When Can Kids Ride in the Front Seat of a Car in Texas?

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When Can Kids Ride in the Front Seat of a Car in Texas?

Accidents can take place anywhere and at any time. One must be completely mentally and physically prepared for the accident at all times. This will help them to take all the precautionary measures and safety guidelines regarding the accident. These preventive measures can prevent accidents from taking place.

A common question that comes to the mind of several people is “When Can Kids Ride in the Front Seat of a Car in Texas?”. There exists a statute in Texas stating that it’s illegal for one to be sitting in the front seat whenever they are underage. This rule is to guarantee passenger’s safety and security. An underaged child should be placed at the rear of the vehicle because in case of an impact point, there will be no harm done. Though many adults can predict that accidents will happen, they already have knowledge about the appropriate steps to be taken in case they occur. On the other hand, children do not understand what should follow after the accident and that is why the majority of them die or suffer fatal injuries.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most prominent vital considerations that must be kept in mind while you are traveling with a child:

Child Passenger Safety Seats:

As per Texas laws, children below 8 years are supposed to sit on the rear side. They don’t find permission to occupy the front passenger seat. Any person who fails to adhere to this will be fined. This is a safety-conscious law.

Booster Seats:

Children should move on to using booster seats after growing beyond the limitations of a forward-facing baby seat. Moreover, they should only change seats to adult ones when they are at least 4 feet 9 inches tall and can comfortably fit the vehicle’s belt system. Booster seats make seatbelts fit properly on children.

Airbag Safety:

Airbags are usually designed for adult passengers. So when you let the child sit in the front seat and unfortunately meet an accident, the airbags are not activated. This can cause a serious accident, resulting in severe injuries. One must keep in mind the height of the child, before they let them sit on the front seat.

Seatbelt Usage:

Hence, seatbelts cannot be ignored as to their significance Adults and children should always use seatbelts. Under the law of Texas, wearing of seat belts is important and failing to keep one’s belt up attracts heavy penalties. Anybody who has been involved in a car accident as a result of another person’s negligence or violation of traffic laws should immediately call a car accident attorney, regardless of whether or not he/she followed all the rules and regulations. The car accident attorneys will help you understand the jurisdiction of your state or country hence fully protect your client’s rights.

When Can Kids Ride in the Front Seat of a Car in Texas?


Lastly, as such, it is always recommended that you should follow the safety regulations to avoid getting into an accident. People do not care about safety measures anymore and this leads to the increase in the number of accidents. 

These safety rules vary from one state to another. The Texas safety rules focus on an individual’s age, height and weight. You should know all the safety measures very well since a little mistake can cost you everything or even your life. If you don’t know much about legal proceedings, get in contact with us at  (281) 609-9224.


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