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Why Am I Shaking After a Car Accident?

Car accidents are overwhelming events that have destructive impacts on a person. Even if a person experiences a significant accident or a minor one, it still affects the state of mind of the person. Whether you are driving the car or sitting in the passenger seat, it will leave you in a fearful and shaky condition. Many people question why am I shaking after a car accident. A car accident is a horrible experience that results in shock and a fearful mental condition.  

Whether in a minor accident, a brain has to bear the sudden pressure that makes your body shake with fear. In case of constant shaking, it would be better to consult your doctor. In this blog, you’ll learn about shaking and shock that occur after car accidents. 

Traumatic Stress After Accident

If you have suffered from a car accident you may experience mental trauma in the future. After facing an accident, a person’s mind takes time to process after the pressure of the accident. You may seem normal in the start, but after some days, you may experience constant stress after rethinking what happened to you in the past. Recalling the accident will disturb your mind with different thoughts and dreams that result in shaking.  

Many people after car crashes hesitate to drive a car and even sit in the car. A person feels overwhelmed with fear when they see their car or the location of the vehicle. To recover from such a situation it needs some time.  

You are mentally stuck at the accident and that’s the reason your body starts shaking. Many people suddenly get shocked and experience shortness of breath or shaky body due to the stress. After an accident stress increases tension in the muscle that results in such physiological responses. 

Shaking A Sign of Shock After Accident

After a severe car crash, there is a higher chance that a person gets into shock. After getting sudden pressure, the body gets into a fight response, which results in shock. A hormone named adrenaline rushes into the brain that creates fast breathing, shaking, and hypertension to distract your mind from the pain. In shock, a person doesn’t realize if he is injured or not. The signs of shock are as follows.  

  • Fast heart rate 
  • Fast breathing 
  • Change in pulse 
  • Chills  
  • Clammy skin  
  • Lack of focus 

In shock you might not focus on things properly. Many people fall unconscious aftershock for a short time. If you or someone you know is experiencing shaking or short-term shock it is important to seek medical attention. Experiencing such symptoms may make a person more depressed as he is unable to get compensation. With the help of a personal injury lawyer in Plano you can seek compensation. A lawyer will process the case on your behalf and you can focus on your health.

Why Am I Shaking After a Car Accident?

After Effect of Accident Injury

After an accident, many people don’t realize injuries at the start. Some symptoms occur after some time. After an accident most people don’t experience these symptoms but when they reach home the signs start appearing. After going back home for rest you may experience restlessness, pain, swelling, shaking, and inflammation that are the aftereffects of the accident.  

If you experience severe pain and shaking for several days, it is important to discuss it with a qualified physician. He will completely examine you to know why you’re facing constant shaking. Such symptoms may indicate invisible medical conditions that need to be addressed. While recovering from a car accident, if you want to file for compensation, Mokaram Law Firm is here to provide their valuable services. 

Muscle Spasm

When a car hits another vehicle, the driver thrusts into the dashboard of the car which results in crashing on the front object. The force of the seat belt and the flying into the object can strain the body and its muscles. Due to severe pain and swelling, the body started shaking. But with different treatments and therapies, it can be cured. The benefits of getting treatments are below 

  • Enhance flexibility  
  • Relieve from muscle spasm 
  • Strengthen muscles 

The Bottom Line

After experiencing something horrible a person gets into shock and shaking. If you want to stop shaking after an accident start taking deep breaths it will help to provide oxygen to your mind and handle the terrible situation. For more information about car accidents and hiring a lawyer, you can call us at (281) 609-9224


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