to prove that the person was actually liable for creating the dangerous condition that caused your fall. This can become a challenge, especially in the slip and fall cases where the claim may involve more than one party with varying degrees of negligence.


Let’s explain to you with an example: While going to a store, you tripped on a wet floor and got injured. To evaluate the degree of negligence, it is necessary to identify whether the management of the store or the staff was supposed to clean and maintain the appropriate sanitary and security conditions. 


Was it the store owner, employees, or outside contractors who installed it, and how? The next step that you can take is to determine who is at fault for causing or failing to fix the condition that poses a threat.


In proving negligence, the plaintiff must demonstrate that the party responsible for the mishap acted unreasonably in averting or handling the risk.


Gathering and Analyzing Evidence


If your intention is to get compensated, collecting and evaluating evidence is very important in ascertaining how the slip and fall accident happened. The evidence you gather shall form part of your evidence to prove the negligence of the party legally held responsible for the accident. This should be done early enough after the event so as to capture all the details that may likely be forgotten over time.


First, approach the police to report the incident and visit a doctor who will write down your injuries. This helps you document any injuries resulting from the accident, thus ensuring that you have documented proof. 


Also, inform your employer of the occurrence of the accident without admitting fault or offering an apology for the accident that happened at your place of work. It adds to documenting the occurrence ally with your employer, hence aiding the documentation process. If possible, get any contact information of any witness that might have seen the accident. Often, witness statements can be strongly persuasive when there are cases of negligence or liability.


Understanding Workers Compensation and Personal Injury Claims


It is important to have a clear understanding of the difference between worker’s compensation and personal injury when one is involved in a slip-and-fall accident and looking forward to getting compensated. These two clear channels offer different ways through which one can demand compensation with different regulations and conditions.


Worker’s compensation claims mainly relate to instances whereby an employee recovers from an injury while working. This could result from a wet floor, defective equipment, or any other condition that is likely to endanger the lives of workers in that area. Worker’s compensation aims to quickly pay for the losses incurred by the employee while at work without demanding from the employee to prove the employer’s negligence. 


On the other hand, personal injury claims take place when the third part is involved. For instance, if you visit any outlet and you get slipped because of the poor management of the outlet you can pursue a personal injury claim. 


What to Do After Falling on Your Back?


Legal Representation


It may be very complicated to have to look for compensation when one has been involved in a slip-and-fall accident and, therefore, the need for an attorney. While it is not impossible for you to deal with your claim on your own, it is still better to have an experienced lawyer who can greatly improve your chances of getting the right and the highest amount of compensation.


Legal practitioners dealing in cases such as personal injuries or worker compensation law have the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to handle any legal processes involved. These professionals comprehend the legal requirements governing the case, learn how to obtain evidence and build a strong case. They know how to bargain with an insurance company or the other party in the case. 

Mokaram Law Firm has one of the best slip and fall lawyers that strategically win the best possible compensation for their clients. 


What to Do After Falling on Your Back?



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