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What To Do if Your Uber Gets in an Accident

What To Do if Your Uber Gets in an Accident

Convenience has been the top priority for a majority of ridesharing customers. The ridesharing services like Uber have become a part of our everyday lives. 

We all know that when we need a ride, we just have to tap a few times on our smartphones, and the ride will be there waiting for us at the doorstep. 

The roads are not always the same, and you can never know when an accident might happen to someone. 

The frequency of Uber car accidents in the USA has been increasing, according to recent statistics. Due to the increase in Uber accidents, the need for ridesharing accident lawyers has increased. 


How Many Uber Accidents Occur Annually In the USA? 


Uber’s 2019-2020 safety report showed the number of fatal crashes amounted to 91, leaving behind 101 dead. 

  • The key causes included speeding (fast vehicles – 32%) and drunk driving (alcohol-impaired driving – 23%). 
  • Unluckily, the deceased were pedestrians (64%), vulnerable road users (42%), motorcyclists other than the perpetrator (29%), and cyclists or e-scooter riders (7%).

The ride-hailing giant Uber first released accident statistics for 2017 and 2018. The fatality count for these years was 107, with 97 Uber vehicles involved. 

The same year, a follow-up safety assessment of 2019 and 2020 indicated a similarly alarming count of over 100 annual deaths. 

As per the report, 101 people lost their lives in 91 accidents, with the most common reasons revealed as speeding (32%) and driving with alcohol in blood (23%). The groups most at risk of a collision were pedestrians (64%), followed by vulnerable road users (42%), motorcyclists (29%), and cyclists (7%).


Types of Accidents That Occur in Uber According To Statistics:


  • Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions are the most common incidents among Uber vehicle accidents, as shown in the traffic safety reports. 

Such events usually happen on roads with high traffic or red lights when the driver stops suddenly or gets distracted, and the car behind hits them.

  • Intersection Collisions

One of the most fatal types of accidents at intersections usually involves impatient drivers, red lights running, failure to yield, or misjudgment of the other driver’s intent. 

Uber drivers, who are unfamiliar with the roads, may additionally be the root of such accidents.

  • T-Bone or Side-Impact Collisions

Intersections generate a significant number of collisions. The majority of these are known as T-bone accidents, which occur when a vehicle is struck on one of its sides by another car. 

  • Fatigue-Related Accidents

Long-lasting driving during periods of high demand can lead to driver tiredness. 

As a driver, fatigue causes slow reaction times and compromises decision-making, which can result in an accident. 


What Should You Do If Your Uber Gets Into an Accident? 


If you are traveling in an Uber and get into an accident, then don’t panic. Follow these steps to ensure your safety and that of your fellow drivers. 

  • Prioritize Your Personal Safety

The safety of all the ones in this process is the foremost concern. 

First, in case you get injured or are in a condition where your companions are hurt, call for medical help immediately by dialing emergency services. 

You must first know that your safety is the most important. Don`t try to get out of the car if you are seriously hurt; wait until things are in control. 

  • Assess Injuries and Call Emergency Response

Look if the driver and passengers are alright. It includes assessing your condition as well. 

In case of injury, even the slightest one, you should call 911. Inform them of the place of the injuries and explain to them the status of your loved ones’ injuries.

  • Document the Scene to File a Claim 


What To Do if Your Uber Gets in an Accident


Take a picture of the vehicles with your smartphone, the premises, and any visible damages. Ensure you record the license plates and Uber drivers’ info, such as their name and ID.

  • Inform About the Accident to Uber Company 

Get in touch with Uber and notify the company without any delay about the accident you have been in. 

Uber provides customers with the app or call option to customer support to address their queries. 

Provide a thorough narration about the event involving the time, place, and all the significant details. This step is vital because it sets the ball rolling with regard to the claims process.

  • Consult with Law Enforcement

When the police come to the scene, give them the correct information about how the accident happened. 

Get access to the police’s report because it may be relevant during a trial or if you have to deal with insurance claims. 

  • Seek Medical Attention

Even if all is good initially, seeing a physician as soon as possible is advisable. You can get some injuries that won’t show up right away. 

A doctor will use their expertise to diagnose your condition and fill in the blanks in your insurance claim where needed.


How Can a Ridesharing Accident Lawyer Help You? 


Specialized Expertise

When it comes to ridesharing accidents, many complex legal issues arise. Mokaram Law Firm has highly qualified and experienced lawyers to deal with the various aspects of your case. 

This uniqueness gives us the chance to work with you when it comes to the best possible representation and all the twists in the legal aspects of ridesharing.


Sufficient Determination and Evaluation of the Case

First, our investigation will be comprehensive and focused on the facts surrounding your accident during the ridesharing service. 

We properly investigate the evidence, interview the witnesses, and then draw the details of the incident. 

We do so via a systematic outlook and the identification of the two parties involved, ensuring that every culprit is made to answer for the actions they execute.


Consistent and Effortless Insurance Claims Handling

Navigating insurance companies is one of the most challenging situations in the context of ridesharing accidents. 

Mokaram Law Firm effectively negotiates with insurance companies on its clients’ behalf. 

Our clients receive compensation for medical expenses, property damage, and all other losses that they have incurred. 

Our knowledge of the intricacies of rideshare insurance policies and our relentless efforts to get you the full coverage you are entitled to are what we are best at.

The most problematic aspect of getting into a collision for which you were not at fault is figuring out who will cover your medical expenses. 

Suppose you were injured in an accident involving Uber while riding as a passenger, driving or riding in another car, or in a situation where you were a pedestrian. In that case, you can file a claim against Uber. 

Negotiation is one of the strong points of attorneys at Mokaaram. They help you in getting full compensation according to your rights.




After an incident involving a rideshare, you might feel lost and confused, and therefore, finding the best legal support is an indispensable step toward a favorable outcome. 

Our law firm is not daunted by the challenges that come with rideshare accidents. Mokaram Law Firm is the lighthouse that will guide you through the minefield of rideshare accidents with our expertise and advocacy.

Mokaram Law Firm prides itself on a professional team of attorneys who have been practicing personal injury cases, explicitly those resulting from ridesharing accidents. You should contact us at (281) 609-9224 today if you have been recently involved in an accident.


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